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PDF Õ BOOK Find Me Unafraid FREE ß KENNEDY ODEDE ã Find Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncommon people whose collaboration sparked a successful movement to transform the lives of vulnerable girls and the urban poor With a Foreword by Nicholas KristofThis is the story of two young people from compleFind Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncommon people whose collaboration sparked a successful movement to transform the lives of vulnerable girls and the urban poor With a Foreword by Nicholas KristofThis is the story of two young people from completely different worlds Kennedy Odede from Kibera the largest slum in Africa and Jessica Posner from Denver Colorado Kennedy foraged for food lived on the street and taught himself to read with old newspapers When an American volunteer gave him the work of Mandela Garvey and King teenaged Kennedy decided he was going to change his life and his community He bought a soccer ball and started a youth empowe I have not often read a book where I was brought to tears so many times The life of abject poverty of Kennedy and the great love of him and his work by Jessica are an incredible story of hope and charityI had not expected a book about social programs in Kenya to be a page turner but it was hard to put this book down Kennedy ended up in Kiberia the largest slum in Nairobi and faced a life without any money or hope until he realized that he could make changePLEASE read this book

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Kennedy founded Kibera’s first tuition free school for girls a large bright blue building which stands as a bastion of hope in what once felt like a hopeless place But Jessica and Kennedy are just getting started they have expanded their model to connect essential services like health care clean water and economic empowerment programs They’ve opened an identical project in Mathare Kenya’s second largest slum and intend to expand their remarkably successful program for changeUltimately this is a love story about a fight against poverty and hopelessness the transformation made possible by a true love and the power of young people to have a deep impact on the wor Wow Just wow People like this are so amazing and inspiring I really was in awe of this story and what they have built from the ground up This was a good book def worth readingOne uote that I loved My mom shared some wisdom as we ate “You have to know in this world that we live in there are two things God and small gods You see there is one God but he is very very busy He has the problems of everyone in the world to worry about so don’t expect that he will get to yours anytime soon Then there are the people we meet These people become our small gods able to help us in our daily lives as we struggle along on our journeys”

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Find Me UnafraidRment group he called Shining Hope for Communities SHOFCO Then in 2007 Wesleyan undergraduate Jessica Posner spent a semester abroad in Kenya working with SHOFCO Breaking all convention she decided to live in Kibera with Kennedy and they fell in loveTheir connection persisted and Jessica helped Kennedy to escape political violence and fulfill his lifelong dream of an education at Wesleyan UniversityThe alchemy of their remarkable union has drawn the support of community members and celebrities alike The Clintons Mia Farrow and Nicholas Kristof are among their fans and their work has changed the lives of many of Kibera’s most vulnerable population its girls Jess and One of those oops I accidentally saved the world books She was a naïve American college student studying abroad he a community organiser who'd grown up in—and still lived in—the infamous Kibera slums She convinced him to let her stay with him instead of in a comfortable homestay and so it wentEventually they built a school in Kibera for young girls but the bulk of the story does not focus on that I imagine that there was a fairly heavy editorial hand but the emphasis is on Odede's youth and Posner's first trip to Kenya Very much written for a Western audience Sometimes I wished for a bit probing—there's a point for example when Posner gets incensed about Kenyan women's rights In a lecture we learned that traditionally before marriage everything a Kenyan woman has belongs to her father And that traditionally it is not culturally acceptable for women to live alone single so women move from their father's to their husband's home and transfer all belongings to their husband I say indignantly And I heard on the radio that people believe that to rape in marriage is actually impossible 55 She's not wrong that those are problematic—but what about the Western world The same 'woman's property is not her own' thing applied in Western civilization for centuries In weddings the father still 'gives the bride away' and traditionally the bride's hand is literally transferred from her father to the groom so that she's never left aloneadriftindependent As for marital rape it's only been a crime in every US state since 1993 it wasn't criminalised in Britain until the early 90s either and numerous states still treat it differently less severely than non marital rapeTsk tsk Less focus on righteous indignation and romance and on getting the facts straight please she says with righteous indignationAnyway some interesting insights about cross cultural differences says Odede In America kids are raised to believe that they can do anything I try to be hopeful and motivated but the difference between American kids and me is that I am realistic I know filling out these forms and writing these essays is a waste of time I can't get into a university in Kenya let alone an expensive American university 204 and also about cross cultural relationshipssome of the same challenges found in any relationship but also some that aren't uite so well charted I'd be curious to see where they are in another ten years partly in terms of relationship but in terms of the work they're doing—in the book it sounds like that work is heavily reliant on grants and donations so here's hoping that they find sustainable ways to keep it going