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summary A Strange Machine (Timeloopers, #1) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF × ACE for ISBN 1942662009 ISBN13 9781942662006She’s dead Samantha her wavy caramel colored hair her little Bambi eyes her angel facedead I killed her Sure I didn’t crush her skull and bash her brains in The telephone pole did that ThPole did that The drugs did that The other car’s high beams did that But I killed her She had just said I love you She said she missed me She was coming to spend the night She was high She asked for a ride I was laz. About TimeI received this book for free and have read many time machine tales in the past but this is the first time in years I have enjoyed a book so much I had to write a review Absolutely first class tale without all the 'glitches' often associated with free books I take my hat off to Dan Rix for a tale well told

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ACE for ISBN 1942662009 ISBN13 9781942662006She’s dead Samantha her wavy caramel colored hair her little Bambi eyes her angel facedead I killed her Sure I didn’t crush her skull and bash her brains in The telephone. I flew through this book I was intrigued by the premise of uantum looping and was looped in right from the beginning when the key developer of the system was pushed into the computer server tower Who did it I still don't know here at the end of the book but I now have important uestions What happens on the senior trip Our three main protagonists are Cory Holland; the super genius super hot It Boy that has it SO easy Iris Strasser; the nerdy girl that has been invisible all of high school that has a huge competitive streak and can't stand Cory because she has to work so hard to figure what he just knows and Noah Wright; Cory's best friend who has a scholarship to attend the prestigious Lakeside Upper All Cory wants to do this year his Senior Year yes it's that important is rule the school and hook up with Samantha the hottest girl in school and also the ex of his arch nemesis Dante Cory and Noah stumble upon the Chronos Supercomputer in the basement of a building on campus after running from the groundskeeper because they had broken into the school Cory is instantly obsessed with the computer and is constantly sneaking down to it Iris catches him and the three of them realize that something strange is going on with the computer It's not until they receive a note from their future selves that they realize what is so odd about the computer It's a Time Machine They get a note from themselves saying that Samantha is going to die By now Cory is in love with Samantha and can't let that happen so they are racing against time and fate to try to save her Do they save her What happens if they do save her Won't that alter the future And what happens if the future is altered So many uestions In order to find out the answers you'll have to buy the book I'm not giving away any information

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A Strange Machine Timeloopers #1Y But what if there was a way to save her What if there was a way to send back a warning What if there was a way to undo it all The crash Us Falling in love All the way back to the beginning What if there was a machine. A Strange Machine starts off with the mysterious disappearance of Franklin Thomas who walks into the prototype Chronos uantum Computer and never comes out again Edgar Faye the head of the project closes down the jinxed project and donates the computer to his alma mater Lakeside Upper Cory Holland computer whizz spoiled rich brat and all round annoying jerk sounds rather like Tony Stark's playboy philanthropist billionaire then gets his hands on it after breaking into the school compound From there Dan Rix works his uantum physics and time travelling magic plunging Cory Noah and Iris into a crazy loop as they try to change the future in order to change the past Time travel paradox anyoneIt does Rix credit that his characterisation of Cory Holland is good enough that I really wanted to slap this idiotic teenager several times over Cory was a very well rounded character cocky and egoistical sometimes even brash and yet still vulnerable in areas of his life His two side kicks Noah Wright and Iris Strasser somewhat reluctantly also manage to live in your imagination as they struggle through the pains of high school Advanced Physics and the way Cory bullies them both I'm suspecting two possible romances to emerge in the next book from the way it's being set up HahOn the other hand Cory's crush Samantha Silvers felt a little like a throwaway character as if she's just there to be his distraction in the book Part of the reason could be her strange behaviour towards Cory's nemesis Dante Laurenti mmm delicious Her vacillation between the two would have been a perfectly normal confused reaction of a hormone driven girl with two simultaneous crushes which can happen except for the drugs and her parents' awkward lack of protectiveness and absence despite knowing that she has a problem And that brings up a YA trope Dan Rix has allowed into his book absentee parents I didn't uite notice this as strongly in his other books In bookTriton|20823076 everyone except the four teens had disappeared though there was a hint of family dysfunction; In God's Loophole and Eternity’s End the Rockwell's parents had died there were an uncle and an aunt whilst Raedyn was a runaway however there was the professor who was in a way kind of a stand in parentmentor In A Strange Machine however it feels as if the story is littered with absenteedistant parents Cory's father is too busy with work to pay attention to him Noah's mother appears to be addicted to the lottery Samantha's parents conveniently disappear on an anniversary trip just when her ex boyfriend comes back from juvie and Edgar Faye seems to be drifting too much in and out of reality to be much of a father to Anneliese Iris' parents weren't mentioned much at all I guess it's not ALL bad certain lack of parental knowledge has to take place in order for the teens to get themselves into trouble right but maybe having so many at once felt a little like overkillAt any rate Rix has a good thing going In most of his books it's really the way he gets you to identify with his characters and the struggles they go through that makes the story comes to life That really is his strength and he manages to continue to harness it even while improving on his overall writing chops I received a pre release copy of this book in exchange for an honest review