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review Arcadia author Iain Pears Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB · In Cold War England Professor Henry Lytten having renounced a career in espionage is writing a fantasy novel that dares to imagine a world less fraught than his own He finds an unlikely confidante in Rosie an inuisitive young neighbor who while chasing after Lytten's cHere progress is controlled by a corrupt ruling elite the brilliant scientist Angela Meerson has discovered the potential of a powerful new machine When the authorities come knocking she will make an important decision one that will reverberate through all these different lives and worl. An Oxford don is writing a fantasy book like his colleagues Lewis and Tolkien did He’s visited every now and then by a young girl who helps around the house and who discovers a magic mirror in his basement that leads into a pastoral wonderland – almost like the fantasy landscape the don is creating A couple hundred years in the future a psychomathematician has discovered a portal to parallel universes – which are real – and has chosen to hide in one because she's nuts The magic mirror is hers which she left in the don’s basement after travelling back in time There’s also a young lad training to be a Storyteller which is some kind of priest I’m 20% of the way into this 600 page doorstopper and I’m giving up here This is well past the 50 page limit I usually allow for a book to convince me it’s worth continuing with There’s no story – nada zip Just these boring characters who aren’t doing anything The don reads his fantasy crap to colleagues in a pub then sits about his house with his fat cat eating sponge cake The girl meets some passed out traveller and listens to the don patronise her The kid in training to be a priest sees a ghost and is patronised by his teachers Come on What is Iain Pears doing The psychomathematician’s chapters were vaguely interesting particularly the glimpse into the parallel world where Nixon became President not JFK Even then though – what was the point And most of the time her future science dystopia into tedious office politics There’s also a much publicised app to accompany the novel All it is is the novel – which you have to purchase piecemeal – laid out differently with the “plot” lines visually laid out allowing the reader to select which pathways they want to read it Apparently Pears’ vision was to create multiple versions of Arcadia to give each reader a different reading experience Ambitious sure but the finished article just looks gimmicky and underwhelming particularly as it's far less innovative than it would have you believe I read Iain Pears’ An Instance of the Fingerpost when it first came out and loved it A post English Civil War whodunit told from the perspective of four different narrators where it was up to the reader to decide who was telling the truth – a superb mystery Arcadia though is sprawling tedium much like its namesake written by Sir Philip Sidney in Elizabethan times who is referenced in the text I don’t know what the story is why I should care nor am I interested in any of the characters I’m not about to force myself through several hundred pages of this crap – so long Arcadia

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In Cold War England Professor Henry Lytten having renounced a career in espionage is writing a fantasy novel that dares to imagine a world less fraught than his own He finds an unlikely confidante in Rosie an inuisitive young neighbor who while chasing after Lytten's cat one day stumble. It was the teenager rather than the adult in me that enjoyed this Arcadia is a novel brimming with mischief a kind of YA romp featuring stories within stories time travel and alternative universes As I understood it the novel is like a dramatised archaeological dig in search of the beginning and the end of its own story It’s not going to be easy to summarise the plot premise but here we go Professor Henry Lytten a retired Oxford Don nurtures the ambition to write a novel about a rural arcadia called Anterworld He has compiled pages and pages of notes but never uite managed to forge his extensive notes into a story Angela Meerson is a researcher in a dystopian future who has created a portal to parallel universes except it turns out to be a time machine She travels back to the 20th century where she meets Henry and steals his ideas for Anterworld which she uses as a kind of prototype for her continuing uest to create a parallel universe The portal is hidden in Henry’s basement A young girl called Rosie accidentally enters the portal while looking for Henry’s missing cat and finds herself in Anterworld Her arrival plays havoc with the elementary rules of causation previously existent Meanwhile Angela’s employer sends a man into the machine to find Angela and arch villain Zoffany Oldmaster who wishes to employ Angela’s discovery for his apocalyptic ends is hunting for Angela’s daughter who is a renegade in the new society where emotion is forbidden The most fun part of the book is Anterworld where the storyteller is the most revered figure in society and the Story is what gives everyone’s lives order and meaning Pears has lots of fun here weaving in literary references most notably Shakespeare’s As You Like It the frivolous but wise tone of which he employs throughout his depiction of this rural feudal world The prose is simplistic as is the depiction of relationships There’s no psychology no insights into what makes people tick The descriptive writing is very generic almost lazy Detail is often ignored or sketched in with a single brushstroke All Pears’ creative energy is channelled into the design of this book which is very clever You could say the most fundamental art of the storyteller is to work out where a story begins and where it ends Pears ingeniously keeps us guessing where his story begins and ends until the last chapter

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Arcadia author Iain PeaS through a doorway in his cellar and into a stunning and unfamiliar bucolic landscape remarkably like the fantasy world Lytten is writing about There she meets a young boy named Jay who is about to embark on a journey that will change both their lives Elsewhere in a distopian society w. What an utterly delightful absorbing tale this is one that blends several genres although technically it would be speculative fiction It’s light in tone but complex in plotting and is adventurous romantic suspenseful and rich in time honored themesor wait I mean time travel themes with a parallel universe Pears creates a world or worlds so thoroughly believable and accessible that even the convolutions aren’t difficult to follow He builds his narrative so gradually and keenly that the reader has many revolutions of the wheel to get into the groove of what is happening There’s the future a hostile technocracy which can be a dangerous place of scientific espionage but also where eccentric psychomathematician Angela Meerson is finely tuning her unstable time esue machine There’s also 1960 with all the paranoia of Cold War Intelligence and undercover operations That’s the time where Professor Henry Lytton semi retired British Intelligence and uintessential scholar and Rosie fifteen year old brainy and beautiful girl live Rosie pops in to feed Henry’s cat and Angela popped in some time ago to get away from the technocrats She and Henry became good friends and she surreptitiously hides her machine in his cellarThe most colorful and enchanting world is Anterworld a place that looks like the ancient past but might in fact be the future after the eve of destruction There’s no literature in Anterworld either except for “The Story” The Story has its genesis in a whimsical notion by Professor Lytton a fantastical world that has come to fruition because of Angela’s machinations and her machine Henry wrote the manuscript as an enchanting admixture of the secular mythical philosophical prophetic and fairytale one that becomes a book of knowledge for the people who inhabit this world To them it is a sacred store of values morality and wisdom Story Tellers are a select elite of the highest order There is even a hallowed ground where judgement is soughtWhat makes this novel different than others of its class is the fluidity of time Cause and effect is turned on its head and can occur simultaneously The scales of past and future are balanced with the present as fulcrum As the narrative will show “Time travel has nothing to do with either travel or time” If this sounds deliberately confusing it is only because you haven’t read this mouth watering book If you are looking for an imaginative cerebral romantic enterprising witty and periodically comical and dazzling story of intrepid and searching individuals I recommend this theater of human voyage sure to be a timeless favorite