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Do More BetterDon’t try to do it all Do good Better I am no productivity guru I am a writer a church leader a husband and a father a Christian with a lot of responsibilities and with new tasks coming at me all the time I wrote this short fast paced practical guide to productivity to share what I have learned about getting things done in tod Here’s a lofty claim “I believe this book can improve your life” This is a claim we’ve all heard before Infomercials hucksters and television preachers make similar claims The net result is generally less than satisfying The consumer usually walks away from such a claim with a lighter wallet a bruised ego and skepticism to bootTim Challies is hedging his bets in his new book Do More Better A Practical Guide to Productivity He believes that lives will be changed if readers will invest a bit of time in his bookDo More Better DMB is a fitting title as the author sets out to help readers lead productive lives But DMB should not be confused with the typical self help books that saturate most book stores It should not even be compared to some of the most popular books on the discipline of productivity Works like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey What’s Best Next by Matthew Perman or Getting Things Done by David Allen made their respective contributions in the field of productivityBut DMB truly stands alone in a sea of books that promise productivity The author argues that our lives must begin with a solid foundation Ultimately this foundation must rest on a commitment to glorify God and enjoy him forever Glorifying God involves doing good works and making God look good In typical Reformation fashion the author reminds readers that good works are only possible because of Christ’s completed work on the crossSo the author encourages readers to establish productivity on the solid rock of the gospel Indeed this is the highest form of productivity namely a life that “glorifies God by doing good to others” This lofty aim is what sets DMB apart from other books on productivityChallies highlights several barriers to productivity what he calls “productivity thieves” Readers are encouraged to structure and organize their lives so they can do “maximum good for others” which in turn brings maximum glory to God The call to Christian character is a dominant theme here The author argues “No amount of organization and time management will compensate for lack of Christian character not when it comes to this great calling of glory through good – bringing glory to God by doing good to others”Next DMB urges readers to define their responsibilities and their roles Responsibilities are general items such as personal family and church Roles are specific For example personal roles may include spiritual fitness physical fitness administration etcReaders are then encouraged to write a purpose statement for each area of responsibility Challies gives helpful examples to help assure success in this areaThree tools are recommended for maximum productivity a task management tool scheduling tool and information tool Challies points readers to digital tools that will help and encourage personal productivity Specific action steps are spelled out for each tool Ultimately readers are challenged to “live the system” that is presented in the bookI have been reading about personal productivity for nearly twenty five years I have benefited from some of the works mentioned earlier But once again Do More Better A Practical Guide to Productivity by Tim Challies truly stands alone Three features set this book apart This work is God centered practical and offers users immediate help that is sure to boost personal productivity I commend this excellent work and trust that God will use it to encourage many peopleI received this book free from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review

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Ay’s digital world Whether you are a student or a professional a work from home dad or a stay at home mom it will help you learn to structure your life to do the most good to the glory of God In Do More Better you will learn Common obstacles to productivity The great purpose behind productivity 3 essential tools for getting th This book didn't have much useful information for me I can see how it would greatly benefit someone who has freuent appointments receives dozens of emails every day has a demanding career etc I'm a stay at home mom with few tasks to do outside of the home; my at home tasks are routine and obvious enough that I don't need an electronic system to remind myself to do them What benefited me the most in this book was in chapter 2 under Productivity Thieves I haven't considered myself to be lazy in general enjoying productivity and most of my tasks in the home but the section about laziness helped me to finally realize that my disdain for making dinner every day is because I've been lazy about it I had wondered for over a year what could be done about what I considered to be an awful task but couldn't pinpoint why I disliked it so much I finally had the epiphany that I have been lazy in that area and now I can do something about itI do appreciate Challies' enthusiasm about productivity and that he clearly wants to help others in what is a noble goal

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Book É Do More Better Æ 104 pages Download ´ Reflectionslisburnltd ç Don’t try to do it all Do good Better I am no productivity guru I am a writer a church leader a husband and a father—a Christian with a lot of responsibilities and with new tasks coming at me all the time I wrote this shoIngs done The power of daily and weekly routines And much including bonus material on taming your email and embracing the inevitable messiness of productivity It really is possible to live a calm and orderly life sure of your responsibilities and confident in your progress You can do better And I would love to help you get there I loved the opening chapters on the theology of productivity I doubt I will ever invest the time learning to use the apps he recommends But it has inspired me to re examine my priorities and pull out my categorized spiral notebooks again 😬 to plan special times with familychurch and keep writing topics from dropping off the edges of my brain