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Shoot the Damn Dog: A Memoir of Depression Free download ì 5 ✓ A successful magazine editor and prize winning journalist Sally Brampton launched Elle magazine in the UK in 1985 But behind the successful glamorous career was a story that many of her friends and colleagues knew nothing about—her ongoing struggle with sLling of how she was finally able to address the elephant in the room and of a culture that sends the overriding message that people who suffer from depression are somehow responsible for their own illness She offers readers a uniue perspective of depression from the inside that is at times wrenching but ultimately inspirational a. There is something to be said for a book’s ability to touch youWhen I first read this memoir I was in the middle of a depressive relapse around the New Year of 2015 At that stage I was undiagnosed with MDD and struggling with yet another relapse into my condition and – after recently finishing university and moving away from my friends of the past four years and back into a home where my parents had little to no idea of my troubles with my mental health – I was feeling alone For many years I’d turned over the idea of me having clinical depression alternating between believing that I might have a minor form of the illness and rejecting it completely out of hand As such I wasn’t getting the help I needed and was further isolating myself from friends family and those around meThis book to be brief made me feel less alone and that what I was experiencing was in fact valid That the term I used to describe my mental health not only applied to me but could explain the changes in moods beyond what I had often called being lazy and too sensitive For an illness like depression where you feel as if you’re separated from the world by walls too high to climb to read a memoir where you find your own experiences and emotions reflected back to you is like finding a friend and a tenuous connection to another personAs a book and as a memoir Shoot The Damn Dog is not always the most enjoyable read At multiple times I was brought close to tears merely from just reading sentiments that I had thought and felt in the darkest periods of my life At multiple times I wanted to reach through the pages and shake Brampton and ask why she was doing things that would only make her condition worse a thought I think often enough when I look back at my own episode of relapse It delves into hard to stomach places and there is no denying that Brampton’s experience with depression will differ greatly from other peoples It is simply an individual experience of depression and the effects it has on one person and between that and Brampton’s background it is than likely that some of the potential readers may not be able to connect with the story told I did because Brampton’s depression in many ways mirrored mine and Brampton had an ability to articulate thoughts and new perspectives on depression that I could not It remains one of the books I read when I am in a depressive state and wish to be reminded that many of my symptoms are not simply moral flaws that I should condemn myself for but signs of a deeprooted chemical imbalance in my brain It is also one of the books I wish my family would read if only to better understand the thoughts that might go about my mind when I relapse

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A successful magazine editor and prize winning journalist Sally Brampton launched Elle magazine in the UK in 1985 But behind the successful glamorous career was a story that many of her friends and colleagues knew nothing about her ongoing struggle with severe depression and alcoholism Brampton's is a candid tremendously honest te. This book nails the experience of depression suarely on its head Sally Brampton draws you into her world of darkness and pain and you find it hard to leave To those of us who suffer from depression whether now or in the past Shoot the Damn Dog puts words on it without a doubt It is like you get inside Sally's brain and feel her emotions as your own I never knew that depression could be so interesting and absorbing in its own right She tries every avenue to cure her illness from the newest antidepressants to talk therapy without much sucess She even tries self medicating herself with alcohol only to end up with an addiction that she has to kick With no relief from her black moods she sucumbs to the lure of suicide barely surviving her last attempt Finally after years of suffering and misery her depression seems to burn itself out Brampton feels that connecting to her fellow human beings is the ultimate antidote to depression It is also her goal to destigmatize depression as a mental illness in general Excellent book

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Shoot the Damn Dog A Memoir of DepressionS it charts her own coming back to life Beyond her personal story Brampton offers practical advice to all those affected by this illness This book will resonate with any person whose life has been haunted by depression at the same time offering help and understanding to those whose loved ones suffer from this debilitating conditio. Wow This book was recommended to me on a Mental Health First Aid course and I could not recommend it highly for literally everyone Sally Brompton suffered from severe depression that was treatment resistant ie no drugs and she tried them all made any difference other than to make her worse With her skills as a very successful writer this is a brutally honest captivating description of her journey through depression With 1 in 4 UK adults suffering from some sort of depression in any one year and the amount of stigma still attached to the illness I think it is so important that people read this book It is educational I have learned so much about how to spot signs of depression in friends and loved ones inspiring if Sally can get through this including a number of suicide attempts then there is hope for everyone and has uite literally changed my life in the sense that I know feel much empowered to help those close to me including myself with any sort mental health issues Read it Now