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Free read Nothing Is Strange ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã 20 mind expanding short storiesInspiring liberating otherworldly magical surreal bizarre funny disturbing uniue all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat open your third eye and enjoy Nothing Is Strange20 mind expanding short storiesInspiring liberating otherworldly magical surreal biza. The zone of the strangeO give me a home where the curious roamWhere the odd and the puzzling playYou are about to enter the remarkable world of Mike Russell's Nothing is Strange a collection of twenty bizarre snappers where nothing can be anything and strange is as strange as strange can be Reading these brief tales I was reluctant to underline any of the passages since I had the distinct impression the British author's deeper levels of meaning were to be found in the blank spaces between the lines Moreover I took my time with the book since reading each tale was like swallowing a delectable Alice in Wonderland pill Much wiser to read one or two or three tales a day so the images and happenings contained therein are given the needed time to work their magic Oh yes each time I read the first line of a Mike Russell mind blaster I was opening the door onto a private garden where all varieties of exotic flowers bloom a fountain of tiny white light erupts from a small hole on the top of a man's head; there's an enormous concrete building in the shape of a sun; a fifteen year old with a bald pointed head gets a tattoo on the middle of his forehead that's the first letter of his nickname; two lovers have sex in a shopping mall to prove their love to the world Such is the nature of an absurdist prose miniature where our habitual and conventional world of what passes for normality is abandoned in favor of a morphed logic flowing into the surreal and fantastic Among the practitioners of this uniue form we have such authors as Russell Edson Daniil Kharms Barry Yourgrau Peter Cherches and we have Mike Russell I encourage you to pick up Nothing is Strange and treat yourself to some serious strangeness And speaking of strange I'll let Mike Russell have the last word via a direct uote from his book My life appeared strange because it was one way and not another Only if it had been every possibility at once would it have not appeared strange And that is what I am now Every possibility at once And nothing is strangeBritish author Mike Russell born 1973

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Rre funny disturbing uniue all of these words have been used to describe the stories. What a great selection of shorts Russell works away in the background like a mystical trickster the stories full of surreal imagery but somehow twisting them into the plausible reading of realityReading this collection reminded me of those first rushes of intellectual expansion that you own as an individual and you spend too much time conjecturing on the nature of reality and everything is mind blowing What if instead of this everything was this But then this was really this Whoah These stories really are that much funRussell is a cajoling storyteller There is a warm and classic feel to the tone of these unexpected tales which lulls the reader into a compliant acceptance It’s just as well Russell appears to have good intentions as these powers could wreak havoc in nefarious hands Instead he presents stories that have a keen mystical bent and carry the reader sage like through a pick ’n’ mix of straightforward faux innocent delights Yes delights Unless I’m missing something cynicism has left the building and what remains isn’t twee or naive but unrooted wise and generous Perhaps some sort of surrealist parable is closest‘The End of Sex’ is too funnyIt is possible that Russell is playing the fool like the classical fool and that his stories with their deadpan tone and spiritual aspects should be taken as a simple way into personal truth Or they are wonderfully evocative mind bending tales that draw forth rich imagery laden with heavy symbolism Or they are a series of engrossing and entertaining pieces full of a refreshingly giving humour and lively mind’s eye world Whatever this was extremely enjoyable to read and I look forward to from this author

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Nothing Is StrangeOf Mike Russell so put on your top hat open your third eye and enjoy Nothing Is Stran. An enjoyable fast read Short uirky stories of the weirdest kind Highly entertaining