characters Silver Shackles (Revelations #2) 107

characters Silver Shackles (Revelations #2)

characters Silver Shackles (Revelations #2) 107 ✓ When you steal from faerie ueens the conseuences are painful and sometimes deadly Were jaguar and TV personality Riley O’Rourke has been looking over her shoulder ever since she stole from the Dark ueen of the Unseelie faeries When Riley is contacted by an informant with knowledge that can Her back including starting a war with the Unseelie The balance of power among the Fae courts is shifting and if David makes one wrong move Riley could end up crushed in the struggle But after being the subject of the ueens’s legendary cruelty will there even be anything left of Riley to sav. This is the second in Fiona Skye’s trilogy about Riley O’Rourke the Tucson journalist who turns into a Jaguar once a month Having upset Neve the Faerie Winter ueen Riley is on her hit list and it isn’t long before she is lured away by the prospect of a hot story and is kidnapped by the Lord of the Hunt on the Winter ueen’s orders With her allies distracted by the grisly murders of several children Riley is on her own Captured and tortured by the increasingly crazed ueen she loses hope that she will ever be rescued But she has not reckoned of the strength of her boyfriend’s affection or of the friends who are willing to rescue her – whether for altruistic reasons or not In the process she learns about her inner cat but the healing will take longer than just a rescue to bring her back from her tormentThe second instalment is a rollercoaster ride through the earthly and Faerie realms of Ms Skye’s imagination I am now looking forward to seeing where she takes Riley next and how this will impact on her relationship with David her extraordinary boyfriend Another good and enjoyable read

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Ow the lid off the story of the year she can’t pass up the opportunity to investigate What she finds instead is something that puts her at the mercy of the Dark ueen who is not known for her compassion When Riley’s boyfriend David realizes she’s missing he’ll do whatever it takes to get. Check out Bibliophileraven's Tumblr Silver Shackles is the second book in the Revelations trilogy by Fiona Skye If you haven’t read the first book I would highly recommend it because it gives a good introduction into the characters that appear in this story as well as background for what is going on In the first book Taming Shadows we are introduced to Riley O’Rourke who is a hard nosed reporter who has everything she could possibly want in life Riley can shapeshift into a Jaguar on the full moon and she as the leading lady for the preternatural community’s coming out of the closet However not everyone is particularly happy with this development and the Winter ueen of the Faeries decides to try and take her out Riley makes a deal with the Summer ueen to steal magic mirror in exchange for her protection In this book Riley finds herself a suitor David Lo who has secrets of his ownThe second book picks up after the events of the first Riley is a TV personality and has become a little paranoid after her dealings with the Fae Not to mention there have been episodes of aggression against shifters because of the Revelations When Riley gets a phone call from a mysterious informant about a case where a shifter was shot she goes to check it out David is working hard on a case where a shifter might be involved when he figures out that Riley has gone missing He will do whatever it takes including helping stage a coup in the Winter Courts in order to get her back There are high stakes in this one and not every person comes out of the situation the same as beforeI love these stories Riley is a strong female lead character willing to do what’s necessary for her job even if it puts her at odds with her boyfriend’s work However she doesn’t abuse his connections instead investigating for herself The cast of characters involved in this story include a former hunter for the church vampire kings and ueens and one really determined Faerie ueen who will stop at nothing to get revenge The characters have their own depth even if their stories aren’t explained David Lo is a very interesting character especially given WHAT he is and what he is capable of I really love the story – the shifting allegiances the humanity in spite of the supernatural world around Something simple as an old Irish witch providing David with dinner and snacks bring depth to this story that some urban fantasies lackI look forward to the third book in the trilogy

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Silver Shackles Revelations #2When you steal from faerie ueens the conseuences are painful and sometimes deadly Were jaguar and TV personality Riley O’Rourke has been looking over her shoulder ever since she stole from the Dark ueen of the Unseelie faeries When Riley is contacted by an informant with knowledge that can bl. After completing my read of the first novel in the Revelations Trilogy TAMING SHADOWS I was definitely eager to get my hands on the second novel SILVER SHACKLES which picks up a few months after TAMING SHADOWS ends My introduction to the preternatural world of Riley O'Rourke were jaguar and television personality had me hooked and ready for another adventure SILVER SHACKLES is that adventure and is a solid sopho entry in the seriesFiona Skye sets the stage with an allegory to current events a preternatural has been killed in an officer involved shooting in Cedar Rapids Iowa The officer involved in the shooting has a documented history of prejudice against preternaturals Riley is lured from Tucson to Cedar Rapids when she gets a hold of a coroner's report that shows that there is no way the shooting could have been justifiedHowever upon arrival she is captured by agents of the Unseelie Faerie ueen whom Riley angered by stealing a magical item in the first novel and is taken into the Faerie world to be tortured repeatedly until her body gives outSimultaneously Riley's boyfriend Special Agent in Charge David Lo of the Preternatural Law Enforcement Bureau's Tucson Field Office encounters a grisly case of an undocumented alien being murdered in the desert with all signs pointing to a preternatural as the perpetrator He deals with this in addition to the tension felt between him and Riley due to their disagreement on the Cedar Rapids shootingThe way that Skye navigates the allegory is done well Riley is decidedly not a fan of law enforcement despite her current boyfriend and her most recent ex boyfriend being LEOs and the preternatural community is wary of law enforcement due to mishaps in the recent past However Skye manages not to delve into wholesale cop bashing with the Lo character painting a picture from the LEO perspective and the challenges he faces while interacting with the public and attempting to gain their trustOn top of that Skye throws the reader for a loop on the events of the shooting one that is sure to please readers regardless of their position in the debate on law enforcement in the real world If one wants to learn how to navigate a sensitive topic they can certainly learn from Skye's efforts in SILVER SHACKLESAs usual the characters live in the pages and the description of the scenery is on point There is the added element of exploring post traumatic stress which Skye does in a knowledgeable and masterful fashionMy only complaint about SILVER SHACKLES and the one thing that keeps it from earning a fifth star and matching its predecessor is that it ended a bit abruptly for my tastes Your mileage may vary in that assessment however It is still a very solid book regardless and money well spentAlso foodies will rejoice at seeing that Skye has continued the tradition of including recipes for the food enjoyed by Riley and her cohorts throughout the work Audience participation level Fiona SkyeI am anxiously awaiting the third book in the trilogy At the end of the day consider me a Riley O'Rourke fan through and through