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Free download Il Pentamerone, ossia, La fiaba delle Fiabe 107 Õ Giambattista Basile was a seventeenth century Italian poet whom the Grimms credit with recording the first national collection of fairy tales The Tale of Tales opens with Princess Zoza unable to laugh no matter how funny the joke Her father the king attempts to make Giambattista Basile was a seventeenth century Italian poet whom the Grimms credit with recording the first national collection of fairy tales The Tale of Tales opens with Princess Zoza unable to laugh no matter how funny the joke Her father the king attempts to make. This obscure and wonderful collection of fairytales is not perhaps uite as filthy as you might expect from something called Lo cunto de li cunti but it's still full of bizarre and scatological delights Written in the early 1600s – before the Grimms before Perrault – it contains the first known versions of famous tales like Cinderella Rapunzel Hansel Gretel or Sleeping Beauty all of them dramatically different from how they're told today and throws in for good measure a host of recondite folk stories that I had never heard beforeTheir author Giambattista Basile was a kind of itinerant courtier and sometime soldier from outside Naples who wrote in an elaborate rococo form of Neapolitan as well as elsewhere in standard Italian In The Tales of Tales Basile gathers his stories together under a frame narrative in a half parodic imitation of Boccaccio the tone is set early when a princess gets a curse put on her for laughing at an old woman's vagina as a distant result of which it becomes necessary – don't ask why – for ten women to tell five stories each across the space of five days Hence the alternative title of the PentameroneEach story is no than four or five pages long which makes this an easy book to read despite its length And each begins with a helpful one paragraph synopsis I can give you an idea of the kind of thing we're dealing with by uoting one of these in its entirety – here's the précis of tale 51 ‘The Goose’Lilla and Lolla buy a coin shitting goose at the market A neighbor asks to borrow it and when she sees that it's the opposite of what it should be she kills it and throws it out the window The goose attaches itself to a prince's ass while he's relieving himself and no one but Lolla can remove it; for this reason the prince takes her for his wifeYep The scene where the prince is trying to wipe his arse on the dead goose's neck is particularly to be recommendedAnd this flair for the Rabelaisian is put to surprisingly effective use within the stories generating some impressive insults and metaphors ‘Why don't you shut that sewer hole you bogeyman's grandmother blood sucking witch baby drowner rag shitter fart gatherer’ yells one character while another is dismissed as ‘a flycatcher who wasn't worth his weight in dog sperm’ Someone else is described as being so terrified that ‘they wouldn't have been able to take an enema made of a single pig's bristle’ A still from the rather wonderful 2015 film version directed by Matteo GarroneBasile's obscurity at least in the English speaking world is due in no small part to the lack of decent translations which makes this new rendering from Nancy L Canepa – the first since the 1930s – extremely welcome More than welcome; it feels staggeringly overdue Most previous editions have been based on Benedetto Croce's ‘not always faithful’ 1925 translation into Italian whereas Canepa is working straight from the original Neapolitan To show what a difference it makes let's return to that coin shitting goose we met earlier A line from the original tale runsMa scoppa dì e fa buono iuorno la bona papara commenzaie a cacare scute riccie de manera che a cacata a cacata se ne ’nchiero no cascioneThe previous complete English translation – from Penzer in 1932 working from Croce's Italian – translated this like soBut dawn comes and it turns out to be a fine day the worthy goose began to make golden ducats so that little by little they filled a great chest with themBut Canepa's translation restores the forceful vulgarity of the originalAnd when morning breaks it's a nice day for the good goose began to shit hard cash until shitload upon shitload they had filled up a whole chestYou can see that it really feels like we're hearing Basile for the first time now This gives a wonderful sense of discovery to Canepa's translation even if for my own taste she sometimes seems to favour word for word accuracy over English readability with the convenient if believable justification that Basile's own Neapolitan must have been uite a challenge even to contemporaries Any uibbles are than made up for by the wealth of notes and other apparatus which give generous citations of the original and explain those flourishes of wordplay or references that Canepa has not attempted to moderniseTaking this fabulous irreverent tour of seventeenth century life is an exhilarating experience and even an uplifting one Although he deals with violence revenge and death Basile is not especially interested in tragedy or cruelty; it's impossible to imagine him other than with a smile on his face And indeed impossible to read him without one either

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Her smile; instead he leaves her cursed whereupon the prince she is destined to marry is snatched up by another woman To expose this impostor and win back her rightful husband Zosa contrives a storytelling extravaganza fifty fairy tales to be told by ten sharp tongue. Back in these ages when they wanted to describe something super beautiful or super ugly they made sure they drilled the descriptions into your skull These tales are not a forgiving bunch If somebody is kinda ugly they are ABOMINATIONS If somebody is kind of pretty they are PULCHRITUDINOUS While they don't use these words they'll use hundreds of words that are like these and enable in and onJust wanted to note that about this book

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Il Pentamerone ossia La fiaba delle FiabeD women including Zoza in disguise over five daysFunny and scary romantic and gruesome and featuring kings and ueens dragons and seduction The Tale of Tales is a fairy tale treasure that prefigures Game of Thrones and other touchstones of worldwide fantasy literature. Collection presents early versions of Cinderella Puss in Boots and others Very good I really enjoyed the story about the king and the two old ladies This is an adult collection with bawdy humor and a Cinderella who kills a step mother