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The Marriage ActLondon 1821When John Viscount Welford proposed to Caroline Fleetwood the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex he thought he knew exactly what he was getting a lovely innocent brideFive years later he knows better The woman who ran to another man on their wedding night after they'd con Lord Welford at twenty six is in need of a wife And he's found the perfect woman Miss Caroline Fleetwood daughter of the Bishop of Essex Though John has admired her and escorted her from church on Sundays he has had neither time nor opportunity for a suit At seventeen Caroline is still uite young However time has run out for him With an appointment at a diplomatic post in Vienna pending he must forgo any courting and with the Bishop's blessing he asks for her handDespite having her sights set on another man Caroline accepts John's proposal But only an hour after consummating the marriage she runs off to meet up with the man she loves Disappointed and angry John departs England for Austria leaving Caroline at home in SurreyApart for five years John finally arrives back in England only to be asked by Caroline to accompany her to visit her dying father Her one reuest is that John acts the part of the smitten husband and to pretend their marriage is a happy oneThe marriage starts off badly between the older stable John and the young impulsive Caroline Their differences in age upbringing and personality clash John is faithful upright and responsible Caroline sees him as rigid uncompromising and cold Caroline is fun loving easy going and tolerant John views her as irresponsible dishonest and unfaithful Their differences have held them apart and yet now that they have time at last to spend together they begin to see the strengths in the otherThis is another solid historical romance from Alyssa Everett one of my favourite romance authors On her website she says that The Marriage Act is a bit edgier than her previous titles For those who've read her previous novels I think this one certainly may have a bit steam than her other books Though not my favourite of Ms Everett this is yet another very satisfying read by a talented historical romance authorSteam 25 3 ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley

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The Marriage Act kindle Ô eBook Ó reflectionslisburnltd ☆ London 1821When John Viscount Welford proposed to Caroline Fleetwood the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex he thought he knew exactly what he was getting—a lovely innocent brideFive years later he knows better The woman who ran to another man on theSummated the marriage is hardly innocent Years spent apart while John served as a diplomatic attaché have allowed them to save face in society but all good pretenses must come to an end When Caroline receives word that her father is dying she begs John to accompany her on one last jou An engaging tale of how one should never start bad habits such as lying Caroline was a naive and flirty young lady when she got married she only accepted in rebound unknowing to her beau because the one she thought she loved rejected her proposal and this caused years of separation which could have otherwise be avoided This story is filled with tender loving and yes harsh cutting insults and even some risue moments but true love prevails I especially liked the gentle loving hero John though he was gentle and considerate he was a man filled with deep principles and morality and deep desires as all men do

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Rney to see himBut there's an added problem Caroline never told her father that her marriage to John was a farce As they play act for others Caroline is delighted to find she never really knew her husband at all But can she be the kind of wife he needs and does she want to be?85000 wor This was a solid book Everett's writing is consistently strong She sets up an unusual premise an historically estranged couple for genuinely plausible reasons and then brings them back together for a road trip followed by a charade that they are in fact happy There's the potential for a fair amount of tumult but it's all handled with skill and control I really liked Caro She was a self possessed heroine who recognised her youthful folly and the problems it had caused and she takes responsibility for the mess All the same she doesn't let John push her around and she calls him out on his priggish unwillingness to forgive her On which note John Bit of an ass I understand that he was hurt by what happened to his marriage but good grief he was an asshole for a prolonged period of time about it I think that could have been handled with a bit subtly That said Caro and John's romance is nice and well developed It didn't rock my world or anything but it was solidMy major criticism is that the conflict just lasts a bit too long Caro thinks she'll never get John to forgive her and John thinks Caro isn't worth forgiving The resolution could have been better and the last big act of drama with Caro's ridiculous stereotype of a cousin Sophie felt very artificialThis is not a five star book and for some it's probably not a four star book but I thought it was so consistent well written and entertaining so that's the rating I have opted for