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Read & Download Loving Eleanor Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è When AP political reporter Lorena Hickok—Hick—is assigned to cover Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1932 campaign the two women become deeply involved Their relationship begins with mutual romantic passion matures through stormy periods of enforced separation and competingE pinnacle of her career gives it all up for the woman she loves Then as Eleanor is transformed into Eleanor Everywhere First Lady of the World Hick must create her own independent productive life Loving Eleanor is a profoundly moving novel that illuminates a relationship we are seldom privileged to see celebrating the depth and durability of women's lov. This book stands out to me for so many reasons First I love learning about history from a mostly accurate historical perspective The story of Eleanor's ER and Hick's relationship was thoughtfully and respectfully told by Ms Albert I learned about the times and about ER than I could have in 10 history books Second the author provides the keys to these two women's friendship and the very real trials they faced because of that friendship Whether they were lovers or not is simply left to the reader's imagination I'll keep my mouth shut about my beliefs This is a beautiful story encompassing many turbulent years including the Depression and WWII It includes excerpts from letters between the two women I learned so much about Eleanor Roosevelt Now I'm hunting for a biography to enhance my knowledgeI received this book from NetGalley and Persevero Press in exchange for an honest review

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T during the chaotic years of the Great Depression the New Deal and the Second World War Loving Eleanor reveals Eleanor Roosevelt as a complex contradictory and entirely human woman who is pulled in many directions by her obligations to her husband and family and her role as the nation's First Lady Hick is revealed as an accomplished journalist who at th. This book introduced me to Ms Lorena Hickok gave me an idea of all that Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had accomplished and other important people who shaped their lives and who made them into the people they were They are definitely two fascinating women who made the most of their lives even when it was hard and exhausting to be themselves It was great hearing how their friendship and love shaped them into better versions of themselves There will always be speculations on the sexuality of the Former First Lady and no one will ever be 100% certain of it but all the evidence that has been gathered leads me to believe that Eleanor did have strong feelings for women It's nice to know that she wasn't afraid to socialize and befriend in real life known lesbian couples Even if she couldn't fully live the life she wanted for herself she was glad for those who did during a time where it was extremely frowned upon It made reading about her character that much interesting However it showed a downside to her personality in the sense that she kept some of her friends at an emotional distance and put them to the side while she focused on her own pursuits Many of us do that but it can be hard to not have a friend who is always available to communicate with which explains how her relationship with Ms Hickok happenedThis book is complicated to rate for me as I feel it’s between 3 to 4 stars After some time I listened to the audiobook to see if my rating would become better defined Sadly it didn't work but I was able to figure out why I was having a hard time deciding between a 3 and 4 star There wasn’t anything wrong per se other than the slow parts that kept popping up The complaining about Mrs Roosevelt leaving Ms Hickok for long periods of time grew repetitive after a while but that is to be expected since everyone complains when the person they love leaves and is busy so often There were uite a few people and locations that appeared throughout the book so I forgot who some people wereThis was a nice book to read or listen to for fun but it wasn’t as good as I would have liked Still I’m glad I read it I think I’ll remember parts of it long after reading and listening but some will sadly fade in my memory Thankfully I can always find information on these women through research if I feel like reminiscing about them

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Loving EleanorWhen AP political reporter Lorena Hickok Hick is assigned to cover Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1932 campaign the two women become deeply involved Their relationship begins with mutual romantic passion matures through stormy periods of enforced separation and competing interests and warms into an enduring encompassing friendship documented by 3300 letters Se. 5★Imagine without Lorena Hickok’s influence Eleanor Roosevelt might have remained in her husband’s shadow and we would be the poorer for it This is a fascinating imaginative insight into the very personal relationship of two exceptional women and their challenging circumstances The historical detail of the Great Depression and WWII from the perspective of the White House makes compelling readingHick and ER or Mrs R or Madam wrote almost daily to each other with great warmth and affection for many years so their letters and other research are the basis for this fictional autobiography It started simply Lorena Hickok “Hick” as she was always known was the only woman Associated Press reporter and as such was assigned in 1928 to follow Mrs Roosevelt for human interest coverage during her husband Franklin’s campaign for governor of New York You know woman's viewAt one point while travelling together by train they shared extremely private confidences both grew up feeling unloved and unwanted and Hick fell head over heels in love The author writes as Hick “Later I would imagine that night on the train as a metaphor for our relationship two lonely people hurtling through the dark toward an unreachable destination each clinging to the other as if they were the last survivors on a moon swept out of orbit by a force too powerful to be opposed That the metaphor didn’t uite fit would not be clear to me until much later and then it would be too late”When FDR was later in the White House and knowing Hick was a top reporter he asked her to investigate how people were actually faring during the Depression Incognito No by line no recognition And no paparazzi Her reports made harrowing reading and vindicated FDR’s expensive expansive FERA the Federal Emergency Relief Administration with its budget of HALF A BILLION DOLLARS Even now that’s a lot of money She travelled all over ate tumbleweed soup and visited starving families living in hovels where the only water for all purposes was putrid polluted from privies uphill and mining waste Her reports were invaluable to the horrified FERA agency and the President She also talked Eleanor into giving press conferences for women reporters only since they’d be the first sacked in hard times Then she convinced her to write a syndicated newspaper column “My Day” which is still uoted Hick created America’s first real First LadyThe author has included a cast of characters real and fictional and an excellent biographical afterword explaining the mechanics of piecing together a work like thisEnormous thanks to the author who has kindly allowed me to uote and to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy