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The Power of a Woman Review ↠ 2 ¶ Growing up in a world spun with lies secrets and multiple sins I learned how to use it to my advantage at a young age My father never protected me from his dealings in the family—La Cosa Nostra Being the daughter of a mob boss you pick up a few things one of which was how to assert dominance in order to survive Her’s absence keeping my brother out of trouble taking care of my father’s legitimate businesses and showing control in the face of the public I was a master of control of manipulating men of getting what I wantedAnd what I wanted was Stefan GiannottiExcept having him meant I had to relinuish controlI did things I’m not proud of I made choices that could’ve gotten me killed But in the end I did it. Reviewed for Secrets From The Boudoir Book Blog When I found out this short story would be transitioned into a full length novel I don't think I could have been excited The fact that it was being co written by two amazing authors was a total bonus While my favorite genre is no secret what can I say I like it HOT I have never read anything uite like this By the time you finish this you will surely think one or both of the authors has true ties to the mafia The story is so 'alive' with detail and amazing visual description giving the reader that all too important feeling of being inside of the story I absolutely love losing myself in great characters which only truly gifted authors can actually accomplish The writing is so smooth and flows so brilliantly Gina and Leddy definitely delivered in spades Jordana comes from a historic mafia family and that's just ittimes are changing and her old man is not Little does he know his baby girl has fallen in love with a rival mafia families up and coming son back in town and ready to take over When she tries to save her little brother from a gambling debt will she get in over her head Will things ever be the same What will happen when both families find out they are now forever linked whether they like it or not They will have to survive during dangerous shifts in power and come out the other side Or will they You do not want to miss this one Truly a gem of a book that will keep you enthralled from page one to done A little taste of one of my favorite parts one of many His lips too mine hungrily his tongue not wasting a second before consuming me filling my mouth His appreciation became evident the moment his hips pressed roughly into mine And the growl that rumbled in his chest had my excitement nearly running down my inner thighsGo One Click

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All for the family to prove you don’t need a prick between your legs to wield powerMy name is Jordana Albanese and this is my story My story of imperfection realism and struggle It's not for the faintest of hearts I had to suffer in order to learn in order to let go an ounce of control and if you can get through my torment you’ll understand control is temporary It's surviving that offers lasting powe. 45 amazing starsIf you are looking for a standalone book packed with hot and steamy action mystery and a touch of romance with an Italian mafia flare this book is for you 2 mafia families at odds with each other WE see Jordana and Stefan hiding their crazy hot steamy lust for one another from their families You think this book is going to be all kinky crazy but then you see the relationship develop and slowly Jordana lets her guard down and allows love in I was on the edge of my seat wondering about Stefan I loved his character so much and thought he is just amazing but does he betray Jordana or is he good to her YOU MUST READ THIS TO FIND OUTThen take it out on me If you've had a bad day I want to carry that burden for you I can take it Jordana

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The Power of a WomanGrowing up in a world spun with lies secrets and multiple sins I learned how to use it to my advantage at a young age My father never protected me from his dealings in the family La Cosa Nostra Being the daughter of a mob boss you pick up a few things one of which was how to assert dominance in order to survive I could do that with the best of themMy role as a woman was to take care of the house in my mot. 45 Stars May be Slight Spoilers Ahead for SomeRead with CautionWow what a great sexy love story These two authors first off are fantastic and the storyline was terrific The writing was impeccable I was glued from start until finish never ever bored with the storyline andor the charactersNow why not a full 5 Stars then well personally I HATED the part where Jordana STUPIDLY and not to my liking andor reading tastes decides to make a bargain for her brother's life Yeah that whole part was a big FAT NO for me I wouldn't have minded if she made the deal and then backed out BUT to have had her actually go through with it was not just a huge no for me but a slight turn off for me Sorry that's just me and honestly I wasn't sure if I could or wanted to continue on BUT I was also curious to see what would happen Yeah a gluten for punishment lol but I am so glad that I continued onNow Stefanoh lordy this man was PERFECT he was the absolute epitome of perfection if you looked up perfect in a dictionary Stefan would be there Yeah this man was like a godhe was sexy he was dominant he was possessive and caring in an understated way at FIRST but then when his feelings of love finally came to surface the words this man spoke his actionsOMG I am suirming and feeling giddy just thinking about him HE was what made me continue on after that part of the book that I did NOT like and because of HIM I never regretted a moment to continue to the end There aren't enough words to accurately describe my feelings for him he was THAT AMAZING in every way Jordana was one lucky bitch I tell ya lol if only every story could have an H like Stefan I would buy every bookCongrats to Leddy Harper and Gina Whitney on a truly fantastic sexy read With the exception of that one part this was a PERFECT read for me