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Long Way DownWith a seven year age difference Ryke Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families Known as the most adventurous fast paced couple their next step has always been elusive to the rabid mediaBehind the scenes heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke Daisy’s resilience and shape their future together They promiseTo nev. Just as good Every time 62516 In a HUGE post moveno WIFI book slumpso I think a favorite re read is in order5 Ryke Fucking Meadows Stars Spoiler FreeSo this bad boy gets all the stars And I'm gonna hug it closeLike this Because it was goodBut mainly because it actually made this cold hearted little shrew shed a tear gasp It's an almost Christmas miracle anomaly I tell you Seriously though I think the rugged and dry terrain that is my cheek might experience a mudslide as a result of this never before seen influx of sudden moistureBut I digress My favorite foul mouthed fucking character in this bookRyke Ryke RykeCause I mean really how do I love theeLet me counts the waysOh man Le fucking swoon MusclesdangerBut most of all LOYALTYLoyalty is something that I personally value above pretty much all else And that's what I think I love most about this entire series The six main characters Connor Rose Ryke Daisy Lo and Lily they are all LOYAL to each other ALWAYS 'Let's make a pact If anyone hassles our sisters tonight we confront them and handle it with necessary means'She has a knife strapped to her thigh 'What you planning on shanking someone tonight''I plan on being resourceful and cautiousI also have a taser' Even when they are insulting each other and constantly throwing the middle finger they have each others' backs As couples as friends as brothers as sisters as FAMILY And I just LOVE it Especially Ryke His loyalty to Daisy Wherever you go I'll go His loyalty to Lo and Lo's loyalty to him I miss my brother and if you won't fight for the thing that makes you happy then I'm going to fight for you And to Connor And to ALL of them All TheFuckingTime The relationships that take the most effort and time become the mightiest in the end And boy are they ever mighty These characters and this series have a very special place in my heart now And even though I am SO sad the series is overthey will always live on my kindle And I will re read the fuck out of them forever

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Ards the vast wild unknown Authors' NoteIt's possible to only read the Calloway Sisters spin off series without reading the Addicted series but you MUST read Fuel the Fire Calloway Sisters #3 before reading Long Way Down Calloway Sisters #4 It's highly recommended to read the books in the recommended reading order which is in tangent with the Addicted seri. 5 stars I have this theory Well the series is over And what better way to end it than with my favorite couple Raisy So basically I was super emotional while reading this book not only for the content but what it represented to those of us in the Fizzle ForceWarning This will be less like a review and like a fangirl gush about an entire series Long Way Down is the story of Ryke and Daisy who have been officially dating for two years now With a six year age gap between them they have faced many obstacles in their relationship and they continue to face Both Ryke and Daisy along with their families and friends remain very much in the public eye and it places burdens on them and their families Daisy still struggles with her PTSD and Ryke with his issues with his father But together the six of them can face anything and together they will not break Relationships that take the most effort and the most time become the most mightiest most resilient bonds in the end I don't want to say much because spoilers and all but I will say that this book broke my heart and then put it back together again The Ritchie twins are the masters of feels and have proven yet again what amazing authors they areI laughed I cried and by the end of this book I was fulfilled It really does feel like the end of an era I can still remember reading the first book and waiting for Ricochet to be released I may not have reviewed the books from the beginning but I've been a fan from the very start and this series will always have a special place in my heartSo a gigantic thanks to Krista and Becca Ritchie you ladies have brought us characters that will forever feel like family Thank you ♥ We deserve better We deserve happiness As sisters And as friends

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Long Way Down Free download ¾ 5 » With a seven year age difference Ryke Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families Known as the most adventurous fast paced couple — their next step has always been elusive to the rabid mediaBehind the scenes heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke Daisy’s resilience and shaEr slow down To never compromise who they are To never abandon their love for each other But preserving their happiness also means adding risks Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn’t even take As a professional free solo climber Ryke is no stranger to risk but his next step with Daisy wagers than just his health With their lives on the line Ryke Daisy head tow. SPOILER FREE REVIEW5 STARS ★★★★★ Never give up or back down on the things that fill your soul Calloway There is no worse life than a hollow one After 6 hours of reading crying within one sitting of this read I was almost afraid that I could never bring myself to write this review Each and every book in the AddictedCalloway Sisters series has such a dear place in my heart and with Long Way Down marking the end of this entire series embracing myself for this read was like wishing that the end will never come Long Way Down will bring you on a tumultuous ride with Ryke Meadows Daisy Calloway as they chase after their long deserved happiness They're wild and primitive; these two are the daredevils of the gang and nothing will slow them down not even their 7 years age difference Living life on the edge comes with risks that these two are no strangers to but how far are they willing to go when it boils down to their lives at stake Reading this was like unwrapping an early Christmas gift knowing that whatever lies inside will cause my heart to swell with nothing but everlasting love and joy I don't want to go into specifics of the story because I want everyone to experience this journey through their own eyes as they read it The Ritchie twins are never short of words that could evoke a storm of emotions from their readers I already had tears rolling down my face by the time I hit 5% of this read My heart went from soaring high to suddenly being plummeted as Ryke Daisy's story took me on an adventure Every couple in the Addicted series have their own battles to fight but with Ryke Daisy they're the risk takers Everyone sees them as reckless but to each other their love runs deeper than that and they see each other for who they truly are Their love was selfless not only to their own but to every single person they cared about It broke my heart over and over again to watch them fight their battles but it was their strength and faith to overcome them that really sent me into puddles of tears Even with this being marked as the 9th book in the series I'm still blown away by the dynamics of the entire Addicted gang Whether it's the Calloway sisterhood or the brotherly love of Lo Connor Ryke; the Ritchie twins continues to showcase the growth of these characters and the level of maturity they've reached since the very first book I felt like I've grown along with these characters and witness every ups and down with them The kind of attachment I have for these people are as real as they can be Exhilarating yet heartbreaking I dare you to not fall in love with this read The Ritchie twins have brought their A game to greater heights by delivering the perfect conclusion to this epic saga There was no other ending I could possibly ask for than the beautiful one given to us The Addicted series was than just a series of stories it was an adventure of a lifetime and an unforgettable journey From friendships to love from hitting rock bottom to making breakthroughs; I wouldn't trade the experience of it for anything else in this world Krista Becca Ritchie are definitely forces to be reckoned with and they continue to outdo themselves with each book they put out I could easily find myself completely immersed in this world they've built and wishing that I could spend an eternity with these characters With this bittersweet finale no doubt it'll definitely take me a while to recover from this read My final parting words READ THIS SERIES YOU WON'T REGRET IT Long Way Down is the 4th book in the Calloway Sisters spinoff series and must be read in order It must also be read after Addicted After All as it contains spoilers This book also concludes the entire Addicted series For details on the recommended reading order please read HERE