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Old Country Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B010O3S0IWhen elusive Italian hit man ‘The Winemaker’ refuses to carry out a final job for his American crime boss a ruthless charismatic assassin is sent to Italy to attempt to track him down In an increasingly corporate America tNote Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B010O3S0IWhen elusive Italian hit man ‘The Winemaker’ refuses to carry out a final job for his American crime boss a ruthless charismatic assassin is sent to Italy to attempt to track him down In an increasingly corporate America that’s impatiently bangin. Still absolutely love this book on the re read Off to re read Book 2 Received a free copy of this book for my honest review Noooooo it's over I tried to read as slowly as I could but I've finally come to the end Just brilliant This is one of those books that for various reasons shouldn't have worked for me but it just DID I will start by saying that if you're looking for a mafia book that's all about killing violence backdoor deals and mob business this isn't the book for you This is very much an ensemble piece and is a book to read slowly and savor not one with rollercoaster twists and turns It's to be sipped like a fine wine and I guess it's no coincidence that the assassin is also a winemaker The book opens with a multi person hit at a dock and is described beautifully by the author I like my assassins cold controlled and deliberate and Marco Rizzo is all of those things He is one with his weapon and it's eerie and justpoetry The book then jumps to a different situation This is one of the things that usually doesn't work for me but was just seamless in this book At no point did I think 'Why am I reading about wine and bees What's going on with the hit' The author takes us back to Marco's childhood in Italy to the hit on his father; we meet his cranky and selectively senile mother his drunken uncle and at the same time we meet the 'capo' in New York who wants Marco to do one last job a hit on a female reporter and who refuses to pay Marco for the previous job when he says no women no children There is a host of colorful secondary characters and we get all their stories from Flavio cheating with a black woman what lol and what Greco had to do to survive jail What's certain is that it's never confusing or boring This is extremely hard to do and shows that this author is extremely talented I know this style won't work for everyone but take it from someone who hates when timelines shift and other characters are introduced it totally worksThe refusal to pay Marco is the catalyst to a bloodbath that spans New York and Southern Italy and Flavio the NY capo comes to understand who he's really dealing with He was warned and he didn't listen I was yelling at the book 'OMG just pay him How many people have to die'The author's writing style is beautifully poetic and descriptive It can go on a bit at times but his writing transports you right into the story I could see Southern Italy all the vineyards the villages and the people and culture complete with their dry humor; I loved itRizzo is very much a multi faceted character and at times it's hard to funny prankster with the coldblooded killer In terms of improvement the editing needs a lot of work as the author himself has admitted I enjoyed the book so much that it wasn't enough to take me out the story but it is very noticeableAlso towards the end I felt bits of the descriptions could have been chopped and I really didn't care about Pops' backstory because I was waiting to hear about the twins At that point I guess because I knew it was near the end I was just ready to find out what happenedAll in all this is a solid first effort from a new author I felt like I got everything I needed out the story and though I lost one of my fave characters everything made sense At the end of this story I was left with strong satisfaction of a story well told and a definite reluctance to say goodbye to these characters Brava author on a job well done

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G on the door of the 21st century all the old ways are changing – but in the mountains of Southern Italy there’s one man who is still ‘Old Country’ Funny poignant violent suspenseful Old Country is a gangster story like no other Full of authentic Italian characters and snapshots of village. I LOVED the movie Goodfellas If you're looking for a good book like Goodfellas then this ain't it So many reviewers beautifully summed up the strengths and the flaws of the book but I must say that what makes this book a gem is the reality aspect Even made men have daily lives so I thought the simplicity of the love of making wine and honey were excellent Normal life mixed with ultra violence This balance creates a delicious slow burn where you hate and love each character yet don't feel isolated as the reader PS the description of the Italian countryside are amazing and will most definitely pull you in

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Old CountryLife it is a story of family love and betrayal; the story of a man with a personal code being dragged into an increasingly lawless world with explosive and heart breaking conseuences 'An emotional and cinematic journey through the mountains of Southern Italy and into the scarred heart of an assassi. In a tale very reminiscent of The Godfather we follow Marco Rizzo The Winemaker When he’s offered a job to whack a female reporter Marco says no but then is given an ultimatum by Flavio the mob boss This set up is one of the reasons I really liked the book it had a clear goal motivations and obstacles faced by our protag Not many indie novelists grasp the basic fiction structure and their work suffers horribly from it but here we’re treated to a well framed and thought out plotOne thing I really liked about it and some might not agree but it’s clear Mr Donofrio is not a part of the mafia There’s not the gritty realism of the Soprano’s or the down to earthiness of Goodfellas BUT I think that’s a real strength here There’s a hint of whimsy for lack of a better word though it doesn’t fit perfectly Maybe romance in the descriptions and the characters There’s even humor where it’s appropriate and this makes the novel a fun ride Don’t get me wrong the characters are all believable and their motivations are clear understandable and completely appropriate it’s just that the world they occupy has a fictional uality that I absolutely dug extremely If you’re looking for a read about the mafia that doesn’t just have guts but also heart and brains then this is it