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Read Lover By Deception 107 â Ward Hunter had reason to despise Anna Trewayne and an accident placed her at his mercy Her memory lost she mistakenly believed Ward to be a friend and lover He'd come to reclaim the money he though she'd inveigled from his brother but had been drawn by Anna's tantalising sensuality into her home her arms her bed How would she react To her home her arms her bed How would she react when she did eventually regain her memory and realised the deception that had been played on h. The first two books in this series aren't very good This one was the second and I just did not like the hero at all I know he wanted revenge but better make sure the person you're getting revenge on is the right one He was also completely unethical and cruel to a very vulnerable heroine I don't recommend the first two books in this series The second two were much better

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Ward Hunter had reason to despise Anna Trewayne and an accident placed her at his mercy Her memory lost she mistakenly believed Ward to be a fr. Re Lover By Deception Penny Jordan gives us book two of her Sweet RevengeSeduction seriesThis time 37 year old widow Anna is the lady waiting for her Scooby Snack When the last book ended Anna and the younger but wealthier with a murkier past Dee who is the main instigator of the overarching plot to bring down Evil Nematode Julian Cox had just tried to set Julian up with a financial conDee gave Anna £50000 to try and entice Nematode Julian into some sort of shady financial deal While Dee was wandering off page in the mists of HPlandia Anna gave Julian the money 'for investment' as directed but now Dee has returned and Anna has some bad newsWhile Anna is waiting to relay her Julian Cox news to Dee a few towns over our hero Hereward a multimillionaire retired businessman now engaged in running a lot of work training programs for youngsters has just learned that his beloved younger classics scholar brother has been conned out of £5000 the young man needed for grad schoolWhen pushed Ward's younger brother shows him a vague investment contract listing both Julian and Anna's names Ward instantly runs to print off the free trial offer course certificate for our favorite LaToya Jackson Online Detective School and despite having a full team of legal investigators at his disposal decides this is one villainous duo he will handle himselfSo as Anna explains to Dee that Julian Cox essentially took the £50000 and ran off to another country Ward is honing in on Anna and Dee's small English market town When he arrives Dee has left again to visit a sick aunt after telling Anna that the absconding larceny of Nematode Julian is not her faultAnna is very nice person whose young husband was lost at sea many years earlier Anna had to move away from Cornwall because of her sad memories and moved to the town of Rye where she became good friends with Beth Kelly and Dee and devoted herself to genteel widowhood and volunteeringAnna also has a very adorable white puffball rescue dog named Missie and a big tom cat named Whittaker they are a little family outside in their garden when Ward arrives and immediately starts verbally attacking AnnaAnna is a little scared but valiantly jumps in to save Missie when Missie's doggie enthusiasm puts her too close to an infuriated Ward Ward has no intentions of hurting Missie but he does find it rather jolting that a woman who is a financial con artist bilking innocent scholars out of their grad school money would be so protective of such a rag mop of a dogWhen Ward demands that Anna pay back the £5000 that she supposedly conned out of his younger brother Anna thinks that maybe Ward can help Dee prove Nematode Julian is a criminal So she tells him to return in the morning Ward storms off and in the aftermath of all the drama Anna steps on her garden hoe and manages to knock herself outWard decides to return to uestion Anna further and to prevent her doing a runner but what he finds is an agitated Missie doggily demanding Ward help her person and Anna is passed out cold Ward gallantly swoops up Missie and Anna and it is off to hospital we goWhen Anna finally wakes up she has AMNESIA and Ward allows her to think that they are in a loving relationship Both Anna and Ward had been feeling the Lurve Force Mojo Tension earlier so it comes as no surprise to anyone that Anna and Ward start in on the Purple Passion Boudoir Moments that very nightWard feels a little bad for being so deceptive but Anna is totally rocking his world and Anna thinks that they are an established pair There is a lot of lurve club events and Ward is continually amazed at how kind Anna is he is also shocked by the amount of volunteering she doesEventually Ward convinces Anna and Missie and Whittaker to go to his home a few towns over Once there Whittaker uses his SuperCat Sense to show Anna the documents about Nematode Julian that Ward left out on his deskAnna's memory returns in a blinding rush and she is horrified at how Ward has deceived her and heartbroken that he isn't really in love with her Anna doesn't let Ward know that she knows about his little masuerade thoShe gives Ward a huge Purple Passion Tower of Power Ride Event to exhaust him and while Ward is sleeping she leaves a check for £5000 and takes Missie and Whittaker back to her home Ward wakes up alone and realizes that he must have gotten something wrong but his step father is in hospital so he can't chase after AnnaAnna goes to Dee and explains her whole sad situation While Anna is having a mopey heartbreak moment Ward is getting lectured by his mother about hasty judgments and not letting people explain themselvesWard eventually makes it to Anna's house after his stepfather is deemed to be recovering and Dee waylays him before he can grovel at Anna's feet Once again Dee's machinations mess everything up tho fortunately this time no one is in danger of being attacked as Dee forcibly drives Ward awayDee tells Anna that she sent Ward off and since Anna just had an enlightening conversation with Ward's mum about Ward's emotional state of love she goes haring off after Ward to get to him to declare himself by hinting she might be pregnantWard is overjoyed at the prospect he is sorry he ever misjudged Anna as a con artist criminal and Dee set him straight about the Nematode Julian's forgeries So Ward declares True Love for Anna forever and Anna rushes him right back into bed in the unlikely event that Ward's motilators haven't hit the baby making target yetWe leave two of our couples happy and in love and now await news from Beth she has been in Europe buying exotic glass tableware and it sounds like things have been happening during her travels What kind of things and who has been involved in them will be the subject of our third and penultimate PJ HPlandia Suspense outing

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Lover By DeceptionIend and lover He'd come to reclaim the money he though she'd inveigled from his brother but had been drawn by Anna's tantalising sensuality in. Somewhat interesting because the protagonist couple are older than the usual he's 42 she's 37 and because they're a pair of do gooders he gives away money left and right she does meals on wheels etc Otherwise as delightfully ridiculous as amnesia plots are this was spoiled a little by the heroine's excessive breathy joy which was of course based on deception