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DOWNLOAD Arkwright ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Nathan Arkwright is a seminal author of the twentieth century At the end of his life he becomes reclusive and cantankerous refusing to appear before or interact with his legion of fans Little did anyone know Nathan was putting into motion his true timeless legacyConvinced that humanity cannAn Earth like planet several light years distant Fueled by Nathan's legacy generations of Arkwrights are drawn together and pulled apart by the enormity of the task and weight of their na. I adored this book science fiction about science fiction making it fact and reaching for the stars If this isn't in my top ten books of the year I'll be amazed

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Tle did anyone know Nathan was putting into motion his true timeless legacyConvinced that humanity cannot survive on Earth his Arkwright Foundation dedicates itself to creating a colony on. In a way Arkwright is Seveneves on easy mode A multi generational science fiction exploration novel instead of being reliant on super hard science it's a love letter to science fiction itself to fuel the plot along and make an enjoyable readThe story is about an author Arkwright who is right in line with the golden age of his time generations ago With his royalties and investments he starts a secretive fund to eventually launch an interstellar spaceship to a planet believed to be able to sustain life The story follows his progeny over the generations working toward this goal the problems that persist in such a feat and ultimately the end resultThis book works in the sense that it's a really pretty low stakes investment with an enjoyable outcome If you're looking for the sort of against all odds action and problem solving that Seveneves provided you're not going to get it here this book is optimistic and is about the people involved than the science to get there If you're not okay with a lot of handwaving away of problems and situations this book might be frustrating as a result but it's not what the book is for Instead it's an appreciation for the Big Thinking science fiction used to provide and an appreciation for those willing to make things work even with no immediate benefit like those in space industries today who will not live to see the fruits of their effortAs a read it was great I loved my experience with the book As a science fiction read I prefer the harder stuff but that's okay too This book was just too fun not to put down and is a worthy read on its own A great read overall

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ArkwrightNathan Arkwright is a seminal author of the twentieth century At the end of his life he becomes reclusive and cantankerous refusing to appear before or interact with his legion of fans Lit. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum thing I did after finishing this book was go to YouTube and pump my fists to the main theme of Star Trek Enterprise I know that opening seuence has long been divisive among Trek fans but personally I love it The feelings that song stirs–that glowing hope and belief in humanity’s ability to venture forth into the great unknown through their own tenacity and sheer determination–is perfectly suited to the show’s themes and as it happens this book as well Arkwright is the story of how one man’s dream became a reality a truly inspirational saga spanning generations amidst familial crises political roadblocks technological limitations and many other seemingly insurmountable obstacles Throughout it all one family’s conviction endures its members steadfastly facing down every single kind of challenge in the course of the many centuries it takes to achieve their goal It’s been a long road getting from there to here indeedInterestingly Arkwright opens with its eponymous character dying Considered along with Robert Heinlein Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke to be one of the twentieth century’s most seminal science fiction authors Nathan Arkwright passes away uietly in his New England home where he’d spent most of the last two decades living as a relative recluse His death however is just the beginning His granddaughter Kate who’d never gotten the chance to know her famous grandfather when he was alive decides to attend the funeral and pay her respects This is how she ends up meeting three of Nathan’s oldest friends and finding out all about her grandfather’s secret project The Arkwright FoundationConcerned about humanity’s future in the event of any extinction level threats to the world Nathan had decided many years ago that building a starship for long distance space travel and colonization is the only hope our species has for survival Not trusting to the bureaucracy of government agencies to make this happen he had established his own non profit organization to do the research and work reuired and left the foundation his entire fortune plus all future royalties earned from his books Now that he is gone it is up to his family and friends to carry on his visionOne might find it a little strange that the death of your most crucial character happens in the book’s very first scene But in truth it makes perfect sense Nathan may be the father of the Arkwright Foundation but his idea is much bigger than any one person He never expected to live to see his dream come true and in fact not even his granddaughter Kate or Kate’s own grandchildren would see it come to fruition This is a project generations in the making and Allen Steele brings us back to the past and forward to the future to show how all the characters in Nathan’s family line are united in this one goal through time and distance The narrative explores Nathan’s own youth and then moves forward through the decades as each generation grows up gets married has children With so many changes in perspective no sooner had I gotten to know one set of characters than we were jumping forward to time again to follow another I should have found this format frustrating but to my surprise I didn’t Once I saw Nathan Arkwright’s legacy as a “character” in its own right I started to understand why Steele decided to write the story this wayI was also surprised at what an uplifting book this ended up being Let’s face it; generation ship stories are seldom happy stories a fact that’s even pointed out by one of the book’s characters But Arkwright is a very different kind of generation ship story and one can even argue it’s not even a generation ship story at all since so much of it takes place on earth following the work of Nathan’s descendants Oh sure the scientists and researchers of the Arkwright Foundation end up coming up with solutions to some of the technological challenges posed by long distance space travel but at its heart Arkwright is also a story about the personal lives of the individual characters In every section we see how each person is affected by the weight of Nathan’s legacy making this one a very heartfelt human storyWhile I reviewed the audiobook I can see Arkwright working well in both print and audio formats Because this is a generations spanning story featuring multiple characters with their own sections though I was surprised they went with only one narrator It just felt like such a missed opportunity since having a couple readers on board might have made this even a fuller experience Nonetheless narrator Stephen Bel Davies held his own bringing a diverse cast of characters to life This audiobook ended up being a very fast listen because I was just so addicted to the storyAll told I was so glad I decided to give Arkwright a try The cover and description didn’t initially grab me and I almost gave it a pass until some of the fascinating reviews convinced me to give it a shot after all And now I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being on my list of favorite books for 2016 The ending even left me a bit teary eyed What a total gem of a sci fi novel an incredibly touching and inspirational story about humankind’s journey to reach for the stars