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The Orchid Tree Read & download ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Fifteen year old Kate Wolseley lives a rarefied life of wealth and privilege in the expatriate community But when the Japanese take over the colony in December 1941 she’s interned in sualid Stanley Camp with her parents Forty miNk between Kate and Sofia The communist nationalist struggle in China spills over into the colony catapulting the protagonists into the turmoil with disastrous conseuences A coming of age story set against the background of conflict and changing values in societyFrom the perils of internment to the beauty of Hong Kong’s fragrant harbour Siobhan Daiko’s novel will take you on a sensuous journey of adventure romance and redemption. A wonderful sweeping historical romance Siobhan Daiko has the insider's eye on the detail and atmosphere of Hong Kong and the Orchid Tree really brings the place alive to the reader It is a wonderfully fast paced and readable book It manages to combine two intertwined love stories the horrors of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and the internment of the ex pats along with sub plots involving smuggling triads and Special Branch It delivers serious messages though about entrenched and racist attitudes in the ex pat community the impact of war on individuals and the influence of communist China on post war Hong Kong I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to be transported to a different place and time and wants a thoroughly absorbing read

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Fifteen year old Kate Wolseley lives a rarefied life of wealth and privilege in the expatriate community But when the Japanese take over the colony in December 1941 she’s interned in sualid Stanley Camp with her parents Forty miles away in Macau Sofia Rodrigues’ suspicions are aroused when her father invites a Japanese family to dinner an event which leads to a breach between Sofia and her controlling half brother Leo Enduring c. The Orchid Tree is a thoroughly enjoyable recreational novel This despite the subject matter of the Japanese internment camp in Stanley which the author has obviously researched extensively She describes the fauna and flora with expertise and occasionally brings realism to her text “The pungent sweaty socks smell of the sub tropical forest””dense clumps of vegetation hanging like interwoven ropes” The heroine Kate however uickly realises that “no amount of beautiful scenery will compensate for my loss of freedom”The apparition of the tiger is distracting; yet all they can think of when it is caught and killed is the meat and who will enjoy it There are several graphic descriptions of the food in the camp which is grisly and far from appetising Nor is the apparition of the bedbugs in chapter 9 appealing Ms Daiko describes them with detachment but precision so that the scene can be easily visualisedMalaria strikes Kate’s mother and the author cleverly shifts the scene to Macau also suffering tribulations in the form of severe cold and shortages of food We meet another major character Sofia Her governess Natalia and her brother Leo are also significant Leo’s choice of Michiko as his bride is of note Meanwhile Charles and Kate grow closer despite or perhaps because of the atrocities which occur in the camp We are distracted from this by an introduction to the theme of collaboration this time in MacauThe canvas is vast Where the author could have gone off on enormous tangents instead she pulls the plot together so that we focus on Kate and Charles and in addition she introduces Sofia and James and Sofia’s family the novel is a rich tapestryThe whole makes for entertaining reading and like Ms Daiko’s previous novel “In Her Lady’s Shadow” “The Orchid Tree” is than a sketchy plot relying on trivial emotions The author’s attention to detail is apparent and she writes with authentic feeling about a place that she knows At the same time she introduces the levity of fiction an authoritative descriptive power and constant movement so that her readers are always seeking to find out the next event There are also examples of wonderful humour such as when she describes “the zing” that goes through her heroine when she is kissing While I could identify with the feeling the description made me laugh There are several examples of juxtaposing plain words with elegant descriptions that make the book well worth reading It is a book to read for entertainment However it may also be a pointer to provoke further reading around the subject of the concentration camps in the 2nd World WarMs Daiko has produced a second stylish novel and I wish her every success Clare Leonard

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The Orchid TreeRamped conditions humiliation disease and starvation Kate befriends seventeen year old Charles – who’s half Chinese and they give their hearts to each other under the orchid tree Can their love survive the warIn December 1948 Kate returns to Hong Kong determined to put the past behind her Sofia dreams of leaving Macau and starting a new life and she won’t let anyone not even Leo stop her A young Englishman James becomes the li. Talk about fates intertwined in this book Loved reading this story about Kate Sofia Leo and James Its a story revolving around a war and about love found discovered rekindled under a beautiful orchid tree Amazing read completely enjoyed a must read