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SUMMARY Retreat from a Rising Sea ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » With its 28 foot storm surge and 174 mph winds 2005's Hurricane Katrina was responsible for nearly 2000 deaths and than 100 billion in damage The event was only a preview of what will soon hit coastal communities as climate change increases the power ofWith its 28 foot storm surge and 174 mph winds 2005's Hurricane Katrina was responsible for nearly 2000 deaths and than 100 billion in damage The event was only a preview of what will soon hit coastal communities as climate change increases the power of storms that can lay waste to critical infrastructure such as water treatment and energy facilities and create vast irreversible pollution by decimating land. This book is packed with hard science and backed up by NASA observations; despite this it is extremely readable In my personal experience there are still a few people making their money from fossil fuels who don't want to admit that the ice is melting and the sea is rising Or if it is they won't admit that there is or will be any problem Would that were the case The rest of the sane educated world is going to need this book Author Orrin Pilkey tells us that the house where he grew up was flooded by Hurricane Camille in 1969 and was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Today he sees that house sites in that neighbourhood are still offered for sale Why are we building in flood plains or below sea level in at risk cities Why do rich people get planning laws swayed so they can build sea walls around their homes which are unsightly and don't address the real problem Will the cost of temporarily saving Miami be met by a burdened populace as New York imports solutions from the Netherlands I like that for every problem highlighted literally highlighted on the pages there are also researched solutions offered These range from increasing salt marshes to shifting heritage collections nuclear power plants populations and waste dumps to inland sites I like that ocean study terms are explained and how ocean levels are measured is describedI like the case studies including the town of Norfolk Virginia which has hired a Dutch engineer to help resolve the issue of Chesapeake Bay recently flooding the streets twice a month As the glaciers have largely gone and the polar ice caps are melting fast other cities will have to take notice Freshwater auifers will be contaminated by salt which has already caused the evacuation of islands and trees will die Storms will worsen deltas flood and cliffs erode We don't know how soon it will be before global populations are on the move from rising seawater the way they already are from lack of rain But it will happen I recommend this excellent and thoroughly researched book to city planners engineers students of ocean science and anyone with a home in sight of the sea or concerned about world geopolitics I read a copy through Net Galley for an honest review I also recommend on this topic Planning for Coastal Resilience Best Practices for Calamitous Times by Timothy BeatleyClimate Peril The Intelligent Reader's Guide to Understanding the Climate Crisis by John BergerThe Disaster Profiteers How Natural Disasters Make the Rich Richer and the Poor Even Poorer by John C Mutter

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Fills and toxic waste sites This big picture policy oriented book explains in gripping terms what rising oceans will do to coastal cities and the drastic actions we need to take now to remove vulnerable populationsThe authors detail specific threats faced by Miami New Orleans New York and Amsterdam Aware of the overwhelming social political and economic challenges that would accompany effective action they. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans It suffered from an immense category five hurricane with 174mph winds combined with a 28 foot storm surge Safety measures put in place failed either because of poor design or substandard materials Two thousand deaths and 100b of damages later it was one of the worst storms ever to hit AmericaSo farTo read the rest of this review go here

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Retreat from a Rising SeaConsider the burden to the taxpayer and the logistics of moving landmarks and infrastructure including toxic waste sites They also show readers the alternative thousands of environmental refugees with no legitimate means to regain what they have lost The authors conclude with effective approaches for addressing climate change denialism and powerful arguments for changing US federal coastal management polici. The authors make a good case for why we should be extremely concerned about rising sea levels and the fact that not enough is being done about them The abundant amount of data that they provide was an eye opener and convinced me that this should be a major concern for the whole worldI only wish the book contained maps showing the regions that are affected the most such as the coast of Florida True it's easy to Google them but that kind of defeats the purpose of reading a book if you have to stop and go to clarify what the authors are talking about I gave the book 4 stars but it should me like 3 12