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Read & Download Ò Coltrain's Proposal í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Dr Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain They were supposed to be partners running the Jacobsville medical clinic together but instead he treated her like the enemy And yet when Lou tells Jeb that she's leaving he shocks her by Dr Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain They were supposed to be partners running the Jacobsville medical clinic together but instead he treated her like. Red haired hero alert There aren't too many of them so I thought I'd give a shout out Hero is a surgeon and has taken the heroine on as his junior partner For a year he has treated her like dirt and she has been pining for him Heroine must euate abuse with love because that is the only reason I can think of why she would fall in love with this guy during that time He does change though The hero's attitude turns around when the heroine resigns after overhearing him call her repugnant Hero is surprised she felt bad because she has always kept a poker face around him and he has conflated the heroine with her surgeon father who view spoiler had an affair with the hero's fiance and got her pregnantpaid for her abortion while he was a young doctor hide spoiler

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The enemy And yet when Lou tells Jeb that she's leaving he shocks her by proposingIt wouldn't be a real marriage of courseat least that was Jeb's intent Then he star. Re read April 23 24 2018Re read June 15 2016OGRE with hairy chest and cowboy hat 2 bitches chasing the hero in love with another woman Virgin with family trauma daddy issues typical story of authorColtrain's Proposal Diana PalmerMost people around Jacobsville knew that Dr Coltrain had as little use for his partner as he had for alcohol He’d made it all too evident in the months she’d been sharing his practicewas a standing joke in the hospital staff that Louise Blakely ended up talking to herself every time she argued with Dr ColtrainShe wondered too why she kept hanging on where she wasn’t wanted The hunger her poor heart felt for him was her only excuse And one day even that wouldn’t be enoughThis woman in his arms had come to mean a lot to him without his realizing it until he’d kissed her for the first time He laid his cheek against her head with a long sigh It was like coming home“And I’m the soul of discretion in my private life There was a widow in a city I won’t name She and I were good friends and we supplied each other with something neither of us was comfortable spreading around She married year before last Since then I’ve concentrated on my work and my cattle Period”“You haven’t really gotten over Jane Burke yet You have nothing to offer anyone else until you do That’s why I wouldn’t marry you” added 2018Secretly she suspected that he was grieving for Jane Parker his old flame who’d just recently married Todd Burke Jane was blond and blue eyed and beautiful a former rodeo star with a warm heart and a gentle personalityShe wasn’t bad looking She had long thick blond hair and big brown eyes and a creamy blemish free complexion She was tall and willowy but still shorter than her colleagueHe was tall and whipcord lean with flaming red hair and blue eyes and a dark tan from working on his small ranch when he wasn’t treating patientshe did have a smattering of freckles over his nose and the backs of his big handsI find Louise Blakely repulsive and repugnant and an automaton with no attractions whatsoever Take her with my blessing I’d give real money if she’d get out of my practice and out of my life and the sooner the better”She wasn’t fiery by nature but her father had been viciously cruel to her She’d learned early not to show fear or back down because it only made him worsea pretty young brunette came up beside him and clung to his arm as if it was the ticket to heaven“Copper’s got a new girl I see” Drew said with a grin “That’s Nickie Bolton” he added “She works as a nurse’s aide at the hospital”Lou didn’t want to be anybody’s second best girl Besides she never wanted to marry Nickie laughed and dragged Coltrain under the mistletoe looking up to indicate it there to the amusement of the others standing by Coltrain laughed softly whipped a lean arm around Nickie’s trim waist and pulled her against his tall body He bent his head and the way he kissed her made Lou go hot all over She’d never been in his arms but she’d dreamed about it The fever in that thin mouth the way he twisted Nickie even closer made her breath catch She averted her eyes and flushed at the train of her own thoughts“Leave it to Coltrain to draw the prettiest girls” Ben chuckled “The gossip mill will grind on that kiss for a month He’s not usually so uninhibited He must be over his limit”“You’re not getting away this time” he said huskily Before she could think react protest his head bent and his thin cruel mouth fastened on hers with fierce intent He didn’t close his eyes when he kissed she thought a bit wildly he watched her all through it His arm pressed her closer to the length of his muscular body and his free hand came up so that his thumb could rub sensuously over her mouth while he kissed it parting her lips playing havoc with her nervesNickie held on to him as they went back inside “You’ve got her lipstick all over you” she accused He paused shaken out of his brooding Nickie was pretty he thought and uncomplicated She already knew that he wasn’t going to get serious however long they dated because he’d told her so It made him relax He smiled down at her “Wipe it off”I’m the original bad boy of the community If it hadn’t been for the scholarship one of my teachers helped me get I’d probably be in jail by now I had a hard childhood and I hated authority in any form I was in constant trouble with the law”She went to the doctors’ lounge looking for him and turned the corner just in time to see him with a devastating blond woman in a dress that Lou would love to have been able to afford“This is my partner” he said without giving her name “Lou this is Dana Lester an oldfriend” “His ex fiancée”Drew invited her out to eat and she went gratefully glad for the diversion But the restaurant he chose Jacobsville’s best had two unwelcome diners Coltrain and his ex fiancée“You were in love with Jane Parker” she said “Not for a long time” he said He traced her cheek lightly “The way I felt about her was a habit It was one I broke when she married Todd Burke“That’s why I broke up with Jane” he said matter of factly She was jealous angry “Because she wouldn’t go all the way with you”“I said I was never able to want Jane sexually” he said simply “To put it simply she couldn’t arouse me”

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Coltrain's ProposalTed to get to know Lou to let down his guard to her warmth and caring and everything changed After so many years of conflict can he prove to Lou that his love is rea. Doctors in LoveTHE STORY Dr Louise Lou Blakely and Dr Jebediah Copper Coltrain have been partners in the Jacobsville medical clinic for almost a year Despite the fact that he hired her however Copper has treated Lou as an outcast She finally has had enough and has decided to leave but Copper shocks her by refusing to allow her to resign and instead wants them to get married OPINION I liked this book especially because of the professional relationship between Lou and Coltrain The ins and outs of their medical practice brought a smile to me as they struggled with their relationship This story also was lighter and sweeter than I expected as the two discover what they have in common There are typical misunderstandings that threaten their relationship but these characters were interesting and I ended up liking them bothWORTH MENTIONING Palmer often has heroes with deep insecurities that cause them to reject the heroines This book is typical in that respectFINAL DECISION I enjoyed this book While Copper is a jerk to Lou especially at the beginning the story was also at times funny and sweet as to two find out they are a perfect match for one anotherCONNECTED BOOKS COLTRAIN'S PROPOSAL is the fourteenth book in the Long Tall Texans series but can definitely be read as a standalone A secondary character Drew Morris is also the hero of one of the novellas in THE LONG TALL TEXANS SUMMERSTAR RATING I give this book 425 stars