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Up in Honey's Room kindle ´ Hardcover ✓ Walter Schoen isn't just a Heinrich Himmler look alike; this Detroit butcher is a dedicated Nazi spy who when not busy slicing sausage is avidly assembling Allied production data for his friends in Berlin Tired of his covert shenanigans his wife Honey divorces him Looking for a good time if not she lWalter Schoen isn't just a Heinrich Himmler look alike; this Detroit butcher is a dedicated Nazi spy who when not busy slicing sausage is avidly assembling Allied production data for his friends i For those of you with fondness for Detroit no that is not a joke The book is almost worth reading just for El Leonard's descriptions of WWII Detroit back when there were cornfields up on north Woodward to the zoo on Belle Isle to old the Hudsons Department Store for recommendation of other historic Detroit novels see end of this review For those of you who have yet to acuire a taste for Detroit the book is typical El Leonard imaginative characters you can see interesting dialogue and not much of a plot With El Leonard you have to get into the mood and feeling of the scene and the characters He sets the stage with intersting characters the Karl the Oklahoma US Marshall Honey the self assured sexy Kentucky transplant Walter whose life is built around his resmeblebce to Henrick Himmler to the escaped German POWs to a forgotten German spy ring including a transvestite and you just watch them interact There is not a great deal of rising action and the story climax may feel almost as an after thought but this like most of his novels the enjoyment is not as much in the resolution but just in the ride along the way If you like Up in Honey's Room recommend Loren D Estleman's historic crime novels about Detroit Thunder City turn of the Century Whiskey River ProhbitionJitterbug WWII era Edsel 1950sStress 1970sKing of the Corner 1980sLoren D Estelman does not have El Leonar's gift for characters and dialogue but he has great similies and his descriptions of Detriot are spot on Please let me know if you know of any other good Detroit authors

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N Berlin Tired of his covert shenanigans his wife Honey divorces him Looking for a good time if not she lands in the lap of Carl Webster the Hot Kid of the US Marshals Service At the moment though Up In Honey’s Room El Leonard wrote “Up In Honey’s Room” at the age of 82 and wrote three novels after that before he died at the age of 87 I think that should give some hope to us Stephen King fans who fear that the master now merely in his late 60’s will stop writing any time soon It doesn’t have to be that way To be honest this is the first El Leonard work I’ve ever read based largely on Stephen King’s recommendation in “On Writing” that we read Leonard for his spot on dialogue Leonard writes in 2007 about events in Detroit in the early 1940s and we get a sense that we're there when everyone is obsessed with the threat of Nazi Germany Detroit is the arsenal of democracy and we couldn’t be proud of that city and its powerful American manufacturing capability Into this monument to capitalism steps Walter Schoen a Hitler loving German butcher who feels that his biggest claim to fame is that he looks exactly like Heinrech Himmler Walter has married an intelligent but extremely flighty American named Honey Deal She thought he might be interesting Turns out he’s not in fact he’s only smiled once maybe in their two years of marriage even when she’s told him some pretty good jokes Honey leaves Walter but by then she already knows many of his pro Nazi friends So of course when heroic US Marshal Carl Weber blows in from Oklahoma chasing a couple of escaped German POWs Honey is one of the first people he contacts Honey finds Carl good looking funny and sexy she has a low boiling point and a very direct approach when she’s interested in male companionship But Carl’s married and relatively faithful to a gunnery instructor for the US Marines so Honey meets and seduces one of the escaped German POWs instead He’s a handsome ex tank commander named Jergin and he has already gotten to like America and wants to stay here and become a rodeo broncobuster after the war ends Things get complicated There are plenty of other Nazi sympathizers that the FBI is watching and they wind together into a complex scheme that turns on the death of a noted doctor and his wife and ends up in Honey’s room just as Honey Walter Carl and Jergin are forced to strip naked as a transvestite pro Nazi sympathizer prepares to machine gun them all Okay So the plot is very weird but there are great characters especially Honey and Carl and the dialogue is so perfect that you are absolutely certain that you are eavesdropping on real conversations with real but very strange people Some critics say that it’s not one of Leonard’s best novels by any means But I found it very entertaining

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Up in Honey's RoomThe only couplings that interest Webster are the handcuffs that he'd like to snap onto the wrists of Hitler's American helpers El Leonard's unconventional crime novel has wrinkles than a bloodhou Up in Honey's Room is El Leonard's follow up novel to The Hot Kid US Marshall Carlos Carl Webster is a little bit older but he's still got it It's 1944 and the Allied Forces are kicking Germany's ass Carl is state side rounding up criminals and occasionally AWOL German soldiers who may or not be German spies Some of them are just soldiers who don't agree with Hitler's National Socialist agenda and they want out Then there are the American citizens who agree with Hitler and want to do something to help the losing German side Walter Schoen is one of those American citizens He believes that he is Himmler's twin inexplicably separated at birth He decides to set into motion a plan to assassinate President Franklin D Roosevelt Not on Carl Webster's watch of course What ensues is a humorously convoluted story in which Webster must deal with assassination attempts on his own life the temptations of adultery and sorting out who's who among the real Nazis and the Nazi posers Leonard doesn't let up and the ending is one the funniest shootouts Leonard has ever written