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Annihilationεφ Βάντερμιερ στον Αφανισμό βραβευμένο με το Βραβείο Nebula το 2014 το πρώτο μυθιστόρημα της Τριλογίας της Νότιας Ζώνης πλάθει μια εφιαλτική και συνάμα μαγευτική μα εντελώς μοναδική ιστορία επιστημονικής φαντασίας ένα από εκείνα τα σπάνια βιβλία που εντέλει και παρά τις όποιες ομοιότητες και αναφορές στέκουν μόνα τους δίχως στην πραγματικότητα να έχουν όμοιό τους. Really a waste of time The book seems to be going for the eerie each man is every man type of feeling that you got from Cormac McCarthy's The Road in which none of the characters have names Here we have a small group of women among them the psychologist the surveyor and the biolgist our narrator exploring Area X a supernatural type district that borders our own mundane world I found myself completely uninvolved and not at all scared or disturbed by the team's discoveries It was far too cryptic While less is often Michael Chabon are you listening less is also often less And so it is here I was hoping for something gripping that would draw me into this mystery but none of the hooks worked While our protagonist does learn something about herself in the course of the thankfully short novel her realizations leave no emotional impact I will not be reading the seuels even tho they are being released by the publisher on an accelerated schedule NYT recently reported on this new publishing phenomenon of uick releasing of series And this series is being published by FSG usually known for uality books Don't get it

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READ ´ Annihilation ó Μια τετραμελής ομάδα –μια ψυχολόγος μια βιολόγος μια ανθρωπολόγος και μια χωρομέτρης– στέλνεται να εξερευνήσει την αποκλεισμένη μυστηριώδη Περιοχή Χ είναι η δωδέκατη αποστολή που αναΜια τετραμελής ομάδα –μια ψυχολόγος μια βιολόγος μια ανθρωπολόγος και μια χωρομέτρης– στέλνεται να εξερευνήσει την αποκλεισμένη μυστηριώδη Περιοχή Χ είναι η δωδέκατη αποστολή που αναλαμβάνει τούτη την εξερεύνηση Εκεί μες στην παρθένα ερημιά όπου δεν απομένουν παρά μόνο τα χαλάσματα ενός εγκαταλειμμένου χωριού τα τέσσερα μέλη βρίσκουν έναν μυστηριώδη πύργ?. I am sure that it will shock to many readers my low rating of this popular novel but sadly I think that it's the best way to express my own personal reading experience with the book And I prefer to be honest than just giving a high rating if I don't believe on itFirst of all I don't hate the author and I am not looking for affecting the average rating of this novelBasically I had to balance the meaning of each rating here on Goodreads against what I thought about my reading experience with the novel and I realized that I wasn't confortable even thinking on the book that I like it which it would imply a 3 stars rating so at the end I opted to give it a 2 star rating but I don't enjoy to do itMaybe I am not the ideal reader for this kind of stories Maybe while I am huge fan of science fiction I am not ready to read weird fiction that it's the closest way to genre the novel It wasn't the surreal elements since I am used to read and watch surreal material like Alan Moore's comic books or Luis Buñuel's filmsI think that my frustration with this particular novel was the inconclusive ending along with the knowledge that maybe some of the information on the story can be false and most of all the lack of any single explanation of what the heck is going onI understand that it's a trilogy I get that it's a mystery so the author can't explain all on the very first book but I think that any novel has to bring some kind of closure on itself Also some explanations could be appreaciated You don't have to explain everything but at least something when you see beauty in desolation it changes something in youThat's a uote from the book and analyzing my general impression of the book sadly I think that the novel was like a desolation to me No explanations unreliable facts and an abrupt ending So I suppose that I am still the same since I didn't change and I still don't find beauty on desolationWhat I can appraise is the great writing style along with the smart and mature tone of the storyPlease if you are curious about the novel read it just like I did it I really do hope that you can enjoy to the fullest this novel No two people read the same book So while I couldn't find it as a possitive reading experience maybe for you will be different and that it can be just awesome

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? βυθισμένο στη γη που στους τοίχους του ξετυλίγεται μια παράξενη γραφή φτιαγμένη από μύκητες και στην άλλη άκρη της Περιοχής Χ ένα φάρο με ίχνη μέσα ενός τρομερού μακελειούΠατώντας στέρεα στη λογοτεχνία του Χ Φ Λάβκραφτ και του Τζ Γκ Μπάλαρντ μα και στο Σολάρις ίσως του Στάνισλαβ Λεμ και στην αίσθηση που δίνει μια ταινία όπως το Στάλκερ του Αντρέι Ταρκόφσκι ο Τζ. I am not sure how I feel about this It was good but not really