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eBook ↠ Kiss Across Deserts Read ´ reflectionslisburnltd ¹ For fans of vampire and time travel novels and the Kiss Across Time series Time travel is not for the weak of heart Alexander Karim long time friend of Brody Veris and Taylor has been uestioning everything; his purpose in life and his identity as a vampFor fans of vampire and time travel novels and the Kiss Across Time series Time travel is not for the weak of heart Alexander Karim long time friend of Brody Veris and Taylor has been uestioning everything; his purpose in life and his identity as a vampire and a doctor Even his long time pursuit of the lovely but reluctant police lieutenant Sydney Stevens is on shaky ground Life tosses him a curve ball when Alex learns that Brody's trial lawyer Rayner De Leon the youngest appeal court judge in the state is attracted to Alex Rayner is a vampire Rafael who has known Brody and Veris since the fifth century Alex warily allows Rafael to seduce him and the affair has surprising results for both of them But then a deliberate hit and run tosses Sydney back into Alex's life and this time her defenses are down and she is vulnerable But there are unanswered uestions surrounding Sydney Who tried to kill her And why is she insisting that Alex was there when he doesn't remember it that way When a kiss sends Alex and Sydney back to Alex's beloved desert and he realizes that Taylor is not the only one who can time travel the uestions pile up like gunpowder The flint that strikes the spark is Sydney' Alex has been trying to get Sydney's notice for a year but now things have grown complicated with a love triangle including Raphael but a dangerous secret threatens to tear them all apart before they can work things out in this astounding paranormal romanceIn Alex's envy of Taylor Veris and Brody's life he mistakenly concocts a serum that will rock his world but an even bigger complication arises when he finds himself torn between his desire for Sydney and his desire for Raphael and the reader can't help but get caught up in the explosive passion and excitement that stems from both situations All three characters are strong and separately demand the reader's attention but together they are combustible as they work through their struggling relationships and emotional turmoil of course there's no problem in the sex department because that's a raging hot inferno of burning passion that scorches the pages The fast paced and smooth flowing keeps readers on their toes with lots of suspense excitement romance and the sands of timeThe complicated space time continuum has just gotten complex as this story brings in characters that have hooked in to the time travel including an extremely surprising one that even takes the characters by surprise and that's not to mention the unexpected twist and turns that keeps everyone guessing Lots of tension and excitement build as Sydney and Taylor's life take a turn toward the dangerous and the well written scenes and details bring this story to life with lots of vivid imagery while the well orchestrated events including the strategic time jumping ensures that there is never a dull momentOnce again this series has enthralled me with all of its complexities the wonderful characters and possibilities and I think that the direction that this story took the series in means that it's going to get even better in the futureI wonder if I could figure out a way to look ahead and find out HmmmI guess I better stick to my own timeline and enjoy the books as they come

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S past which is exposed when Rafael reaches through time and uncovers her dangerous secret The explosion that follows is both deadly and tragic reaching out to touch everyone's lives Warning This time travel menage romance features two super hot alpha vampire heroes multiple sex scenes including anal sex MM sexual play and MMF sex Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you The time space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book Promise This is the fourth book in the Kiss Across Time paranormal series Kiss Across Time 1 Kiss Across Time Kiss Across Time 2 Kiss Across Swords Time Kissed Moments 21 Missing Kiss Across Time 3 Kiss Across Chains Kiss Across Time 4 Kiss Across Deserts Time Kissed Moments are short stories and novellas featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series and praise for the Kiss Across Time Series She has created characters that are engaging unpredictable outrageously funny and down right appealing to readers who will steal their hearts Shannon for The Romance Studio I think you'll be as entertained and affected by the chemistry between the characters as I was A fast moving romance that This was a very hot and very fast paced story that had me intrigued from the first page I uickly fell in love with Alex and then Rafe and found myself rooting for them and their human love interest Sydney who has secrets of her own The sex scenes were scorching the characters were complex full of emotions the plot kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat Loved the happy ending and just cannot wait to see what is in store for Marit and her vampire family Ms Cooper Posey does not disappoint

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Kiss Across Deserts Kiss Across Time #4Spanned several lifetimes and included a paranormal aspect that was a fun and totally unexpected surprise Honeysuckle for Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews This was a great story with wonderful and surprising plot twists The chemistry between the three is tangible Stacey Krug for Siren Book Reviews Paranormal erotic romance doesn't get any creative than this Chris for Romance Junkies This is a story and these are characters that stay with the reader long after the story is finished Clare for Happily Ever After Reviews Not only immensely imaginative but incredibly ingenious it's an unforgettable journey Chris for Romance Junkies Reviews Her ability to create a story that captures readers and characters with depth will keep me coming back for Claudia for A Romance Review She shows the reader how beautiful and seductive two men can be when they unleash their desires for each other It's a romance that has a number of elements all combined to make a very captivating story I'm looking forward to reading in this imaginative series Leslie for Leslie's Psyche A thrilling exploration of battle self loathing trust and a soul shaking love that time cannot erase Rhonda for Vampire Romance Book I love to read Tracy's books The Kiss Across Time books are awesome I love how each new story builds on the relationships of previous books Each moves forward while filling in the back story along the way There are the surprises we see now that weren't evident during the first pass of a storyline I highly recommend this series