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If Trouble Was Money (working title) characters ¾ 107 Ü When Harlemites set about each other with knives it's an everyday kind of happening But when a white man is shot dead in a Harlem street one steamy evening it means trouble big troublePlenty of people had motives for killing Galen a big Greek with too much money and too grWhen Harlemites set about each other with knives it's an everyday kind of happening But when a white man is shot dead in a Harlem street one steamy evening it means trouble big troublePlenty of peo. Updated 3417Here's the nearly as cool as the original Avon cover of the 1975 Signet mass market I have 173 pagesMy first and and still the best of the three Harlem Cycle novels I've read so far The Real Cool Killers does a great job capturing the atmosphere and attitudes of late 1950s Harlem or so I imagine with main characters Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson as somewhat exaggerated larger than life versions of badass NYC cops They're great characters and they as well as the overall feel of the novel in general reminded me of certain blaxploitation films of the 70s such as Shaft and Superfly I wonder if these books served as inspiration for the movement in any way though it could be possible that those movies influenced the way I imagined everything here insteadChester Himes is an excellent storyteller and his unencumbered yet evocative prose really pulls the reader into the streets of inner city Harlem You can tell that he knows what he's writing about he's not just faking it and that adds a layer of realism to everything His depiction of teenage street gangs is horrifying but he makes the reader not only understand why they have the attitudes they have but sympathize with them which is uite an accomplishment in light of some of their disturbing actionsIt's also action packed with an insanely over the top bar fight scene featuring an axe that will stick with me for a while and the pages kept turning til I finished the whole thing in just a couple sittings For fans of hardboilednoir type novels and for those just looking for a fast moving tale of the streets with a dose of social commentary for good measure The Real Cool Killers is a top notch read45 Stars

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Ple had motives for killing Galen a big Greek with too much money and too great a liking for young black girls But there are complications like Sonny high on hash found standing over the body with. This second novel by the first great African American writer of mystery stories is a classic deserving a place in the pantheon right up there with The Maltese Falcon The Big Sleep and The Big ChillThe story is set in Harlem in the ‘50s and begins with the shooting of a white man and the arrest of a member of a small local gang called “The Real Cool Moslems” At first the case seems open and shut for the chase and shooting is witnessed by a score of people on a busy Harlem street But there’s a problem the bullet the killed the man couldn’t have come from from the teenager’s gunThe plot and the characters are both very good—particularly our two heros the black Harlem detectives Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones—but the real beauty of the book lies in the extraordinary liveliness of the prose the way it conveys movement and the color and richness of the imagery too—all of which adds up to a vivid portrait of Harlem Hime’s prose makes me think not of writers but of caricaturists painters movie makers Daumier Grosz; Brueghel Rivera; Fellini Scorsese Himes makes memorable images but he knows how to “move his camera” tooHere’s a vivid passage from the beginning of the novel In the Harlem Dew Drop Inn a little guy pulls a knife on the white man who will soon end up dead in the street But first he has to deal with the bartender Big Smiley Big Smiley leaned across the bar and grabbed the red eyed knifeman by the lapels of his mackinaw and lifted him from the floor“Gimme that chiv shorty ‘fore I makes you eat it” he said lazily smiling as though it were a jokeThe knifeman twisted in his grip and slashed him across the arm The white fabric of his jacket slevve parted like a burst balloon and his black skinned muscles opened like the Red Sea Big Smiley draw back and reached beneath the bar counter with his right hand He came up with a short handled fireman’s axe It had a red handle and a honed razor sharp bladeThe little knifeman jumped into the air and slashed at Big Smiley again matching his knife against Big Smiley’s axeBig Smiley countered with a right cross with the r5ed handled axse The blade met the knifeman’s arm in the middle of its stroke and cut it off just below the elbow as though it had been guillotinedThe severed arm in its coat sleeve still clutching the knife sailed through the air sprinkling the nearby spectators with drops of blood landed on the linoleum tile floor and skidded beneath the table of a boothThe little knifeman landed on his feet still making cutting motions with his half arm

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If Trouble Was Money working titleA gun in his hand that fires only blanks a street gang called the Moslems a disappearing suspect and the fact that Coffin Ed's own daughter is up to her pretty neck in the whole explosive situation. If you like your hard boiled with a healthy dose of historical racism this is the novel for you Hardly long enough to be called a novel and tightly plotted Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are two black NYC police detectives Harlem is their beat When a white pedophile sadistic pervert is murdered in Harlem all hell breaks loose Jones and Johnson have got to find the killer even while the black body count goes unmourned There doesn't seem to be any murder weapon however and too many people with a motive Oh and there is a gang known as the Real Cool Moslems to deal with tooFull of social commentary buried in good ol' hard boiled grit the novel is as much a treatise on race relations and the ghettoization of America in the late '50s as it is about suspense mystery and crime All packed into 160 tightly written pages