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Read The Rebels Sketchbook 107 ↠ This is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer Morning StarIn his tales of bored and jobless layabouts internet superstars corrupt politicians and weary observers of socio economic collapse Dreyfus manages an eually coy and poisonous dissertation on 20 something British life Pop MattersManiacThis is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer Morning StarIn his tales of bored and jobless layabouts internet superstars corrupt politicians and weary observers of socio economic collapse Dreyfus m. With this collection of short stories Rupert Dreyfus confirms what I already believe The world is in trouble and if we don't wise up our only living survivors may prove to be a starving man and an emaciated polar bear If this sounds farfetched I recomend that you read these stories Let them be your guide to the foundation of our culture the ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet Pacified with idiocracy such as social media and outer appearances our society appears as outlandish as some of the situations presented in these provocative stories Subject to examination are the Deep Web video game addiction a president's very private bunker competitive eating male escorts and yes a penis sprouting from a prime minister's head Sure it sounds unbelievable but consider the possible last living members of our earthly population If we get too comfortable being followers this may very well be our future

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Ories uses transgressive fiction black comedy and satire as a weapon for shooting down all of these and Keeping the spirit of rebellion alive The Rebel's Sketchbook is set to become one of the most controversial releases in a generati. I hope I never piss off Rupert DreyfusBecause if I do I'm confident I'll end up one of the cretins he hilariously exposes in his stories And I'd rather be immortalized in other waysBut while the gun's pointed at others there's nothing but fun to be had even with this collection of short stories I say even with because short stories aren't really my bag I was traumatized in college lit classes instructed to hunt the text for Symbolism and Irony in this short piece by William Faulkner better known for his novelsDespite that I can appreciate the point and pleasure of a short story And done the right way as Dreyfus does in The Rebel's Sketchbook a short story has all the pleasures of a one night stand even if your preference is a long term love affairOddly enough reading these stories or sketches about people who could only exist in 2015 I kept thinking of reruns of a show I watched as a kid a show that had died before I was born The Twilight Zone featured normal people in abnormal situations that thirty minutes later weren't always resolved on a comforting note And so it is here The Twilight Zone as hosted by William S Burroughs let's sayTo be a protagonist in a Dreyfus story is to be a sort of Everyman or Everysod someone who's smart but powerless finding himself in the worst situations with the worst types Not criminals necessarily but just plain annoying people who come off as hilarious on the Kindle but if you were the one having to deal with such in real life you'd be singing to yourself Come Come Nuclear bombNot all the stories work but those that do are fantastic punches to the face I thought Sentenced would be my fave because its structure is perfect But right after that is Cleo's Encounter which closes on an unexpectedly emotional note I really felt for Cleo So his story is the best in my opinion Coming in at No 3 is Martha a politically incorrect tour de force that cracks me up every time I remember it Mo's Lesson was also great mirroring my own teenage selfDreyfus' style is described as transgressive I thought I knew what that meant I guess I don't To me his voice is simple and to the point He rides the bike of his narrative without stopping to look at every detail of the landscape an approach that mixed with angry humor is fun and easy to readAnd these are real stories with a beginning middle and end Does the author have an ax to grind A grander editorial point to make Sure but he skillfully does not let that interfere with what's important the entertainment of a storyThat's the mark of the real deal and in today's ocean of indie phonies Jaws Dreyfus deserves to chomp into chum his competitionI also have to note a curious aspect of the Sketchbook The stories seem to exist in the same universe with references in one story to characters or events in another including Dreyfus' other book the novel Spark I like that Frank Zappa did the same in his songs and albums an approach he called conceptual continuityI really want to give the Sketchbook five stars but two stories frustrated me a little Hotel Scum deserved to be twice as long It seemed to end just when I was sure shit was about to hit the fan And Eat Naty could've been stellar but as one who grew up with the type of American Southern white trash portrayed I think I could've offered a few pointers to make it just right in the eyes of a nativeBut don't let those two discourage you from reading this book and once having fun laughing at the suaresSample Coniston Water is a pretty place It has some old wooden rowing boats and a steam yacht bobbing up and down on it and all around are these sprawling mountains It feels very wild like behind every cluster of trees you'd find a gorilla taking a shitIf you don't think that's funny I want you to go away

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The Rebels SketchbookAnages an eually coy and poisonous dissertation on 20 something British life Pop MattersManiac world leaders; talentless boybands; Westminster politicians; social media idiots; zero hour contracts Rupert's first collection of short st. When I finished this book I felt annoyed Annoyed that it was over too soonYou might think that thirteen short stories and two hundred and fifty odd pages would than suffice but damn it I wanted Dreyfus has his witty finger firmly on the pulse of the everyday rebel the minimum wagers the drop out punks the lager drinking philosophers the people who know that a simple tweak of the system could actually make everything all rightEach story is told in first person narrative and this works surprisingly well It’s also great fun that some of the stories’ main characters are referenced in other stories giving it an extra interlaced dimension of the Irvine Welsh mannerTalentless boybands a dead man’s blunt end of the world bunkers social media mockery literal dickheads and gnome fetishes you’ll find them all hereSure I could pick out some stories and say they were my favourites but it would feel wrong to do so because every tale is a winnerIn the afterword the author states “There is nothing admirable about being obedient to a system that doesn’t serve you The present system we endure day in day out is designed to turn us against each other while a minority of people get rich off our backs destroying the planet in the process”Too right mate I already know that I’m a rebel but I’m hoping others will read this book and realise that they are as wellBut if I had to just use six words to review this book a la the story entitled Sentenced I’d simply opt for This book is funny as fuck