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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Reader ☆ 425 pages Download ✓ Reflectionslisburnltd ó Tally is about to turn sixteen and she can't wait In just a few weeks she'll have the operation that will turn her from a repellent ugly into a stunning pretty And as a pretty she'll be catapulted into a hIde of the pretty world and it isn't very pretty The authorities offer Tally a choice find her friend and turn her in or never turn pretty at all Tally's choice will change her world forev I remember my initial disappointment when Scott Westerfeld switched from adult sf to YA fiction How could he do this to me I liked his books but I don't wanna read a dopey YA novelI'd read in an interview that it was mostly a financial decision the YA market has exploded and that's where the money is right now How can you fault a guy for trying to make a livingAs a junior high Language Arts teacher it's impossible not to notice that Westerfeld's first YA series has done extremely well I guess it's time I checked it out for myselfWell after the first section of the novel I can understand why Uglies has been a hit with the YA crowd it's a fun easy read While Westerfeld hasn't completely dumbed down his writing it is certainly much accessible than his adult novels Tally is a likeable teenager that the readers will identify with and her plights are standard ones considering the world she inhabitsYes it takes some suspension of disbelief to accept the premise that all people are given massive plastic surgery and made pretty at the age of 16 But if you are willing to accept the premise the rest of the world makes sense Tally wants to be pretty as do all teens in this world But she's a mischievous girl and loves to play pranks and pull tricks When she meets up with Shay a fellow prankster her world is turned upside down Shay introduces her to a world where people don't consider being pretty the ultimate goal and when Shay runs away choosing NOT to be made pretty Tally is led down a road that will completely alter how she sees herself and the world around herWesterfeld has created a good old fashioned coming of age tale in a sf world Sure it's a YA novel but that's ok We need to create another generation of sf readers It might be a bit of an easy read for a sophisticated ie old reader like myself but it was still enjoyable The book is in fact the first of a trilogy but it is possible to read the first novel by itself Sure the story continues but Westerfeld does give the first book a sense of closure I think the YA market is lucky to have Westerfeld I hope he continues to have great success And maybe someday he'll write adult novels for his growing legion of YA fans

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Tapulted into a high tech paradise where her only job is to have funBut Tally's new friend Shay isn't sure she wants to become a pretty When Shay runs away Tally learns about a whole new s Nope couldn’t finish it Sigh I thought I was going to like this one It started off fine and all And then everything fell apart Yes that dramaticAm I the only one who was deeply offended by this piece of crap This book is wrong wrong wrongThe writing itself isn’t particularly well isn’t anything really But this is supposed to be a book about beauty with a big B and the writing doesn’t do justice to the theme I’d even call it Ugly The characters are stereotyped Tally is a brainwashed moron Okay she was raised to believe the ideology of her country but she cannot think by herself She wonders whether to betray the Smoke the rebellious uglies and you know what helps her make the right decision A boy Woohoo thank God he was there with his adorable crooked smile his sweet kisses and his handmade leather shoes otherwise I really would have thought that she was an immoral bitch This also means that the fate of an entire city depends of the hormonal state of our young hero DUDEThe boy himself is phew of course he thinks Tally is beautiful special strong smart unlike anyone else when she is in fact so flat that I could surf on her back In fact she’s “the only one who truly understands” Pleaaaaaase He was raised to be a very careful and independent thinker but he falls for the first pair of boobs he encounters and turns out to be a spy Good jobShay was the best character until Westerfeld reduced her to some stupid vapid girl She who expressed interesting and deep as much deep as this book can be thoughts became a giggling naïve brainless chick whose only interest is of course the boy with the handmade leather shoesAnyway let’s move on to the real problem The content has almost nothing to do with the premise The book is full of ecologist propaganda Westerfeld keeps telling us how bad bad BAD things we humans are He calls our generation the Rusties Isn’t that nice He criticizes everything we do Oh wait no he praises the invention of the Roller Coaster We’re bad because we use metal we’re bad because we’re savages who eat animals and because we “killed every living thing” Well apparently not because there are a lot of forests and flowers despite our destructive frenzyI was going to uote some passages but the words are so offensive I just can’t We’re freaks we’re ugly and we’re wrong This must not be the message intended but it’s all I got from this book It’s like Westerfeld wants us to go back to some primitive way of life He doesn’t criticize our mistakes he condemns progress He’s not warning us he’s trying to shove his dogma down our throats He’s telling us “I’m right you should believe me because I detain the truth” I deeply love nature and also fear for its future but I want to believe that mankind has an eual capacity for creation and destruction for beauty and ugliness for right and wrong It’s depressing to read about how hopeless we are Westerfeld lacks delicacy neutrality He’s not objective“Nature at least didn’t need an operation to be beautiful It just was” How about us Aren’t we part of nature Aren’t we beautiful then the way we are For Westerfeld this is Nature versus Mankind He takes us apart from it he draws a line between the Earth and our species I believe that everything that lives on Earth is connected that we’re a part of a whole If you really want to write about nature and man you shouldn’t make them opposite Instead look for what makes us part of the earth what connects us to the rest of the world the plants the animals We are a part of this planet we are nature and culture I believe that it is where lies the true beauty of our condition I want to believe that some of us can see that that we will realize how important nature is not because it just feeds us or that flowers are pretty but because we are one with itThe plot itself is weak I don’t understand what the real issue of the book is The government doesn’t look threatening I didn’t feel the pressure I felt in The Hunger Games for example I I don’t understand what the Smokies are doing what is their purpose I have no empathy for them or any of the characters Everything is very confusing Westerfeld wants to talk about free thinking nature man beauty but he doesn’t do it wellAlso I may not be an expert about economics but it seems to me that without a financial system a country cannot work In the Pretties society no one pays for anything and Tally is shocked when she learns that at the Smoke people have to give to receive So yeah it made me frown

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Uglies by Scott WesterfeTally is about to turn sixteen and she can't wait In just a few weeks she'll have the operation that will turn her from a repellent ugly into a stunning pretty And as a pretty she'll be ca So my wife and I occasionally swap books which may seem a little kooky However you have to keep things spicy when you’ve been married as long as we have and since nipple showers with hot candle wax make me break out into shouts of “FUCKARELLA THAT HURTS” we needed some alternative sizzle So she hooks me up with this little philly of a novel while I matched her with The Lies of Locke Lamora Wellmy wife loved the book I set her up withas I knew she would because it is all over awesome Of course I will admit I was a tick jealous when I would look over and she her lying on the bed heart throbbing on Locke Lamora with a wistful smile on her face That used to be meI miss you Locke As for me I didn’t find a love connection with this book Don’t get me wrong I think the story has some wonderful ualities that I can respect it but there wasn’t going to be a “let’s do this again sometime” in our future However even though I didn’t go all Lamar and Chloe on this book I do still owe my wife a HUGE debt of gratitude Why you ask Because if she wanted to be a nasty ms she could have chosen for me to read Twilight which would have caused me all kinds of trauma Honeyyou are just too good to me Anyway there have been so many other excellent reviews of this book that detail the plot that I will just give a brief synop before telling you what I think The story involves a future dystopia in which everyone at age 16 is radically transformed using extreme plastic surgery to become “pretty”kinda like The OC The theory is that by removing all distinctions based on physical appearance you will also remove the jealousy and bias from society and make everyone sunny and sexy I thought for the most part that it was an excellent way to exploring themes of youthful angst about fitting in and larger issues social conformity While not as good as other YAs I’ve read I thought that the world envisioned by the story was fresh and promising and fit within the framework of the novel In other wordsI thought it worked I also thought that as the story unfolded and we learned about the TRUTH behind the society and the real purpose for the transformative surgery the story became a lot interesting That said there are two main reasons why I couldn’t rate this higher than I did First the pace was much too turtle like for me and events seemed to take way too long to wrap up It just made it impossible for me to slip into the story However the biggest chunky in the punch bowl for me was the main character Tally who I found annoying She drove me completely cranky for most of the book and it is tough to find win if the main biddy is giving you a case of the grumps However to her credit Tally did begin to redeem her image towards the tail of the book and there are preliminary indications that she may upgrade into a compelling protag in the subseuent novels However in this one she was lugging around a minus sign often than not So overall excellent back story and interesting world building give me some reason to think that the seuels might be worth a gander at some point I just pray to George Burns that Tally can grow out of her “bugging me phase” and that the pace could hit the accelerator in subseuent installments On final comment that probably affected my feelings about this book I recently read an incredibly powerful short story called Ponies A TorCom Original that covered many of the themes in this book That story was only TWO PAGES long and yet conveyed a MUCH MORE POWERFUL message Just my opine 20 to 25 stars