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read doc ✓ Red Land Black Land ´ Black Land Ú A fascinating erudite and witty glimpse of the human side of ancient Egypt—this acclaimed classic work is now revised and updated for a new generation Displaying the unparalleled descriptive power unerring eye for fascinating detail keen insight and trenchant wit that have mAy to day living in the legendary desert realm that was ancient EgyptWho were these people whose civilization has inspired myriad films books artwork myths and dreams and who built astonishing monuments that still stagger the imagination five thousand years later? What did average Egyptians eat drink wear gossip about and aspire to? What were their amusements their beliefs their attitudes concerning religion childrearing nudity premarital sex? Mertz ushers us into their homes workplaces temples and palaces to give us an intimate view of the everyday worlds of the royal and commoner alike W An excellent if at times dry overview of life in ancient Egypt Organized from birth to death and afterlife this is a very good primer on what life was like how it was lived and what the norms were likely to have been in ancient Egypt over the centuries I was surprised to find that the chapters describing the blend of magic religion science and medicine were my favorite while those retelling the myths and the afterlife were a bit of a slog for me I think what struck me was how these concepts that are disparate in modern Western thinking were mixed together and each used together for practical purposes in ancient Egypt

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A fascinating erudite and witty glimpse of the human side of ancient Egypt this acclaimed classic work is now revised and updated for a new generation Displaying the unparalleled descriptive power unerring eye for fascinating detail keen insight and trenchant wit that have made the novels she writes as Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels perennial New York Times bestsellers internationally renowned Egyptologist Barbara Mertz brings a long buried civilization to vivid life In Red Land Black Land she transports us back thousands of years and immerses us in the sights aromas and sounds of d When I was in Sixth Grade we did a unit on Ancient Egypt All these years and it took me until today to realize that it was the same time as the King Tut exhibit came to NY the first time Well I was hooked and told everyone that I was going to be an Egyptologist I still have a book from back then called The Splendor that was Egypt In Junior High at some point I was allowed to pick any topic for my English paper Naturally enough like any teenage girl would I wrote a paper entitled Rituals of Death in Ancient Egypt I still wonder what on earth my English teacher must have thought about that one I went to visit my grandmother in Miami around the same time 7th or 8th grade and I remember her taking me to the library and my taking out these huge museum books on Ancient Egypt I sat at the pool in the heat with the plastic dust jacket covers sticking to my legs All the old folks came over to find out what I was doing and they must have thought me as strange as my English teacher did The interest faded over time but perhaps a rush of nostalgia led me to Mertz I don't remember reading it when I was young but if not I'm surprised I never did She has a fun debunking style to her writing making affectionate fun of the tendency of Egyptologists to see facts where there is only possibility We enjoy our fantasies immensely she writes particularly when we label them 'theories' and get into exciting arguments with other archaeologists She is a just the facts ma'am Egyptologist but with a smile She shares all the evidence for and against theories and makes it clear what is actually known as opposed to what is hoped for or guessed atMy favorite section was her explanation of magic in Ancient Egypt It is a very good discussion of how to see things as they did rather than as we do magic science and religion not being seen as separate for instance Overall this is a very good introduction to life in Ancient Egypt

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Red Land Black Land Daily Life in Ancient EgyptE observe priests and painters scribes and pyramid builders slaves housewives and ueens and receive fascinating tips on how to perform tasks essential to ancient Egyptian living from mummification to making papyrusAn eye opening and endlessly entertaining companion volume to Temples Tombs and Hieroglyphs Mertz's extraordinary history of ancient Egypt Red Land Black Land offers readers a brilliant display of rich description and fascinating edification It brings us closer than ever before to the people of a great lost culture that was so different from yet so surprisingly similar to our own This is a very informative and fascinating peek into life in ancient times in Egypt The author although a noted Egytology scholar writes in a sweet simple converstional style She relays touching anecdotes such as the mummified cat of a minor prince with an inscription translating roughly as Miss Kitty beloved pet She goes into the everyday objects and experiences such as the cosmetic procedures style of dress flattering only on very slender people she points out and the practice of painting the ceilings with clouds and the floors with water scenes I've always had a fascination with Egypt and much now