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READ Ø The Women in the Walls ¸ Lucy Acosta's mother died when she was three Growing up in a Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods with her cold distant father she explored the dark hallways of the estate with her cousin Margaret They're inseparable—a family  When her aunt Penelope the only mother she's ever known tragically disappears whileLucy Acosta's mother died when she was three Growing up in a Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods with her cold distant father she explored the dark hallways of the estate with her cousin Margaret They're inseparable a family  When her aunt Penelope the. The Women in the Walls is a mildly disappointing sopho novel by Amy Lukavics author of Daughters Unto Devils It delivers all the things one expects from such a read – the deep atmosphere the chilling moments the compelling paranormal mystery – but it proves lacking in terms of substance characterization or any real depth of emotionWhen Lucy’s beloved aunt goes missing strange things start happening in her house The cook commits suicide her cousin Margaret is talking to walls and her aloof father lies about reporting her aunt missing to the authorities Lucy herself is struggling to come to terms with her aunt’s disappearance Prone to self harm since she was a kid she constantly fights the desire to hurt herself to the point of leaving scars As a protagonist Lucy inspires neither confidence nor affection In fact her personality is very difficult to pinpoint or describe She always appears too whiny forever on the verge of tears and her lack of action and her cowardice are enough to annoy and disappoint even the most patient reader Mostly we are told things about her but never shown enough to believe We are told that she often feels awful enough to cut herself deeply but those feelings never reach us We are told that she and Margaret are best friends but their bond never manifests If anything it’s clear that Margaret barely tolerates Lucy and that jealously long ago destroyed any real connection the girls might have had It needs to be said that Lukavics does an excellent job scaring the living daylights out of us Her writing is very evocative when it needs to be and she is capable of provoking real fear and disgust In terms of pacing however she leaves us with too many problems to count Things happen at the beginning and at the very end The whole middle part of the book seems like a filler we could have done without The revelations such as they are all happen in the final pages Unfortunately by that point we are mostly uninterested in Lucy or her fate The novel’s contemporary setting is also uite confusing The admittedly odd values of Lucy’s family their behavior and their way of life all seem to belong to a historical setting perhaps early 20th century The bits of contemporary life that were thrown in haphazardly were somewhat jarring The Women in the Walls leaves us with a somewhat bland taste in our mouths made tolerable by Lukavics’ potential which can be read as a promise of better things to come With some work on characterization and pacing her next novel The Ravenous might turn out to be a much better read


E walls Emotionally shut out by her father Lucy watches helplessly as her cousin's sanity slowly unravels But when she begins hearing voices herself Lucy finds herself confronting an ancient and deadly legacy that has marked the women in her family for generation. Overall Rating B People can be happy and sad at the same timeSometime the sad parts just spiral out of controlJesus don't read this at night My heart pounded from beginning to end and that endingwhew😱The characters definitely needed some fine tuning and the plot had some major holes here but the creep factor was intense and made up for it Stay safe and dont trust voices in the wall people

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The Women in the WallsOnly mother she's ever known tragically disappears while walking in the woods surrounding their estate Lucy finds herself devastated and alone Margaret has been spending a lot of time in the attic She claims she can hear her dead mother's voice whispering from th. I wish I had positive things to say about this novelLucy is a highly uninteresting and bland main character She cuts herself she misses her cousin and best friend Margaret and That's about it for her character There's going on around her family but we spend lots of time in Lucy's head and sorry she was just an insufferable bore There wasn't even any real depth to why she self harmed or was depressed if she was depressed Eually we hear that Margaret was Lucy's best friend but because the story begins where Margaret is deep into weird alley and we don't get any real depth to their relationship except Margaret too generally being an unlikeable hissy creep The only thing resembling an insight into her self harming manner is that her father is in some kind of cultwhich does nothing sinister for 95% of the book than having elaborate dinner parties I wish I was joking To be fair to Lukavics she does try to build up to a high level that there is something MORE going on with all those suited creepers but she doesn't actually imply anything like what that might be until the very end In Rosemary's Baby it is CONSTANTLY hinted as in actual hints not just Lucy being like and then Kent shot a strange look in Gregory's direction Like by the ending we feel we already know everything we need to know abut the cultHowever for this complaint for the beginning of the novel I felt that Lukavics had gone about trying to fix her pacing problem in the wrong way To be fair somebody dies on the first page; somebody then disappears on the 3rd page In Harleuin's extremely large spaced two chapters someone has committed suicide someone has vanished someone's family is clearly insane and Margaret has already been clarified as a complete nut job We have essentially also learned anything we will ever find out about the main characters and their families A lot of information is info dumped but it felt incredibly breathless and jerky The overall murky feeling is compounded by the bizarre use of time period This definitely felt like it would've worked better as a period setting Lucy's thought processes and her family's obsession with the club the aforementioned dining club seemed very much like a product of an earlier time I get that the anachronistic feeling with regards to the Acostas social status name and stiff upper lip might have been intentional but I felt like it wasn't developed well enough or really given enough bite to feel significant It's something I would have bought a lot easier at any time from the early 1900s 1950s Also the rigid attempts not to date it at all feel bizarre and difficult to read such as Lucy asking Margaret if she wants to watch sitcoms to cheer her up Or Lucy creeping up to Vanessa the maid's daughter near the climax and asking her if she's an expert on search engines I mean who the fuck says something like that in modern day And do Acostas these people obsessed with their appearance really wear leggingsThen the brakes are largely slammed on Part of me wonders if Amy Lukavics believes that the climax is in fact where we should learn all relevant information and not a moment before Because while I couldn't say that the first 100 150 pages were pointless or completely slowempty as you know I found Daughters unto Devils the same author's overall stronger debut I felt that a slower exposure of relevant information would've done wonders for the novel So much of what was built up in the first 200 pages felt meaningless by the time we reached the twisty climax So many things that felt like they should have been important were just forgottenWhy did Walter the cook kill himself if he did indeed kill himself What did the club know about Penelope's involvement with the villains as opposed to her involvement with them Was Lucy's mother involved in anything evil that happened Was it at all relevant that view spoilerFelix was in love with Penelope or Penelope was in love with Felix or whatever way round that all happened hide spoiler