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Download Only Beloved Book ó 381 pages Ë From the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Only a Kiss and Only a Promise comes the final book in the rapturous Survivor’s Club series—as the future of one man lies within the heart of a lost but never forgotten loveFor the first time since the death of his wife the Duke of Stanbrook’s left with only an unfulfilled dream Then one afternoon an unexpected visitor makes it come trueFor both George and Dora that brief first encounter was as fleeting as it was unforgettable Now is the time for a second chance And while even true love comes with a risk who are two dreamers to argue with destin 45 starsCertainly better than The ProposalThe way these English upper class keep their secret is astonishing and scary eventhough they suffered as a resultThe hero here is The Duke who provide his money place and time to help out young men who went to war and returned home wounded his son one of the war's victim who died at seventeenOur heroine is 39yo spinster who have to gave up her dream to taken care her sister after their mother left them for another man yes a big scandal which made no one from the right family wanted her as a wifeBut our Duke is old enough he is 48yo to do whatever he want without bother too much with other people opinions and these two are perfect for each other and so we got another lovely romance treat from Ms BaloghThis is a sweet romance but not exactly a light read and I like it very much

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Ng remarrying and finally embracing happiness for himself With that thought comes the treasured image of a woman he met briefly a year ago and never saw again Dora Debbins relinuished all hope to marry when a family scandal left her in charge of her younger sister Earning a modest living as a music teacher she 45 StarsMary Balogh’s historical romance series has been lovely The past characters have come through the Napoleonic Wars with physical mental and emotional scars but survived and triumphed with the help of the fellow Survivors’ Club members These members met and recuperated at Penderris Hall and its owner George Crabbe the Duke of Stanbrook helped each of them Forty eight year old George didn’t fight in the war but his son was killed and soon after his wife threw herself off a cliff because she was so overcome with grief that she didn’t want to live Twelve years later George is at a point in his life where he doesn’t want to be alone any The idea of marriage and companionship is something he can’t stop thinking about but only with one woman in his mind Dora Debbins George met Dora while at one of the Survivors’ Clubs yearly gatherings and was taken with her understated beauty “serene dignity” and amazing musical talent And so George goes to propose a marriage of contentment companionship and physical relations but without the offer of romantic or passionate love George felt like he was past the age to offer that kind of fanciful romance but of course I was hoping he’d be proved wrong Why should age exclude someone from that kind of love Thirty nine year old Dora is considered a spinster and has given up any hope of marriage at this point However she doesn’t regret putting her life on hold to care for her younger sister when their mother left while Dora was just seventeen and Agnes was five Plus Dora has a fulfilling life as a music teacher something Dora loves to do and makes a decent living at Even if she is lonely at times Dora still leads a mostly content and happy life But when George arrives and proposes her stomach turns to butterflies because she can hardly believe she’d have a chance to experience the joys of marriage physical and emotional closeness and with a Duke no less With George’s offer on the table Dora can now admit that she was impressed and infatuated with him when she met him all those months ago And it feels like her life has turned into a fairytale Dora uickly realizes that while George is an excellent and compassionate listener deriving happiness from helping others work through their past pain he is very tight lipped about his own demons Dora wonders if he’ll ever open up to her and allow her completely in or will she have to accept that her husband will always keep a portion of himself closed to her This romance was very touching and it was gratifying to see Dora get her happily ever after after putting her life on hold and giving up on the idea of marriage George and Dora gave so much of themselves to help others so I wanted nothing but happiness and love for them This story was very much about how the past shapes us and George was very instrumental in helping Dora reconcile with the past and move away from some of the hurt George just needed a little time accepting reciprocal help I appreciated the patience and understanding Dora showed not pushing too hard but showing her willingness to accept whatever George told her without judgment Ms Balogh skillfully creates multi layered characters with an insightful look into what makes them tick I loved the gradual increase of respect affection and love between George and Dora I loved that it was a mature romance with older characters yes there is life after forty thank you so much And as icing on the cake I couldn’t have asked for a better ending and epilogueupdate on the past characters in the series It was so very heartwarming to see how far everyone has come and their continued happiness in the future With that said Only Beloved can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand alone The entire series is wonderful and I think it would be a winner for any historical romance fan A copy was kindly provided by Signet in exchange for an honest reviewThis review is also posted at The Readers Den

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Only BelovedFrom the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Only a Kiss and Only a Promise comes the final book in the rapturous Survivor’s Club series as the future of one man lies within the heart of a lost but never forgotten loveFor the first time since the death of his wife the Duke of Stanbrook is consideri I've given this a B at AAR so that's 45 starsOnly Beloved is the seventh and final book in Mary Balogh’s Survivor’s Club series about a group of people – six men and one woman – who sustained injuries and trauma both physical and mental as a result of the Napoleonic Wars I’ve enjoyed all the books and think it’s been one of the strongest and most consistent series around in the historical sub genre in the last few years Ms Balogh has created a cast of memorable and engaging characters in the Survivors and their partners and has not sugar coated their various ordeals or glossed over the difficulties they have experienced during their recoveriesThe group met when one of their number George Crabbe the Duke of Stanbrook decided to turn his Cornwall home of Penderris into a hospital for wounded combatants who needed intense and extended care than could be found elsewhere After several years most of the patients had returned to their homes and families but there were six who remained needing a longer convalescence and it’s these six whose stories were told in the previous books George has been a permanent presence in all of them and his story – or what we know of it so far – is also a tragic one His son was killed in the war and his wife committed suicide by throwing herself off the cliffs not far from the house yet he has not shared the whole of the story with the six people he loves most in the world putting their healing above his own and because he feels those secrets are not his to divulgeAs George waves off Imogen and Percy from Only a Kiss after their wedding he can’t help feeling that perhaps it’s time he made a similar change in his own life At forty eight he has been a widower for twelve years and admits to himself that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone He would like to find a mature like minded woman to be his friend his companion and – hopefully his lover George doesn’t want love or passion emotions he associates with the fervor of youth and with his own disastrous youthful infatuation for the woman he was or less pushed into marrying when he was just seventeen – but friendship affection and physical intimacy certainly those things are not too much to hope forWhen George considers the prospect of marriage he is somewhat surprised to discover that the thought brings with it the image of one particular woman and that somehow the idea of marrying is tied up with his thoughts of her Dora Debbins is the older sister of Agnes who is now married to Flavian Arnott one of the Survivors Only Enchanting and who now lives alone in the small village of Inglebrook in Gloucestersuire close to Middlebury Park home of Vincent and Sophia from The Arrangement where she makes her living as a music teacherDora is stunned when the Duke of Stanbrook whom she met briefly a year ago turns up unannounced on her doorstep and asks her to marry him She has not seen him during that year although she can’t deny that she was just a little smitten with him before and is as attracted to him now as she was then George’s proposal is honest and sweet – ”I like the idea of looking at you every day of the rest of my life” – and Dora who had never thought to marry and who like George can’t deny that she is lonely – acceptsOnly Beloved is a gently moving and poignant story about two mature people falling in love and discovering that age is no bar to romance or passion I suspect that some readers may feel it’s too slow but I certainly didn’t because the characters are so well drawn and their relationship is so very well developed It’s not the sort of book where the romance evolves through large gestures or sweeping events; here it’s the little everyday things that reveal so much of the depth of feeling that lies between Dora and George like the pleasure he takes in listening to her play the harp or the piano or the obvious pleasure they find in each other’s companyThat’s not to say that everything is plain sailing however There is an important secondary plotline that was begun in Only Enchanting when it was revealed that Dora and Agnes had been affected by the terrible scandal that ensued when their mother ran off with another man and their father divorced her This happened as Dora was about to make her début so she never had her season or the chance to make a good marriage and instead stayed at home to raise five year old Agnes George senses that Dora is conflicted about her mother and that she needs to find some sort of closure encouraging her and supporting her through her decisions in a way which shows very clearly what a wonderful support he must have been to the Survivors too a man with a huge capacity to love those who need it and to offer comfort and understandingYet he is as Dora comes to realise weighed down by troubles of his own that he is reluctant to share He wants the past to stay in the past and is intent on enjoying his life the way it is now but not even a duke has the power to prevent the past from intruding on the present in a highly painful way There is a moment towards the end of the story which smacks of melodrama and is so different in tone to the rest of the book that it jars somewhat; but with that said it is probably meant to come across that way given that the person involved is so obviously unhinged It is also the event that finally shocks George into sharing his deepest secrets and the pain and grief he has kept hidden for so long and which finally means that he and Dora can face the rest of their lives together unencumbered by sorrowful recollections and can remember the past with fondness rather than with upsetI thoroughly enjoyed the novel which has a rather lovely autumnal feel about it This is no whirlwind romance or heated passion – although George and Dora are certainly physically attracted to each other and enjoy making love together – but a beautifully written romance in which two lonely people come together for the sake of companionship and find much There’s a sweet epilogue in which we get to meet all the Survivors and their families – although keeping track of who’s who among all the children is difficult – which nicely and neatly rounds out the series and which allows readers a little time to say goodbye to the members of the Survivor’s Club that we’ve come to know over the past few yearsOnly Beloved may not be my favourite book of the series but it’s close to the top of the list – and anyway each has been so strong that even a non favourite rates highly than the majority of the other books I’ve read recently I’m sorry to say farewell to the Survivor’s Club but have enjoyed every entry and am sure I’ll be revisiting some if not all of them in the future