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Ben dünyaları ateşe verecek kıvılcımım Ben zincirleri kıracak çekicim Ben halkımın ve esaret içinde yaşayan herkesin umuduyum Çünkü biliyorum ki insan kendini köleleştiren adaletsizlikle özgürleşemez Gelecekte renk kodlarına göre sınıflara ayrılmış Toplum'un en alt sınıfını Kızıllar oluşturmaktadır Diğer bütün Kızıllar gibi Darrow da Mars'ı yeni nesiller için yaş. “I am the Reaper and death is my shadow” 2 12 stars Red Rising isn't really a bad book 25 stars still means halfway between it was ok and I liked it after all And many other reviews will tell you how amazing most people found it but I struggled to locate the magic that so many other people seem to have found within its pages Red Rising is considered and marketed as dystopiansci fi which technically it is but it reads with a dense wordiness that is reminiscent of high fantasy novels This fact will only be a negative for some readers It has the same high level of technical term usage lengthy descriptions and a slow plodding plot that has made me put aside many fantasy favourites Oh and then there's Darrow Khanh's description of him is hilarious and spot on but I cannot write this review without adding something myself about why he is a Gary Stu of epic proportions The guy is absolutely perfect in that despairingly average way that seems to be the defining factor of YA heroes and heroines He gets everything right he is faultless the story is built up around him being so good that he's able to do what everyone else cannot And yet he's also your average Joe in a way that I suppose is meant to make us readers relate to himUnfortunately he felt like a cardboard cutout Khanh was right he would make a fantastic face of a revolution but in terms of characters I can get behind root for and care about he wasn't doing it for meThe reason this book does work is the real sense of tension nastiness and drama It's easy to get caught up in the atmosphere of the story You get the feeling throughout that the author isn't afraid to rip your heart out shred it and stand laughing amid the fallen pieces Which enabled me to read on with some interest despite the slow moving plot While there were a number of things I enjoyed this book never managed to cross the line between not bad and actually good in my mind Perhaps it was just too dense and slow moving or perhaps Darrow ruined my enjoyment but I am surprised to see uite so many five star reviewsOne final thing I want to say is about the language Everyone seems to love it I have yet to read a review where the language hasn't been praised as well written emotive beautiful powerful take your pick But I found all the political language incredibly melodramatic “You do not follow me because I am the strongest Pax is You do not follow me because I am the brightest Mustang is You follow me because you do not know where you are going I do” There was something so contrived even scripted about it You know in kids' films when it gets to the climax and it looks like the bad guys are going to win Then the hero makes a big emotional dramatic speech about why they're going to beat the bad guys with epic music playing in the background This whole book felt a bit like one of those speeches Like preachy political propaganda spoken on a clifftop with sword pointed in the air It made me roll my eyes often than it made me feel inspired Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Red Rising?nın anısıyla hırslanır İnsanlığın yeni nesil Altın hükümdarlarının güç için mücadele ettiği efsanevi Enstitü'ye sızmak için her şeyden vazgeçer Hayatı ve medeniyetin geleceği pahasına en başarılı ve en vahşi Altınlarla rekabet etmek zorunda kalacak olan Darrow'un düşmanlarını yenmek için artık yapmayacağı şey yoktur Bu onlardan birine dönüşmek anlamına gelse bi. true confessions i bought this book because i thought the author was really attractive in his picture on the back cover flap the interesting synopsis and the fact that 200 of you have this added on GR also helped but mainly it was because pierce brown is a total babe lolso what a delightful bonus to also find out this is an absolute wonder of a story a rough brutal and vengeful wonder i could relate to darrow on such a spiritual level it almost felt as if his emotions were my emotions its been awhile since i have connected to a character so strongly the plot is also fantastic i was worried it felt a little too juvenile for adult fiction but man do things heat up i understand some of the comparisons made to other books but i really think this stands so well on its own its uite uniue and i honestly have no have no idea whats going to happen in the seuel but im so excited to find out↠ 45 stars

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free read Red Rising ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Ben dünyaları ateşe verecek kıvılcımım Ben zincirleri kıracak çekicim Ben halkımın ve esaret içinde yaşayan herkesin umuduyum Çünkü biliyorum ki insan kendini köleleştiren adaletsizlikle özgürleşemez Gelecekte renk kodlarına göre sınıflara ayrılmış ToplumAnılır bir gezegen haline getirdikleri inancıyla günlerini madenlerde çalışarak geçirmektedir Üstelik bunu severek ve isteyerek yapmakta kanı ve teriyle çocuklarına daha iyi bir dünya bırakacağına inanmaktadırAncak Kızıllar kandırılmıştır Darrow halkının yozlaşmış yönetici sınıfın kölesinden başka bir şey olmadığını keşfettiğinde adalet özlemi ve kaybettiği aşk?. I picked up Red Rising because a lot of the people at Worldbuilders were goofy over the books and by extension the author Pierce BrownEarlier this year when I went to a convention where he was going to be in attendance the Worldbuilders team told me that if I didn't capture Pierce like a Pokemon and bring him back to the office with me I shouldn't bother coming home at allI got to hang out with Pierce there and he was irritatingly polite witty and charming That combined with the degree of slavering fanaticism the Worldbuilders team was showing him convinced me that I should really give the books a tryAnd I wasn't disappointed They're good In fact I'd go so far as to call them great booksI suspect a lot of people compare them to Hunger Games but I think that's disservice to he books Red Rising has a much deeper richer world in depth characterization and a complex plotThat said if you liked Hunger Games but you wanted of those things this book would probably make you happy as a pig with six tits Yeah I don't know what that means I mean pigs already have six But I'm honestly curious if people actually read these reviews of mine all the way through So this is an experiment of sorts to see who is paying attentionSo yeah Good characters Good Worldbuilding Good Action Good book Worth your time