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Summary Ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Norman Rush Just a middle aged Milton scholar but a CIA agent His lovely and doted upon wife Iris is also a possible adulteress And Davis Morel the black alternative physician who is treating her while undertaking a uixotic campaign to de Christianize Africa may also be her lover As a spy the comp. One could be forgiven for picking up a 700 page tome detailing a white CIA agent’s musings about among other things liberal guilt and the impenetrability of Botswanan culture to a western outsider and thinking “You navel gazing ass” but it would be mistake to discard this book so uickly This is an easier book to admire than to love but I liked it very very muchWhile this is perhaps the single most masculine novel I’ve ever read – even aside from the guns and competition for labia rendered in unnecessary great detail Ray’s penis is all over it and I apologize to men everywhere but the scatological too is your special province and there’s plenty of that it is self consciously so and not in an unduly arch way Rather it offers a serious examination of the way being a good old boy our protagonist Ray can mute one’s perceptions and occasion real moral anguish Rush effectively gets out in front of speculative postcolonial and gendered readings by allowing his narrator to directly formulate some of his apt to offend thoughts Ray used to think the problem of women was solvable by marrying someone – no with all this women’s lib Ray does not like the way the what he thinks is the gift of western technology is being suandered in Africa No reader need to torture the text to find the problems with Ray’s worldviewAs other reviewers have noted this is of a piece with Ray’s general narcissism but part of what makes this a great read is Ray’s complexity because anyone reading it by choice will likely hate some of his cluelessness even as she identifies deeply with Ray’s abiding faith in literature Part of what makes this book remarkable has to do with the way literature figures in it in ways that should seem absurd or at least coyly postmodern But Rush isn’t playing games Rush has a knack for making the preposterous seem plausible without screaming “LOOK THIS IS A FICTION THIS IS WHY SOMETHING SO CRAZY CAN HAPPEN” as many of his contemporaries seem to do A lot of the best absurdities can’t be revealed without also giving away huge plot developments but it’s fair to say that at one point a character recites “Dover Beach” out of politeness to his foe to mask the sound of that foe’s defecating – and somehow this scene is not ridiculous Similarly an unpublished manuscript winds up saving lives and Rush manages to present this plot twist with a kind of touching earnestness Ray’s love of literature makes him sympathetic but his succinct disses of Joyce and then Flaubert endeared him to me in spite of his many failures I hope that Rush hates them tooPerhaps the most important evidence that this is a novel premised on the idea that literature is a serious business is that even though it does much to present warring ideologies and is full of gross sex and literary flourishes it finally feels like the portrait of a moral awakening I read this in part because of James Wood’s How Fiction Works and would like to restate one objection I had to that book also voiced in my review of that book Wood says that readers too often demand “moralizing niceness” and take authors to task when they don’t present us with likable characters I believe that he misunderstands readers’ objections which generally have to do with the frustration of being implicitly asked by an author to have sympathy for an unsympathetic character; we lovehate Humbert Humbert because Nabokov doesn’t ask us to like him It is interesting having read this essentially at Wood’s recommendation to find that Rush does what I and so many and Goodreads reviewers ask of our authors he gives us a not wholly likable character and does not try to coax us into greater sympathy than the character deserves And the novel is ultimately a moralizing one At least in my reading And it is a moralizing novel in a very satisfying and even subtle wayThis book reuires attention in a different way than other books of similar length and difficulty and it took me forever to read but it was worth it It does things that I thought twenty first century authors had given up I will certainly check out Mating

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Mortals by Norman Rush Free download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ At once a political adventure a portrait of a passionate but imperiled marriage and an acrobatic novel of ideas Mortals marks Norman Rush’s return to the territory he has made his own the southern African nation of Botswana Nobody here is Ulsively literate Ray ought to have no trouble confirming his suspicions But there’s the distraction of actual spying Most of all there’s the problem of love which Norman Rush anatomizes in all its hopeless splendor in a novel that would have delighted Milton Nabokov and Graham Gree. Rush is an amazing storyteller and writer of the English language I really enjoyed reading this book even though it was 700 pages and difficult to get through Most good books can tell the story in 300 350 pages but Rush indulges in the inner meanderings of his characters' minds made me laugh out loud and an added bonus for my imagination that the protagonist is an undercover CIA agent living as an expat in Botswana Probably one of the best American writers that I have read I read a different book of his Mating about five years ago and remember really enjoying that too Read him with a dictionary and be ready to really get into a book

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Mortals by Norman RuAt once a political adventure a portrait of a passionate but imperiled marriage and an acrobatic novel of ideas Mortals marks Norman Rush’s return to the territory he has made his own the southern African nation of Botswana Nobody here is entirely what he claims to be Ray Finch is not. 4 12 stars just shy of perfectMortals does expertly well what I love most in novels it hangs a plot on the lives of a few people to better tell their intimacies and interactions to better show their humanity and reveal our own to us For all of the fighting the bombs the guns the escapes the spying well sort of the fires the danger I was most tense and riveted during the early bathing scene between Iris and Ray Their 50 page or near I'm recalling off the top of my head discussion skirting around their relationship problems Iris's need for newness Ray's need for sameness their mutual desire to get what they want while hurting the other as little as possible their moves and words polished by years of loving one another was absolutely thrilling to me This is a book about the ways that we love people and the sacrifices that we sometimes make thinking that we are done with them while later realizing that many of those sacrifices are instead rights of passage and cannot be skipped doomed to be undertaken at the right time or the very wrong time I found this book to be wildly daring and extremely satisfying The ending in particular the final 40 or so pages which gives us Iris's point of view and her very human and rational reasoning her final send off to him as well written of this type of scene that I can remember having read and the conclusion to the one story and beginning of the next for each was true real refreshing and remarkably gratifying I loved Ray's arc and I loved IrisThe ancillary characters were good Kerekang in particular was compelling but paled as surely they had to by comparison Morel was a wonderful construct perfectly built to be exactly what was needed for each character whom he fueledI loved this book