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review ´ Saxual Healing ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ How does friendship become obsessionWhy need any romantic love be forbiddenDoes there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone soloAll these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made available byCount presented herein tells of a lonely young man whose typical teen angst snowballed from mischievous trickery into the saxophone related murders of two innocent men and Billy's disappearance And yet Billy's efforts ultimately culminated in the production of the world's most beautiful and unknowable artistic expression of homosexual loveThe creation of. So this book follows Billy Medicine an industrious young man coming to terms with love and sex and getting the whole thing a little bit wrong Perhaps wrong than you or I did but understandable Those rawest of years adolescence haunt everyone to a lesser or greater degree and Billy’s predicaments are a ramped up representation of that time Who didn’t want to tear down the world at some point because it wasn’t made in their image If you had a teenage diary as I did for some of those years it may have contained these words on some order “I hate the f ing world” Pretty standard Eric Harris opened his jounal with these words Most of us find a way through without becoming Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but how much of that is luck I don’t knowBilly becomes infatuated and overwhelmed by a love unreuited and responds to his situation in a very proactive way This is where grudging admiration comes in Billy is such a trier The type of boy boring adults comment about wistfully and say “If only he could’ve put all that energy to good use Just imagine” Billy is also the most repulsive aspects of teenage boyhood all condensed into one walking oily menace I recognise many traits and recall with a shudder reflections of this beast in the people around me and in my own personality whilst growing up All through that turbulence that rampant physical and egoist transformative time there is an undeniable liberation amidst the disaffection that is difficult to capture The character of Billy does this will great aplomb He may be misguided but his lust for life is a lesson for us all a scary lesson Billy also shows us an alternative way to deal with unreuited love the extent of which shows us how insane love can make us and how there are no easy answers to such powerful feelings I read recently that unreuited love though it is treated as a transient state to be pitied is actually a perpetual state of being; that whether in or out of a relationship our natural tendency is to be unsatisfied look elsewhere as no one person can ever fulfill our needs completely In this way Billy is certainly living his life to the fullest and embracing all it is to be humanThe saxophone A magical instrument that has grown to represent the soundtrack to naff love The kind of love your parents had in the 70’s and 80’s The term “sexophone” is what is applied to that saxy motif that accompanies any object of desire as they enter the room The earlier euivalent to “schwing” from Wayne’s World or whatever Billy’s transference of desire and incorporation of the saxophone into his fantasy world is truly heartbreaking to witness But one many have fallen prey to nakedsaxtumblrcom I particularly like this poignant sculpture will never hear his plaintive songIn many ways Billy lucked out with Leo’s instrument of choice If only Leo was a theremin enthusiast how different things could’ve been The saxophone truly is The Devil’s Honey Here is a clip from classic vampires run riot in a seaside town in the 80s film The Lost Boys that I like just because I really wanted Conan the Barbarian to play in the town where I grew up that was like this but he never turned up I’m convinced there were some dodgy vampires though must confess complete bias when it comes to this novel The author is a GR buddy and reading this was somewhat of an out of body experience Of what I have read of his output this is my favourite So with that in mind I can say that this is a completely enjoyable funny and grotesuely absurd venture into the teenage mindset with all its potential for maximizing the trivial the obsession with different hierarchies and the exhilaration of preparing for adulthood Long Live Billy Medicine

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How does friendship become obsessionWhy need any romantic love be forbiddenDoes there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone soloAll these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made available by an object of Billy's obsessions Leo X Robertson The seedy hysterical and unforgettable ac. I have no idea what I have just read it's some kind of mesmerising monster of a book It is both beautiful and disgusting Billy Medicine is a teenager coming to terms with being in love He is a gross vindictive and troubled young man If you read this book be prepared to enter the mind of a teenage boy once in you'll have trouble getting out I tried to escape and it broke my kindle so consider yourself warnedThis book has been cleverly written there are diary entries emails msn conversations and lots of little notes from the editor One of the most gripping books I've read this year looking forward to what else Billy can produceBlog post is here

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Saxual HealingThis stranger than fiction narrative was as much Leo's personal journey to discover what it was about him that had so unbalanced a disturbed soul how much of the fallout he was personally accountable for and how it was that Billy's unwanted persecution led Leo straight into the arms of his soulmateNow for the first time ever read Billy's side of the story. The author of this tale does not hold your hand and gently ushering you into the heart of it No He is always a few steps ahead and he likely drags you and pushes you from page to page He also turns to slap you around pretty freuently just in case To keep you on your toes And on your toes you areThat is to say that according to the cliche this is not a book for the faint hearted who would feel at ease with a likeable hero Billy far from aiming for the reader's sympathy he wants to confuse and shock them Basically Billy says I'm excluded I'm wounded I'm damaged I've turned to be a monster but Reader you can stuff your pity Billy is a mess but he is most definitely proudThis is a story about identity and his agony is to establish his idea of who he is Like another Arthur Rimbaud he plays with the notion J'est un autre Me versus the Other me despite of the Other me as the Other and finally me is the Other in a cannibalistic obsessionYes Billy is a mess indeed but in his delirium he's got a few things dead right For example as a homosexual teenager he exposes the farcical liberalism of his environment acting being unfazed by his sexual preferences yet asking stupid uestions like 'don't get me wrong but how can you' Or expecting colourful behaviours out of him Or expressing tolerance a horrid word that clearly implies that you are doing something wrong but I'm big enough person to allow you but heterosexuals never begged for tolerance did theyWrapping it up this is a truly great book oozing intelligence and elemental emotion rich thematically and stylistically and the man Billy is not someone that you are likely ever to forget