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Bad Magic Summary È 6 é This book is incredibly BAD It does not contain MAGIC Or a mysterious ghost girl Or spontaneous combustion Or Spanish speaking llamasNope None of these thingsOkay maybe one of these things But certainly not MAGICIt’s just an ordinary tale of a normal boy who goes to summer camp on a desert island Nothing exciting or weird happens TheGsOkay maybe one of these things But certainly not MAGICIt’s just an ordinary tale of a normal boy who goes to summer camp on a desert island Nothing exci. I had really mixed feelings about this book I had read Pseudonymous Bosch's Secret Series and I enjoyed it which is what got me started on this book It was good for the most part but the ending of 'Bad Magic' is what ruined it for me First off the plot takes a really long time to get started Once it does get started it built up really uickly and gets pretty suspenseful But then at the last minute most of the stuff is resolved and it all kind of crumbles There is all this really hard to explain seemingly magic stuff going on and the explanation for it is not at all satisfactory That was the main problem I had with this book If the ending had been better I would have enjoyed this much Of course the plot could redeem itself in book 2

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This book is incredibly BAD It does not contain MAGIC Or a mysterious ghost girl Or spontaneous combustion Or Spanish speaking llamasNope None of these thin. Psuedonymous Bosch is the author of the Secret Series for which I've read the first two The first book in the series was The Name of This Book is Secret and featured the characters of Max Ernest and Cass who were trying to uncover a secret I remember liking the narrator of the story with his cautioning the reader asides foreshadowing and funny way that he would have a conversation with himself Think Lemony Snicket Opening line This book begins with a bad word Okay so that line certainly had me wondering what direction this book was going to go Well bad words are so bad aren't they But Clay's older brother Max Ernest has a great way of explaining it to three year old Clay after he mistakenly says a bad word bad words are bad because they make people feel bad That's what they do And good words make people feel goodAnd magic words make people feel magic Now your probably wondering well then what does bad magic mean I was too but you'll have to read the book to figure that one out for yourself He he now I feel bad When Clay was eleven Max Ernest yep the one from The Secret series by the same author nice tie in by the way disappeared without an explanation Well unless you count the note he sent saying that they wouldn't be hearing from him for awhile and not to worry Clay's brother Max Ernest means the world to him he's the one that inspired his interest in magic and they are bonded by the magic they enjoy So when Clay is given an assignment by his language arts teacher Mr Bailey to discuss the role of magic in the play The Tempest his leg gets to jittering and he gets a terrible case of writers block Magic was his and his brothers thing after all Mr Bailey then offers Clay a journal and says as long as he writes anything it it he can get credit in class Clay thinks this is the answer to his prayers but when the very thing he writes in the book ends up as graffiti on the wall at school with his signature tag Clay is immediately blamed Despite protesting his innocence no one wants to listen to Clay Clay's parents are even sending him to Earth Ranch a camp for struggling youth on a island with a volcano and llamas to take care of for the summer But Earth Ranch isn't uite what it seems there are ghosts a dangerous volcano and even his cabin mates have secrets of their own I liked how Bad Magic draws from Shakespeare's play The Tempest It made me want to go back and read the play Bosch did a wonderful job of providing just the right amount of details to give me an idea what the play is about though One of the biggest changes I found about Bad Magic was that the narrator from the Secret's series wasn't as talkative in Bad Magic I think that's mostly because Bad Magic was of an adventuremystery story and Bosch used techniues that lend themselves to this sort of genre instead That doesn't mean he was absent but Bosch's asides in Bad Magic seemed as an educational tool but not in a preachy kind of way but of a way to explain the origins of the pop culture references of Gilligan's Island Fantasy Island The Love Boat and literary references like JRR Tolkien Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare that he used in the story Bosch does still have conversations with himself so he kept the humorous aspects I so enjoyed reading

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Bad MagicTing or weird happens The camp is definitely NOT for crazy badly behaved kids and there are NO SECRETS or MYSTERIES at allAnd absolutely NO MAGIC whatsoever. Two years ago students were sharing some of their favorite laugh out loud books One student reported loving LOVING The Name of This Book is Secret and I've never forgotten her vigorous recommendation While I haven't yet picked up of copy of Bosch's Secret book I was delighted to have a chance to read Bad MagicAnd I wasn't disappointed not one bit You know how sometimes someone recommends a book so highly and you have these huuuge expectations only to be disappointed Not the case hereIn Bad Magic we meet Clay a boy with distant parents and an older magician brother who kind of sort of disappears Clay gets linked to a graffiti crime which he absolutely positively did not commit However it IS in his handwriting and he DID write MAGIC SUCKS in a notebook his teacher gave him so all evidence points to Clay And he's punished He's sent to a remote island for a summer camp and that's where the real adventure begins I don't want to give away the story so I won't reveal much Here's what I will say The characters are entertaining the plot is entertaining and the setting too is entertaining Clay meets up with a cast of characters that are funny and lively and though the story is clearly fantasy like the dialogue and interactions are realistic There is a mystery at the heart of this book and Bosch leaves breadcrumbs along the way that inspire the reader to keep reading this is a book that'll keep readers up too late at night just to finish the next chapter or two or three In a way this reminds me a bit of Schmidt's The Wednesday Wars because of the use of Shakespeare And as a teacher I'm totally into anything that makes young people think about looking into Shakespeare's plays Great book Highly recommended