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kindle ¹ Left Behind Õ Mass Market Paperback º tim lahaye º An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold For those Unusual events continue to unfold For those who have been left behind the apocalypse has just begu I gave it a go I really really did The series is so popular and my ex really enjoys the books ok they're the only books he ever read so maybe that should have told me something so I thought I'd be open minded and try it After all I did like the movie The Rapture and I love religious science fictionThis however is thinly disguised right wing propaganda I can respect people who think differently than I do as long as they respect me back This book does no such thing They manage to twist everything positive in the world today into proof that the devil is afoot did you know the UN is apparently a tool for the anti Christ? The plot is bad the premise while interesting is poorly expanded upon and the writing is just bad bad badI actually read another book also by a conservative Christian on the same theme that was infinitely better It at least had a plot that could hold its own and left you wondering what would happen next I wish I could remember the name of it I'd recommend people who like this sort of stuff read it At least they might think at some point during their readingAlas this book was just inane offensive drivel

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An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when without any warning passengers mysteriously disappe Try to forget for a minute that there are people who take this stuff literally The book actually works as a sort of sci fi novel the kind Robert Heinlein might have written for adolescents The characters are paper thin and the truth is revealed to true believers It is a scandal that this stuff sold so many copies But it was worth the read to know what all the fuss was about Entertaining sure but still a major eye roller

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Left BehindAr from their seats Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as Left Behind is one of the most wretchedly awful books I have ever forced myself to read If possible I would give this book zero stars Only by sheer willpower and by listening to the audio book one short installment at a time was I able to get through this one Whole essaysrants could be written on how much this book sucks but I'll limit myself to just a couple observations The worst thing about LB isn't LaHaye's crazy religious beliefs it's the fact that it's such a horribly written piece of garbage The only other books I have read that have been written this poorly are L Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth series which interestingly enough are also religious propaganda fiction written by a fanatical religious leader in his declining years CS Lewis was a popular Christian author with whom I often disagree but Lewis is infinitely readable and infinitely enjoyable than LaHaye and Jenkins regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him Apparently the writing process for the LB books was as follows LaHaye would write up a couple hundred page outline of notes and then submit the notes to his co author Jenkins who would turn these notes into a story Jenkins set a goal of writing 20 pages a day which means that within less than one month's time he could crank out a whole book A real writer worth his or her salt might spend years taking notes writing editing rewriting editing some re re writing etc It's not surprising then that LB reads like mass produced crap because that is exactly what it is McFiction for the McMasses No scratch that Stephen King used to joke about how his books were the literary euivalent of a Big Mac and fries most of what he wrote was at least a hundred times superior to LB LB is the four day old rotting McFiction that somebody salvaged from a dumpster A final comment on this travesty of the written word there is an almost total absence of Christian virtue or compassion in LB The Christian scriptures speak of the fruit of the spirit being love joy peace patience goodness kindness faithfulness gentleness and self control None of the Christian characters in this book embody these kind of virtues Christianity in LB is like a form of Manichean dualism than a religion of faith hope or love The so called Christians in LB are grim survivalists resigned to a fatalistic worldview of kill or be killed Their only concerns seem to revolve around taking care of their own and signing up recruits It's no wonder that so much of what passes for Christianity in America consists of extremist right wing militia groups holed up in their gated compound mall fortresses rather than genuine religious communities when books like this are what so many Christians imagine to be representative of their faith