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Invasion of Justice Shadows of Justice Book 2 Shadows of JusticeIt's a mind thing In 2096 empath Petra Neiman loves the real thing Be it pencils phones or people whatever technology has improved she prefers originals in both her professional and personal life Or she would if she had a personal life Experiencing someone else's memories with even the briefes. Smart Suspenseful and SexyAs a fan of Regan Black's first book in the Shadows of Justice series Justice Incarnate I was very much looking forward to Invasion of Justice Ms Black has a talent for creating an exciting futuristic setting for her characters as well as a smart plot and captivating dialogue that drags the reader into the story from the first pagePetra Neiman is an empath trying to clear her brother of the gruesome crimes committed by a serial killer who shares his horrifying deeds with her in her dreams Gideon Callahan is a dark ops leader who is than a little skeptical of Petra's abilities Eventually Petra makes Gideon a believer not only in her abilities but in what he has come to feel for the woman he once doubtedInvasion of Justice is a wonderful blend of suspense and romance portrayed in Regan Black's smart articulate style I enjoy this author's talent for detail in her plots which adds to her futuristic settings and the depth of a mystery being unraveled But it is the witty banter between her characters and artful telling of a love story that makes Ms Black one of my favorite authors

Summary Invasion of Justice Shadows of Justice Book 2 Shadows of Justice

Summary Ç Invasion of Justice Shadows of Justice Book 2 Shadows of Justice É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò It's a mind thing In 2096 empath Petra Neiman loves the real thing Be it pencils phones or people whatever technology has improved she T touch puts a whole new spin on intimacy Then a serial killer shares a gruesome murder during Petra's dreams without contact and frames her brother for the crime and her entire world shifts he couldn't understand Why the Central Region Investigative Authority employs an empath is beyond dark. I have undertaken a Three Book Series for review The author Regan Black submitted Veil of Justice Book 3 of her Shadows of Justice Series for Review I must admit the books are truly stand alone but I am happy to have started from the beginningPetra Neiman is an empath She works under Special Agent Kincaid for the Central Region Investigation Authority When she is brought to a crime scene and can feel residuals of the murder and guide Kincaid and the authorities to the guiltyWe meet her in 2096 in Indianapolis in the middle of a horrific dream where by she is in the head of a murderer and feels and sees it through his eyesShe is jarred awake by her phone and Kincaid telling her to come to Chicago immediately and alone She is brought to a crime scene where a dead woman was found Using her abilities she gives her report about what she feelsAt the scene is under cover Dark Ops Gideon Callahan His job is to observe Petra under the disguise of helping herPetra is also told that her brother Nathan was arrested for a horrible murder She realizes that was the murder in the dream she had Since she was there through the eyes of the evil murderer she knows Nathan did not do it Nathan and she share wonderful talents His BOND is cut off from her and she must deal with the case at hand while continuing to try to reach him through the telepathy they sharePetra’s abilities are brought out in feelings She has to be warned about touch because when this occurs all the feelings from the other person is transferred to her in a stream of information Her world has been built on very little personal contact It also keeps her feelings safe as wellMs Black has put all her ducks in a row The scene is set for this thriller Gideon who is an all black and white kind of guy thinks feelings should not be at crime scenes Petra our mystic is plagued by her talents It becomes Gideon who searches his heart to believe I truly do not want to write any Spoilers for you the reader If I say any I could do just that SoooDid I say the This series is compelling Did I sayWhat a roller coaster ride Have I said Get the books What I will say is On to Book three Veil of Justice Review by Gloria LakritzSenior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild

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Ops leader Gideon Callahan's comprehension Just as baffling is his assignment for observation duty on the same supposed empath Following orders he watches engages and reports to his superiorsuntil he discovers her mental abilities are all too real and he might just be working for the wrong sid. It's the year 2096 Petra Neiman is woke up from a horrible dream to sound of an old fashioned telephone ringing She is called to the scene of a murder by Special Agent Kincaid who often uses her empath abilities to help him solve cases At the scene she meets Gideon Callahan who she assumes works for the police but things are not always as they seem Gideon is actually undercover watching over Petra While at the crime scene Petra touches one of the suspects and sees not only what happened but that her sister whom she never knew she had was there Thus begins a wild ride where Petra and Gideon get entangled in than just a simple murder Along the way we learn Petra has a brother Nathan who has been imprisoned for a murder Petra is sure he didn't commit Characters from the first book in this series Justice Incarnate make appearances in this book as well This book follows the theme of the first book and takes it and runs There are twists and turns you won't see coming and the future is portrayed in a very believable manner The sexual tension between Petra and Gideon is palpable and their interactions with each other are filled with unease and a sense of rightness This book is listed as paranormal romance but I would place it in the Urban Fantasy genre There is romance involved but the mystery and suspense are the meat of this book If you enjoyed Justice Incarnate you won't be disappointed in Invasion of Justice I read it in one sitting Can't wait to see what else Ms Black has in store for us