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FREE READER ß DOC All We Have Left ß WENDY MILLS á Two girls Two lives One event that changed them—and the world—forever Now Sixteen year old Jesse is used to living with the echoes of the past After her older brother died in the September 11th attacks her dad filled their home with anger and grief When Jesse gets caugStake Alia decides to confront her father at his office in one of the Twin Towers But when the planes collide into the building Alia finds herself in danger she could never have imagined As the flames rage she has no choice but to trust a boy she’s just met and hope they have enough time to make it out alive Review originally posted on Mostly YA LitHi guys today I have nice light hearted reviews for you perfect for sum I'm just kidding And I probably shouldn't kid about this Today I'm reviewing All We Have Left by Wendy Mills and 738 Days by Stacey Kade These are two very different books about trauma and that deal with grief in different situations and circumstances They're not super easy to read but they're both pretty good and portray trauma with honesty and compassion Read on for my thoughts Two Books About Trauma and Its Aftermath A moving portrayal of the before and after of 911 and how it affects two teens and their families Alia is a Muslim teen trying to break free of her parents’ wishes She ends up at her father’s workplace in the Twin Towers on Sept 11 2001 Jesse McLaurin is a teenager who lost her brother in the 911 tragedy Jesse's family is now broken and silent about the event Alternating narratives tell how the past informs the present and how grief and memory merge and lingerWarning to readers this is a slow read at the beginning It took almost 35% before the action really built And it’s somber as befits the topic But the thing is even though this isn’t an easy read I think it’s one worth reading for a few reasons1 I've never read a book that tries to portray what happened on 911 to people who were in the Towers I felt this was done accurately honestly and respectfully for a teen audience2 The portrayal of grief trauma and a family still broken by what happened that day was really well done as well showing the after effects of 911 even 15 years later3 This book tackles racial issues hatred prejudice and grief in a way that is really compassionate and comprehensibleIf I have ualms they are that I just didn’t fully connect with either Alia or Jesse I think the concept of the book overcame the actual characterization of them That said I’m glad I read All We Have Left It showed such a variety of perspectives on grief and trauma and how to articulate and move past them It definitely made me think about how we’ve changed as people and as a world after 911Teachers this is one for the school library and the classroom and it’s a great one to spark discussion738 Days is a very very good new adult romance book that deals with trauma I just want to be clear about that because there are some sexy and dark scenes in this book and I want people to know what they’re getting into This is not a young adult novel It's a novel about a girl who is struggling with post traumatic stress disorder after being horrifically kidnapped raped and locked in a room for yes 738 days when she was 16Fast forwards to a year after she escapes It’snot good Amanda is terrified to leave the house her family is either overly protective or ignoring the problem and nothing is getting betterEnter Chase Henry the washed up TV star whose poster was on the wall of the room where Amanda was locked up He represented hope for her then Now his publicist wants him to go meet Amanda to convince her to help him improve his imageWith this somewhat implausible premise we’re launched into a story about trust respect honesty and courage What really sings in this novel are the characterizations of Amanda and Chase both so different on the outside than they are in private Kade peels back the layers of Amanda and Chase so carefully that even though it's sorta insta love you believe in this relationship Their sense of humour is the same They’re both dry wits with a lot to offer but unable to get past themselves Amanda and Chase are both battling demons internal and external; it’s amazing to see how their support for one another changes and shapes themThe only thing I didn’t love about this novel was the last uarter which brought intrigue suspense than I expected and honestly not in a good way Even though I enjoyed the story all the way through I couldn’t help wishing that this long book had four acts instead of fiveNonetheless this is a very good new adult romance that deserves your attention If you’re okay with some explicit scenes and language and you’re ready to deal with some really emotional characters this one is for you Have you read All We Have Left or 738 Days? Are you okay with really heavy reads? What books about trauma have you read recently that you think I should read? Hit the comments and let me know

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Decision turns her life upside down The only way to make amends is to face the past starting Jesse on a journey that could reveal the truth about her brother’s death Then In 2001 sixteen year old Alia is a proud Muslim it’s life as a teenager that she finds challenging After being grounded for a stupid mi All We have left is told in two female voices one in 2001 and the other present day but somewhere in this story you will find the voice of someone you know Possibly yourself I was first drawn into the lives of the two main characters and their individual journeys as teenagers navigating their particular worlds dealing with issues of bigotry family tragedy and romance At the half way point as I went through my day I found myself constantly wanting to pick up the book and return to theses uniue engaging characters At two thirds in I couldn’t go to sleep By telling the intimate story of these two girls and their intersecting lives Wendy Mills tell a universal story of our shared history There are no good guys good and bad guys There are human beings flawed and brave frightened and courageous angry and forgiving wounded and transcendent

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All We Have LeftTwo girls Two lives One event that changed them and the world forever Now Sixteen year old Jesse is used to living with the echoes of the past After her older brother died in the September 11th attacks her dad filled their home with anger and grief When Jesse gets caught up with the wrong crowd one thoughtless It's really surprising how underrated this book isI meanwhy isn't anyone talking about it??This book was such an emotional rollercoaster Really really touching and thought provoking and shit I'm an emotional wreck right now