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review Still Life With Psychotic Squirrel 103 ✓ Six Gallery Press is proud to announce the RE release of CB Smith's cult classic Still Life With Psychotic Suirrel A landmark underground novel in the vein of Tom Robbins and William S BurroughsDerground novel in the vein of Tom Robbins and William S Burroug. Still Life With Psychotic Suirrel surprised me First of all I was expecting a book about a psychotic suirrel who devours human flesh and paints pears and apples in his spare time But that's just meSecond I wasn't expecting my mind to get sucked into this story My preference when it comes to reading is minimalism and this is anything but However Smith's semi experimental prose held my interest with an engaging rhythm and styleSo what's this book about exactly One man's life and that's a complex thing So don't expect a straightforward story arc because reality doesn't usually work that way In fact forget the arc altogetherTo me this is a book about blame and shame cycles; how emotionally hostile and abusive environments are passed on from generation to generation; how a person can react to past traumas instead of negotiating boundaries or maintaining real intimacy in later lifeAnd of course this is a book about art Art and trauma often walk hand in hand and Still Life explores one such relationshipAlso it's important to note that this book is funny sometimes Darkly funny“Mom can I be doneI don’t think soyou haven’t finished all of your foodBut Mom I’m fullThere are starving children in the worldfinish your meal”Check it out

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Six Gallery Press is proud to announce the RE release of CB Smit. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegallyAs any heavy reader knows there are of course many different types of literature that exist now and many different ways to appropriately enjoy that literature from punchy nonfiction within the pages of a magazine to weighty epics bound in book form to the casual and intimate life observations found at most personal blogs So given that all these example are technically nothing than words on a page why then do they all feel so jarring sometimes when presented outside of the typical optimized format we're used to I was thinking about all this to tell you the truth when recently reading through CB Smith's basement published Still Life with Psychotic Suirrel; because the fact is that this is not the three act novel at all that I was expecting but like a blog style series of small personal observations about life adhering to no particular narrative arc besides that of All these stories come from the same person and so concern the same subjects in that person's life And indeed this wouldn't be so bad if reading it at an actual blog and I would probably become a subscriber of it if coming across the stories here in that way; but as a 240 page bound paper book the whole thing ended up rather frustrating and irritating me at a lot of points with me finding my eyes glazing over during certain sections and hastily skipping ahead in others And that makes me wonder what's the difference Why do some formats seem to inherently work better than others when it comes to certain literary projectsPerhaps for example it's the serial nature of blog publishing; that when you only read one or two such stories a day every single day the whole thing becomes much like sneaking a peek at someone's diary a situation where most people are willing to overlook the occasional subpar entry in return for the vicarious thrill of making this other person's intimate life a part of their own daily routine Perhaps when such stories are presented all at once with a reader expectation of getting through 30 or 40 of them at each sitting we simply lose the soap operaish pleasure of following along in a serial way and hence are less willing to overlook the stories' various weaknesses Or perhaps it's the nature of the binding itself; that when we sit down to consume an entire full length artistic project we simply need for it to follow a traditional three act structure in order for it to be compelling and that we will unconsciously and unfavorably compare any bound collection of literature against such a standard There's a reason after all that the three act structure has been the backbone of nearly every full length Western artistic project for several thousand years now from plays to novels to movies to videogames; and that's because the structure itself adheres very closely to the natural cycles of our real lives over time a buildup climax wind down arc we find easy to relate to and that helps us understand our own lives better when presented in fiction formOr maybe it's the uality of Smith's writing in particular; because to tell you the unfortunate truth I found it only so so with every great story here balanced out with a particularly overwritten or navel gazing one and with the manuscript itself riddled with silly blog style literary gimmicks for example five entire pages of the phrase I don't care repeated over and over the kind of stuff that even when used very lightly still only ever comes off as cute at best and at worst can be an entire deal breaker in the eyes of many intelligent and heavy readers Again I don't want to give the impression that Smith's writing is bad because it's not; just that I would like it a lot if only reading a couple of these each day and with the chance to easily skip the ones that seem to my eyes overly jokey or self indulgentBloggers let Still Life serve as a cautionary tale concerning the difficulties of converting a blog or at least blog style writing into a full length bound format; that it's actually much difficult than simply copying and pasting all the entries into one big giant Word file and that the things that make that blog popular in the first place do not necessarily transfer over to a book form automatically Although I applaud Smith for getting the book out in the first place and encourage him to try his hand again at a traditionally structured story I am forced today to reluctantly give this particular book a pass

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Still Life With Psychotic SquirrelH's cult classic Still Life With Psychotic Suirrel A landmark un. no spoilers First let me just say that this author CB Smith delivers up a delightful taste of real life Artistic justice in the book Still Life with Psychotic Suirrel I gave my first star for his originality cleverness and loose comic reality checks The second star I gave for his capablity of bringing back my own childhood memories and the third star I gave for the chapter Auntie Terroristhilariously real for me as were so many of the other childhood events he offered up in this charming yet giddy book of life The forth star that I gave this novel is for its historical accuracy and attention to detail where the actual scene set up was concerned The fifth star I gave this novel for blending together the reality checks with real life situations that I am sure we have all suffered through from our own past family experiences Although a bit 'Suirrelly' in style our Author's rendition sets you up for a fun fall yet again that is its titleEx; To Uncle Henry who just 'chose' to eat another Aunt's cookies at sunday dinnerhenry's wife Henry Why don't you like my cookies The ones I slaved over for the last three daysHenry Uhmmm well he stuttered it's not that dear it's just that these ones looked so goodWife of Henry Oh she snapped I see THAT one looked good but MINE didn'tlolI've heard that one before Haven't you Hint to hubbies always put something on your plate from wifey first One sentence review for book jacket Fast paced filled to rim with reality and fun which makes for an encitful read Janie Pendleton NovelistThe Gates to Love and War