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Read & Download Ç Raze (Scarred Souls, #1) 106 ✓ TO TAKE BACK LIFE ONE MUST FIRST FACE DEATHConditioned in captivity to maim to kill and to slaughter prisoner 818 becomes an unrivaled and unstoppable fighter in the ring Violence is all he knows After years of incarceration in an underground hell only one thought occupies his mind reIn her constant surveillance Kisa stumbles across a tattooed scarred but stunningly beautiful homeless man on the streets Something about him stirs feelings deep within her; familiar yet impossibly forbidden desires He doesn't talk Doesn't communicate with anyoneHe's a man beyond saving But Kisa becomes obsessed with him Yearns for him Craves his touch Needs to possess this mysterious man this man they call Ra. 25 Stars He was as cold as an arctic winter but he was a beautiful monster After so many friends raved to me about how amazing this book was I was beyond excited to be finally reading it Given that I've also spent uite a few months avoiding it Why Because my picky Russian ass has yet to read a book with the MCs being Russian and not having it be butchered to hell and back So I get a little touchy I have to say I was very impressed with the way the author accurately portrayed the Bratva and the true brutal underbelly of it The concept and the story were intriguing violent intense and gripping The book kept my attention the entire time reading it But unfortunately there were too many issues that I had along with it that ultimately killed my buzzBe warnednitpicking galore to follow The character's namesFirst we have Kisa But here's the thing; I've never heard of a name like this in Russian Ever It is a very common term of endearment however It loosely translates to pussy cat or kitten Whatever your fancy But here's the issue Kisa's fiance likes to call her Myshka which translates to 'little mouse'Yeah Threw me too The writingOK look I know I'm picky here but this just didn't work for me in the least I found some parts of the book to be choppy It goes from incredibly emotional and gritty to borderline cheesy Like this phrase herePlease sit papasWhy on earth would someone say Please sit fathers Unless you're in church But again that's neither here nor there My main issue came with the dialogue internal and external The repetitive terminology especially within the character's dialogue managed to frustrate me enough to take me out of the story at timesThe overuse of endearments and names within one paragraph being my main issue I get it; she's your Myshka your Solnyshko and he's tvoya lyubov I just don't want it repeated ad nauseam feel meAlso in Russian culture you never refer to someone respectfully especially of authority by their first name So you would never call your employer Mr Alik You'd refer to him by his first and middle name so Alik Abramovich in the case here But again that's neither here nor there The heroine Nothing about Kisa worked for me She was bland to the point of blending in with the furniture There was nothing about her that grabbed me as a reader or endeared me She was weak and her simple acceptance of things just being what they are and such is life did nothing for me either Don't get me started on her vagina's pavlov response to the mere presence of Raze The woman would walk into a room see his back without knowing it's him and already she's raring to goTaking into consideration her borderline abusive psycho of a fiancé and their relationship I'm shocked she had no emotional or mental scars This is especially true towards the end She moves on from all of it without so much as a bat of a eye lash No lingering emotional traumajust is what it isThe overuse of the word channelPerhaps this is just me but I have never once referred to my southern region as a channel during internal monologue during sex So the fact the Kisa thinks how her clenching channel wrapped around his cock made me wonder if perhaps she was a victorian maiden in her past lifeThe overuse of endearmentsConsidering the gritty and brutal subject matter of this book I can understand why the author would want to dilute that with a beautiful love story However I just can't picture any person in their late 20s referring to the other as my love on a constant and consistent basis I'm talking about multiple times during one sex scene Perhaps it's my inner cynic kicking in but this was just too much cheese for meThe graphic sex scenes with Kisa's fianceI'm not a reader that has an issue of a graphic sex scene with a person that's not the main love interest in a romance Especially not when it fits the plot as it did here That being said it didn't need to be as often or as graphic as it was here After the first time I didn't see a reason for it Yes I get it Alik is brutal and sadisctic He feels that Kisa is his property and he goes absolutely batshit at another man so much as looking at her I do NOT want to be reading about this than I need to which was for basically view spoilerover half the book hide spoiler

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TO TAKE BACK LIFE ONE MUST FIRST FACE DEATHConditioned in captivity to maim to kill and to slaughter prisoner 818 becomes an unrivaled and unstoppable fighter in the ring Violence is all he knows After years of incarceration in an underground hell only one thought occupies his mind revenge bloody slow and violent revenge Revenge on the man who wronged him Kisa Volkova is the only daughter of Kirill 'The Silenc. 5 “Can I have you” stars Their love story began on the day she was born Tillie Cole has been that author for me this year Every year it seems there is one author that comes out of nowhere and I am just completely taken by their books I have read 6 Tillie Cole books this year and 3 of them have made it on my top favorite lists Her writing is addictive her stories are so different from one another yet all unbelievably good This book was her most raw and gritty book yet It was down right gruesome at times It’s one of those books that is going to be difficult for a lot of people to read because of the content But under all that it has to be one of the most beautiful love stories I have read and it’s definitely a favorite of 2014 Number 818 or Raze has escaped the place he’s been ever since he was a boy A place where he was tortured and brainwashed A place where he was trained to be a fighter Not a normal fighter no a kill or be killed kind of fighter When you’re fighting to the death you fight to kill Now that he’s out he only has one memory from his past to go on to seek what he wants most Revenge Raze doesn’t know who he is if he has family anything like that He knows he is a killer and he’s going to do what he does best Find the man that put him where he was and kill him He’s found Alix and is preparing but there is this girl A girl with familiar eyes The first person he can ever remember feeling the need to be near the need to protect Kisa Volkova is a Russian Mafia princess She lives a sheltered and protected life Then she meets Raze This man is dangerous she can tell But there is something about him that draws him to her She can’t stay away and she doesn’t want to No matter how much she should No matter how destructive it could be for them to be near each other she has to be near him Raze and Kisa can’t fight this instant connection and attraction they have to one another Being together is dangerous for them both especially Kisa but she can’t stay away from him I had never felt this before Never felt this overwhelming lust this consuming level of instant attraction this raw and insatiable need to be with a man It was dangerous It was haunting It was forbidden And although it was wrong it felt so perfectly right There is so much I want to say about this story about what happens about the stunning revelations and about the intense moments And if you read the book we can talk all day about it but I’m not writing any of it here It’s one of those stories you have to read for yourself The things in this book are so exceptionally beautiful at times it brought me to tears How things came together Just wow Raze was such a beautiful and strong man Reading about what he went through will destroy you but by the end I felt healed and happy Kisa was a heroine that I loved She had such strength and determination She was willing to risk so much These two characters were perfect together and both were survivors so strong and resilient They truly were a match If it’s not obvious enough already I will repeat it This book is a must read It’s just remarkable exceptional and completely extraordinary Be prepared to feel Be prepared to hurt to cry to be moved beyond belief to have your heart stop and to be consumed by this gorgeous and enthralling story It’s been days since I’ve read and my heart still feels for these two It’s an unforgettable read that I loved from start to finish “I need you with me I only feel at home with you”

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Raze Scarred Souls #1Er' Volkov head of the infamous 'Red' bosses of New York's Russian Bratva Her life is protected In reality it's a virtual prison Her father's savage treatment of his rivals and his lucrative and coveted underground gambling ring The Dungeon ensures too many enemies lurk at their door She dreams to be set free Kisa has known only cruelty and loss in her short life While working for her church the only reprieve. I'm not usually a romance fan I can read them and sometimes I get a wild hair up my butt and even search them out This book was being read by most of my romance fan friends and it caught my attentionI'm actually glad it did It's actually some pretty dark stuffand of course I liked it 818 aka Raze was thrown into a prison at a young age That sounds not so bad doesn't it Bullshit He is raped tortured injected with drugs and made to fight to the deathover 600 timesHe has no memories of his previous life due to the huge amounts of brutality he faced Then he escapes He wants revenge on a name that has been written in his cell for years because he was told he would forget if it wasn't written thereThen for the girl Kisa She is a Russian mafia princess who is engaged to a major and I do mean major asshole She has no escape from him due to family traditions you do not go against this familyKisa's side of the story almost got this book a 3 star from me She is supposed to be this classy chick and her side of the story doesn't read as so much class to me not that I'm a saint Her inner dialogue has when she um gets worked up with the guy she keeps saying how her pussy is wet Ewww What woman does that inside her head We don't really use that word for that For the guys side of the story it worked fine because these are some hard fuckersI mean some of the most hardened guys out thereHer fiance Alik He needs his balls kicked in Multiple times I did give this book a four star though Because once I started reading it I wanted to keep reading itand it did make this cold heart melt at times Romance fan friends I'm watching you You guys might just be on to somethingPS this book has some raunchy ass sex scenesnot that I read those parts four times or not