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summary A Pregnancy Scandal ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ They married for the sake of the baby Will they stay together for love Widowed power player Phillip Edgewood's political ambitions demand he have a wife—they don't demand he love her It's a good thing too because his heart belongs to the perfect wife he lost But fAppily ever after even after their amazing night together And now she's pregnant with his child A marriage of convenience should end the scandal and solve all their problemsas long as they don't fall in lo. WHAT A RIDE ON AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER I loved this book I laughed I cried and I really got mad at the hero What a putz I understand Phillip lost his wife Gina BUT OPEN YOUR EYES YOU IDIOT Ok rant over Well maybe not Alex she is not any better Fine she and her mother was abandoned by her father Spit happens Just because he was a dork does not mean all men are and real love does not happen I am not going to tell you my synopsis of this wonderful book The author and publisher Harleuin has already done that and you liked what you saw or you would not be reading the reviews Again I loved this emotional story of love and second chances Ms Cantrell does an AMAZING job of telling the phenomenal stories she writes She will bend your heartstrings almost to the breaking point She is just that good at telling stories This is an outstanding continuation of the romances of four spectacular women all successful in their own right I cannot wait to see which one Ms Cantrell has her sights or rather mind on nextI was gifted by the author Kat Cantrell with a copy of this EXTRAORDINARY book for an honest reviewGO BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT If you love romance and reading about stubborn people you will definitely love this bookThank you for reading my review

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Because his heart belongs to the perfect wife he lost But finding a woman who will say I do to his deal proves difficult Until he meets Alexandra Meer the sexy CFO he can't resist She doesn't believe in h. A Pregnancy Scandal second book in the Love Lipstick series by Kat Cantrell is a sexy angsty and well written story I anticipated this book after reading the first novel in the series debut and I must say I am not disappointed at all Ms Cantrell layered her story so well that the settings back stories dialogues and vivid prose created a dazzling edgy concoction More so her characters were flawed flashy and uptight in a likable way And as the title suggests the unplanned pregnancy added extra drama to an already dramatic plot I enjoyed reading this book due to the fact that Ms Cantrell gives her characters enough room to grow and evolve Phillip garnered my vote when he grows to accept and love Alexandra I rooted for Alexandra from the beginning as she deals with her insecurities and learns to let go of her haunting past And having Phillip finally accepting her as she is makes her growth as a character stronger Surely this is one story I’d recommend to readers And though this is a common theme used in the Desire line the author pulled off all the stops by adding her uniue touch and making the story her own So that is something worth the readRecommended45 Stars

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A Pregnancy ScandalThey married for the sake of the baby Will they stay together for love Widowed power player Phillip Edgewood's political ambitions demand he have a wife they don't demand he love her It's a good thing too. I was hoping for some scandal in A Pregnancy Scandal but even though the widower hero is a US senator from Texas the accountant heroine's pregnancy after a one night stand just merits a glittering Dallas wedding and a warm welcome to the family No Fox and Friends speculations no tabloid headlines no family values constituents wondering about the whirlwind courtship The heroine was an introvert who loved numbers so I thought there might be some interesting scenes where she had to cope with reporters or political enemies or voters with opinions Nope The hero just jets off to DC making the heroine lonely and that's about all his political career impacts their relationshipAfter the heroine realizes what she feels the big stumbling block is the hero's devotion to his dead first wife Once he's over that well story is over and it's on to the next book in the series The epilogue isn't about their relationship it's about an event in the company the heroine helped found with her three other friends She's still pregnant so no babies to coo over Yeah That's it That's the story They're all nice people with nice friends and nice careers and once the hero's emotional landscape is tidied up it takes a couple of months it's all good If you like a low stress book this one is for you