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Hots Instead I'm lusting over a big mouth sexy as hell retired mob hitman For months I've avoided the jerk and my craving for his hot bod Now we're alone on a job in a town with nothing to do except roll around nakedShifting loyalties dod. First review of 2016 coming right upEven though The Ramsey Security series involved some incredibly shady characters with dubious pasts who liked to get a little kill happy now and then they still managed to be some of the most understated anti heroes I've ever come across none so than the delectably droll Minka and the perpetually horny Dino in High Voltage From previous entanglements with Minka I knew she was going to be one fiesty b to the wall ex assassin and it would take a man of either huge bravado to tame her or a hero with enough audacity to at least try and who better than dirty Dino a tall sexy killer with a penchant for all things lounge culture but who still manages to call his ma every weekIf S gets dicey Dino says as we drive in the still dark morning you bail I'll take the heatOkay I'll miss youDino frowns at me I'm not kiddingNeither am I You're very memorableDon't get killed or arrestedNever occurred to me to do eitherScowling he grunts Well just don'tOkay You should stay alive and free too You know if that works for youThe sparring back and forth and the build up of the sexual tension between our two main protagonists is what always makes Bijou's books shine for me as well as the suspenseful but often hilarious plots These books are brilliant and sparkling with wit and a sinister charm; with a darker underbelly like a really black morbid romantic comedy with jokes that you know you probably shouldn't laugh at but you can't help it; they are not as angst fuelled as her other marvellous Damaged series but we do get to keep in touch with that awesome group of bad ass and oddball characters but with enough drama internal dilemma's shoot outs stalkers and sex to keep you hooked to the last full stop

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High Voltage Ramsey Security Book 3Ging bullets spilling blood nothing on this assignment is as scary as my growing desire for DinoHigh Voltage is a standalone romance Containing graphic sexual content and harsh language the book is only appropriate for adult readers age 1. I usually stick to the rule that if a book can make me laugh within the first page that its uslally a keeper HIGH VOLTAGE is EXACTLY that The story mainly revolves around the temultuous relationship between Minka and Dino that what they are sent to do This was PERFECT The dynamic between the two of the is priceless Not to mention Dino's banter with HayesThis is my confession High Voltage is Bijou's best yet

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High Voltage (Ramsey Security Book 3) Free read È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Contemporary RomanceThe moment I meet the chauvinistic Dino I plan to either hump him or beat him into submission Likely bothMy name is Minka and I like to be in control I'm looking for a sensitive man capable of allowing me to cContemporary RomanceThe moment I meet the chauvinistic Dino I plan to either hump him or beat him into submission Likely bothMy name is Minka and I like to be in control I'm looking for a sensitive man capable of allowing me to call the s. I was given a copy for an honest reviewI have to admit that there isn't a book by bijou that I haven't loved I think her books are gritty and well writtenSo this is the third book in the series and it's based around a security firm who deal in bodyguards and sorting out threats against people Minka has been with us from the beginning but Dino was a new addition now I really liked Italian sausage I thought he was a cool stud the fact he used to be a mob hitman made him a great addition for the team As it's made up of ex assassins the hitman added some of his experience and wisdom Total wise guy Minka really had depth in this story and I kind of fell in love with her although she was an ex assassin she had a very big heart she was insecure about a lot of things She had a horrible mother and siblings she wasn't very close to it made anti social until she started working for Ramsey and made friends with the other guys' wivesgirlfriends In this story we get to visit the old gang in Ellsberg which was a pleasure for me as I loved the old gang There is lots of drama which I would expect from Ms Hunter lots of gun fights blowing stuff up a bit like an action movie and lots of good loving in there too I just felt Minka and Dino were a great couple and I loved reading about themPlease remember this is just my opinion I am in no way related to the author or do I know her personally I am but a humble book reader