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A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain Stories Characters ¸ 2 ↠ a good scent Traduction en franais exemples anglais Traductions en contexte de a good scent en anglais franais avec Reverso Context It's a good scent actually A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain The Pulitzer Prize The Pulitzer Prize winning stories about the Nging scent of the orange peel the wonder of the season comes to life in this scent This fabric softener has a nice fresh scent this scent should smell good and make you feel good very smelly because he has the scent of the dead A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain author Please find below the A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain author Robert Butler answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword August AnswersMany other players have had difficulties with A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain author Robert Butler that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain Wikipedia A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain is a collection of short stories by Robert Olen ButlerIt received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in Each story in the collection is narrated by a different Vietnamese immigrant living in the US state of LouisianaThe stories are largely character driven with cultural differences between Vietnam and the United States as an import. A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain was a beautiful collection of short stories about Vietnamese refugees in America and the ghosts and closets in their pasts I can see why it won the 1993 Pulitzer having also read Black Water which for me did not measure up and I doubt I will like the other runner up At Weddings and Wakes There are fifteen stories here which all told in the first person mostly alternate between male and female narrators In the third story The Trip Back the male narrator is taking a Mr Chinh from the airport fresh from Vietnam to meet his granddaughter decades after she fled as a refugee During the long drive from the airport he reflects on his own status as a refugee But you must understand that ultimately this doesn't have anything to do with being a refugee in the United States When I got to the two rivers again Old and Lost I could recognize the look of them like a lake but it was only my mind working p 37 Needless to say the grandfather is senile 'old and lost' and does not recognize his granddaughterIn Fairy Tale a prostitute that has been shipwrecked by her GI boyfriend in New Orleans and working again on Bourbon Street talks about the men I have many men say they were in my country and they always sound a little funny like they have a nasty secret or a sickness that you should be careful not to catch And sometimes they just call it Nam saying that word with broken glass in their voice or saying it through their noses and their noses wrinkle up like the word smells when it comes out p 52 This particular story does have a happy ending What it reminded me of though was that that generation of 'Nam vets is dying out my step father having been gone for over 15 years now and yet I can still remember this very attitude of his towards the little he would divulge of his three years over there He was to be honest a rather despicable racist violent man abusive of my mother also recently passed away but I sincerely did try to understand what he lived through See my thoughts in the review of Fire in the Lake The Vietnamese and the Americans in VietnamThere are a few mystical stories such as Relic that were pleasant if haunting In this story the narrator has acuired he believes anyway one of the shoes that John Lennon wore on the morning he was assassinated in New York I wait until I can draw an adeuate breath Then I turn in my chair and gently lower the show to the floor and I place it before my bare right foot I make the sign of the cross and slip my foot into John Lennon's shoe sliding my forefinger into the loop at the back and pulling gently just as John Lennon did on the day he joined the angels p 142 I felt that the analogy of Lennon's last day and this old man's attempt to find somewhere to belong was poignant and originalThe final eponymous story A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain is a sad nostalgic love story and a fantastic end to this book I crossed the room to my wifebut when I came near the bed she lifted her silk gown and threw it aside and I pressed close to herI want to be with her in that suare and with the rest of those we'd buried the tiny limbs and the sullen eyes and the grey faces of puzzled children and the surprised adults and the weary old people who have gone before us who know the secrets now p 243This is not a long book but it is full of beautiful imagery and moving stories Highly recommended

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A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain StoriesA good scent Traduction en franais exemples anglais Traductions en contexte de a good scent en anglais franais avec Reverso Context It's a good scent actually A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain The Pulitzer Prize The Pulitzer Prize winning stories about the aftermath of the Vietnam War A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain Robert Olen Butler No Exit Press Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain ePub Robert Olen A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain is Robert Olen Butler’s Pulitzer Prize–winning collection of lyrical and poignant stories about the aftermath of the Vietnam War and its enduring impact on the Vietnamese Written in a soaring prose Butler’s haunting and powerful stories blend Vietnamese folklore and contemporary American realities creating a vibrant panorama that is epic in its scent English French Dictionary WordReferencecom Lost scent new scent scent of someone scent blood Scent of information The scent of summer in the rain the warm sti. Robert Olen Butler served in Vietnam 1969 to 1971 first as a counter intelligence agent and then as a translator In an interview he remembers the time he spent in the country The army got me coming out of the University of Iowa but they sent me to language school for a year before I went over I spoke fluently from my first day there And then I did work in intelligence for five months out in the countryside I loved Vietnam and I loved the culture and I loved the people I mean instantly And had access to all of that in most ways other outsiders didn’t I had contacts with woodcutters and farmers and fishermen and provincial police chiefs and so forth and then this was in 1971 the unit stood down Some units were starting to go home at that point I got transferred to Saigon where I worked as a translator and administrative assistant for an American Foreign Service officer who was an advisor to the mayor of Saigon So it was a civilian clothes job I lived in an old French hotel and I worked at Saigon city hall But every night I would go out after midnight and wander alone into the steamy back alleys of Saigon where nobody ever seemed to sleep I’d crouch in the doorways with people and talk to them The Vietnamese people are perhaps the warmest most generous spirit people in the world and they invited me into their houses and into their culture and into their lives And of course that shaped me as an artist After the return to the US he wrote stories which were accepted and published by various literary journals such as The Southern Review The Hudson Review and New England Review The reviews were good too some of the stories got reprinted in a volume of The Best American Short Stories and in 1987 Butler received the Tu Do Chinh Kien Award from the Vietnam Veterans of America for outstanding contributions to American culture by a Vietnam veteran he received broad recognition in 1993 when a collection of these stories published a year before and titled A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for FictionMany novels have been written about the Vietnam War both by American and Vietnamese authors but here the concept is new Butler gives voice to the Vietnamese refugees to America who have settled in southern Louisiana near New Orleans These stories explore the immigrant experience the contrast between the immigrants and Americans and the two countries Vietnam and the United States with their vastly different cultures and customs; the distant Far East is contrasted the definition of the West Each of the stories is narrated in the first person by a different Vietnamese immigrant and all are filled with a sense of longing and nostalgia for their past lives their country with its natural beauty and way of life specific places and moments the friends and relatives they had to leave behind The Grove reissue contains two additional stories Salem and Missing which are set in post war Vietnam and form a neat narrative codaThe Vietnam War ended in 1975 after the fall of Saigon forcing than three million Vietnamese to flee for safety hundreds of thousands dying in the process of often dangerous crossing The majority around 14 million settled in the United States These refugees found themselves in a peculiar situation their old country was taken away from them and transformed into something different and the new country proved to be completely different too Like Tom Hank's character in The Terminal they can't go home and struggle to live in the new environment Some stay together in hopes of preserving their heritage and culture while others openly want to shed it There are other Vietnamese here in Lake Charles Louisiana the protagonist of Snow remarks but we are not a community We are all too sad perhaps or too tired But maybe not Maybe that's just me saying that Maybe the others are real Americans alreadyIn Crickets the Vietnamese man and his wife had a hard time adapting to American culture and life Their American born son adapted easily and shows little interest in Vietnamese language and culture making his father think of a childhood game as a way of becoming closer to the boy In Relic a Vietnamese man sees America as a land of opportunity He wishes to break away from the Vietnamese community but his business depends on it He feels that the other Vietnamese are preventing him from becoming fully American and succesful The relic of the title is a shoe that was supposedly worn by John Lennon when he was shot to death The man sees the shoe as a symbol of America and longs to own the other shoe so his collection can be complete and he can be complete as a person an American person But even he lives in the past he remembes the wife he left in Vietnam who did not want to abandon her country and chose to stay there with their children but expresses no desire to return to them; he wishes to get away from the Vietnamese community as he feels that it drags him back to Vietnam and become a part of the American community pursue his own American Dream and estabilish his own identity in his new countryButler's Vietnamese characters are uniue with their own uirks and distinctive characteristics In Love a jealous husband used to bring doom on his wife's suitors in Vietnam and struggles to do the same in the US; he journeys to New Orleans to search for a voodoo master who will put a curse on the man whom he suspects she is having an affair Letters from my Father is narrated by a Vietnamese girl who has grown up without her American father and with whom she is having a difficult and distant relationship She discovers a stack of his old letters to the US government where he writes with fury and longing demanding his daughter be allowed entrance to the US and accusing the government of deliberately keeping them separate for years arguing that if she was white they would welcome her with open arms In The Trip Back a Vietnamese woman eagerly awaits to be reunited with her grandfather and has been arranging for him to live in the US for years He is finally allowed to immigrate to America and her husband drives to pick him up from the airport There he discovers that the elderly man has gone senile and lives so deeply in the past that he is able to remember the color and smell of the South China Sea but has no recollection of his granddaughter who loves him deeply Her husband fears that he too will become like the old man unable to remember both his homeland and his wife Mr Green is narrated by a Vietnamese woman who remembers her grandfather The story touches on the theme of subjugation of women in Vietnamese society before and during the war with the grandfather telling her that she can't pray for the souls of her ancestors because she is a female She came to the US with his parrot MrGreen whose favorite saying is not possible and tries to find her identity in a society experiencing the sexual revolution and second wave feminism coping wit the feelings of love and obligation resentment and death Fairy Tale is an all American tale of succes and seems to be written to spite critics accusing the author of putting on a yellowface and exploiting Asian characters it's an unbearably cliched story of a Miss Noi as in Hanoi without the Ha a Vietnamese prostitute who works as a stripper in a New Orleans bar and meets a GI who asks her out It's almost ridiculously stereotypical and predictable but very consciously so it's very self aware of all its flaws and by this it turns them into its advantages It's also full of humor employing the peculiar feature of the Vietnamese language where the meaning of the word depends on how it is said one man wants to woo Miss Noi by trying to say May Vietnam live for ten thousand years in Vietnamese but what he says very clearly is The sunburnt duck is lying down These stories also employ elements of mysticism and Vietnamese folklore such as the beautiful Mid Autumn where an expectant mother tells a fairy tale to her unborn child about the emperor who went to the moon and found happiness there remembering her lover who died in Vietnam In the title story a dying man is visited by the ghost of Ho Chi Minh with whom he has worked as a youth; Ho confessess to his friend that he is not at peace and political tensions between the Vietnamese Americans play in the background A Ghost Story is a story which the narrator claims to be true about the ghost of a beautiful Vietnamese woman Miss Linh who saved his acuaintance from a disaster When he found her again to thank her she devoured him alive The man telling the story also has seen the woman two times and although she spared his life he is also devoured by a ghost of a whole country which continues to torment him in his new American life In America he is a ghost riding the Greyhound in an attempt to escape his demons The last two stories Salem and Missing are narrated by two soldiers Vietnamese and American who stay in the country Salem comes from the pack of cigarettes that the Vietnamese soldier finds on a body of an American GI that he has killed along with the picture of his girlfriend and Missing is the only story in the collection narrated by an American It's a reversal of the theme of Vietnamese immigrants trying to live in American society here an American is trying to live among the Vi