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characters The Antagonists ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Minerva Banks' entire life has been one large battle When she was younger she had wanted to harness her fighting skills by joining The uartet New uartz City's finest superhero team She had been young Her head had been filled with dreams Now she's a graduate student wOung Her head had been filled with dreams Now she's a graduate student with a head filled with anxieties And yet there's still a small part of her that longs to join The uartet Then again as the. Absolutely magicalI really loved this book it was totally bombin Absolutely radical 1010 would recommend to every person on the planet

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Old saying goes one shouldn't meet their heroes It's not long before Minerva Banks finds herself in a battle that has existed since the Era of Merlin a battle to survive a battle to prove herself. Aaaah Just finished this I hope there's a seuel and I hope I can get notified if there ever is one As a few others have said this could really use some revision in grammar and style I'm not fond of the excessive exclamation marks in the narration though since that's supposed to be Minnie's thoughts largely I suppose I could just take it that she's excitable There's a missing letter or word here and there and some ambiguous phrasing but nothing awful The style is a little on the nose for my taste sometimes toobuuut that is also a point in its favor The best example of this is probably X was openly panromanticThat was never verified blink He came into the classroom one day and said 'Class I am openly panromantic'That's amazing hilarious etc And the snarkiness in general the bit about Yes but consider this he's our brother and the wrestling over the scone not to mention everyone subtly hinting LOL SOMEONE'S GOT A CRUUUUSH at Victor I mean I'm not going to be heartbroken if the author decides this really only needed the one novel to cover the premise of that initial few scenes but the ending is such a wonderful door into that I really would love to see Especially if Victor is disabled how I think he is that is neurodivergent in a less okay way than depression That was specifically brought up and dismissed before it was technically revealed but there's enough context clues that I can certainly feel fairly confident about it and I'd really love to see that explicitly confirmed with specific details to include what variety neurodivergence I'm always likely to lead towards autism because I know multiple people whoa are but would love any sort of illness or non ill divergence really Either way oh my god this was so adorable I want aaaaah

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The AntagonistsMinerva Banks' entire life has been one large battle When she was younger she had wanted to harness her fighting skills by joining The uartet New uartz City's finest superhero team She had been y. This book is amazing and totally worth the read Minnie is such an awesome main character and Victor is just such a dork and adorable and badass minnie's badass too and I don't think I'll ever be over this book Im sure a lot of people already knows about this or posted about it but I don't care I'm telling the story too So the author made a post on Tumblr about how she wanted to write a book about a girl in a wheelchair who was a really big fan of the superhero group in her city One day she sees them fighting a the villain they're always fighting you know archenemy and all that Hey Victor waving and subject really exited because all she really wants is to join them so she role over all hey let me help and the superheroes just stare at her like what no you're in a wheelchair get out of her and the villain is trying to tell the superheroes to be nice and all but now she's list and wanna prove her self so she smacks the villain in the face sorry victor really proud of her self but superhero still doesn't care and they're calling her names and really not being cool about this I mean really just being disrespectful so then the villain just goes want me to push them for you YOU GO VICTOR and its just really awesome and the villain offers her a job because wow she can pack a punch he's gonna get bruises after this AND THE SHE ACTUALLY WROTE IT so the story tired out kinda like that but and better and with awesome characters that well get into in the next book i hope and really how can you not love this book the main character is a black independent woman in a wheelchair WHO IS FREAKING AWESOME and i really think its important that the person who wrote this is also in a wheelchair not because its rude to write about something your not but because I think its hard to really understand what you can and cannot do when you are in a wheelchair I mean a lot of things I thought was okay or try isn't and I feel thats important representation is importance yes but you need to do it right Do the research or take a couple days in that characters plays so you know what you're actually talking about Besides the obvious thrill I get from Minnie in this book its also about magic really MAGIC I love magic and secret societies and plot twist and characters and might be that what they seem AND THIS BOOK HAS ALL OF IT read it you will not be sorry And If you really wanna fangirl over this or want information check out her tumblr wwwmarauders4evrtumblrcom marauders4evr she posts sneak peaks and cut outs from the seuel that she's working on plus no 3 and 4