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The Edge of Desire doc ↠ reader 9780061246364 Free ð reflectionslisburnltd ì They proved their bravery fighting for His Majesty's Secret Serviceand were rewarded with brides of great beauty and breeding But one memberof the Bastion Club has remained a bachelor until nowChristian I need your heBandoned her when she needed him most and she hates to call on his aid But to clear her brother's name she has sworn to use every weapon at her command even if it means seducing her ex lover Yet all the while Christian is waging a war of his own a campaign of pure pleasure and sweet revenge that will take them both beyond the edge of desir Oh man this book kind of got pushed to the back of the shelf and I took a long hiatus from my uest to read through this series Whoops Well I'm back on it now only got this one and Dalziel's and I be done Then I can maybe work on that one uartet of hers Adventurer's maybe? Lol I'd have to look it up Anyway back to the last Bastion boy Sounds like a boy band or something no? DFinished 35 Stars Took me a minute to get back into Stephanie Laurens mode and out of Jo Bev's Mallorens mode as I have been absorbed in that series lately Seriously I kept thinking to myself why are they not looking into this investigating that checking here or there? Dammit where's Rothgar he would have already thought of the right avenue of investigation He'd have this sorted out in a trice Ha Nothing of the author's fault just my own uirk for being stuck in that world So once I refreshed my mind with the Bastion guys and Dalziel lol he's totally the Rothgar of this series and put myself back into the proper setting of this series I was all in The mystery as usual was totally the draw of this story Laurens shines when there is mystery and mayhem afoot and the lust and romance takes a secondary seat of importance for me Yes I liked Letitia who despite my never having mind cast a previous Bastion heroine my brain inserted Eva Green into her character seriously she could totally play up Letitia view spoiler hide spoiler

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They proved their bravery fighting for His Majesty's Secret Serviceand were rewarded with brides of great beauty and breeding But one memberof the Bastion Club has remained a bachelor until nowChristian I need your help There is no one else I can turn to LWhen Christian Allardyce 6th Maruess of Dearne reads those words his world turns upsi 40 Widows Deserve a Second Chance starsIt was love at first sight for Christian and Letitia She vowed to wait for him when he went off to war That was 12 years agoChristian is the last single member of the Bastian club All of his friends have found love and married strong intelligent women He suspects he may never marry because the only woman he has ever loved is already marriedWhat a pleasant surprise this turned out to be because I wasn't expecting to enjoy this one so much I loved the turn this one took and enjoyed the murder mystery that developed

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The Edge of DesireDe down Lady Letitia Randall is a woman like no other and the day he left her behind to fight for king and country was the most difficult of his life He never forgot the feel of her lips against his but never expects to see her again Yet now she seeks his help and Christian knows he will not resist her pleaLetitia believes that Christian a Reviewed for ueuemyreviewcom; book release Sep08“The Edge of Desire” is Stephanie Laurens sixth book of her ‘Bastion Club’ regency novels In short the heroes of these novels have returned from the Napoleonic wars and found themselves prime bait for the matchmaking mamas of the ton They formed their own club hence the name and decided to make their own decisions regarding their future wives as they have each now succeeded to their titles and need to marry to carry on the family name I’ve read each of her Bastion Club novels and I think this one is my favorite so farChristian returned from the war to discover the woman he loved hadn’t waited for him as she promised He feels anger and bitterness that she broke her vow to him and has done his best to avoid contact as much as possible until he receives a visit from her asking for his help As much as he would like to turn her awayhe just can’tLady Letitia would rather handle problems by herself But when her despised husband is murdered and suspicion falls on her beloved and missing brother Letitia knows that only Christian can help her now She’s well aware of what he thinks of her and knows that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to gain revenge for her ‘desertion’ but the honor of her brother and family is at stake There’s NOTHING she won’t do to gain Christian’s assistanceI like many of Laurens’ fans had begun to feel her novels had become stale that I was reading the same novel over and again just with different characters I’m glad to say that with only a few exceptions this novel has the mystery and pacing and fire of her earlier works Ms Laurens is a master of description at times she tends to go a bit overboard but she sets a stage that allows the reader to practically ‘see’ the balls and gowns and houses and streets of London This pacing of this novel was also much better than previous ones The intricacies of the relationship and the mystery were slowly unfurled at an even pace throughout the book There were only a few times that I felt any kind of lag in the plotMy only real complaint and how shocking is this is her handling of the love scenes She writes with passion and sensuality as she always does but I also felt she was a bit TOO ‘flowery’ in this book It came dangerously close to ‘purple prose’ and it felt like her editors had reuested her to make the love scenes longer so she added adjectives Don’t get me wrong it’s still hot It just felt forced than her earlier works and this is just MY opinionIn any event if you like regency romances and you haven’t read Stephanie Laurens I really think you should As her wildly popular ‘Cynster’ novels are now all first released in hardcover these Bastion Club novels are the only paperback first releases left for her fans I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Christian and Letitia and the battles they faced together and within themselves to finally come together after all their struggles and sacrifices I’m also eagerly awaiting the last book of this series where the mystery of Dalziel will finally be revealed His book which according to her website is “The Mysterious Dalziel” is to be released in Fall 2009 It’s already on my ‘buy’ listTil next timeJJ