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Bs connection to Madam Jolie but instead uncovers something far sinisterFour days left before I have to come up with sixty thousand dollars to save my skin and the sorry behind of my mother Four days until I’m auctioned off to the Top Fou. What a delightfully sexy and suspenseful treat This story is compelling for so many reasons The plot is wickedly attractive the writing style is gorgeous and witty the female character is both soft and strong and as funny as she's smart and the male character is so impossible to resistOh Liam you're a good man with the body of a god What an explosive combinationThe best impression I get from the story is that it's beautifully sensitive because it takes care of Jessica's feelings It's not an easy journey she's embarked on as she opens her heart to a man who is a Dom and her boss She's got four days before she's auctioned off to get the huge amount of money she needs to pay her debt and save her mum While Liam teachers her the basics of being a submissive there are plenty of scenes filled with snark exciting learning detailed erotic encounters and a growing bond between Liam and Jessica that will melt any reader's mind and pantiesI had a wonderful time reading about these two characters Their chemistry enhanced by trust issues danger and rules that prevent them from indulging in the final prize is just hotter than hellAside from the funny situations such a great name for a lipstick and wow that inebriated night or that hilarious visit to a place that embarrasses Jess I absolutely loved the suspense and criminal plot that underlines and pushes the relationship that slowly builds between Liam and Jess He's so protective and a gentleman even when he's so hot being a Dom And it's great to accompany Jess as she fights and also embraces her lessons in kinky sensuality When they really reach a point of no return oh that was amazing Mind blowing arousing I needed a rest after that but I just couldn't stop That's how I ended up face first into a shocking cliffhanger that left both Jessica and I against the rocks Wow Fanny Lee I'm hooked on your imagination I'm so looking forward to Seven Weeks the third part and I'm also excited about For Hire the story of Evren Rockwell a very intriguing member of FEAR enterprises This is going to be so much fun

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Four Days Madam Jolies Playhouse #2R Dom’s of Madam Jolie’s Playhouse I pray to whatever beings who watch over us frail earthlings that I'm worth enough to rake in the amount of money I need While I’m at it let me pray I can learn to be submissive in the next four days. Exceeded my expectations and that is totally saying something MsSavage is well on her way to taking over the title for Best BSDM Author as well as the best up and coming new author period My only complaint is that I have to wait for 7 Weeks can't come uick enough For all of the BSDM fans there is plenty for you here as well as those of us that need a great story line too EL James has nothing on this girl Can't wait for I would have given 10 starz but thats not an option A must read

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Four Days Madam Jolies Playhouse #2 Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð The story continuesJessica's plans for a better life are put on hold while she settles her mother's debt She’s forced to work in the private club catering to those with specific tastes With the help of her DThe story continuesJessica's plans for a better life are put on hold while she settles her mother's debt She’s forced to work in the private club catering to those with specific tastes With the help of her Dom Jess hopes to uncover the mo. After reading Seven Days I couldn’t wait for this book to be released This is not your typical erotica story The story line is riveting and packed with suspense Jess is a strong and likeable character who has to contend with her mother’s poor choices and unsavory lifestyle She is written to be smart and determined which is a refreshing spin on the current trend in erotica nowadays It’s also interesting to see how Liam develops He’s a Dominate with an actual heart and the steamy scenes in this book will make you swoon no matter the circumstance The connection between the two alone is an awesome storyI loved how the author crafted the cliffhanger I cannot wait for the third installment