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READ & DOWNLOAD ß Challenged Vipers Creed MC #1 æ Lust love and second chances Growing up in the fast paced and rough life of a motorcycle club wasn’t easy Cleaning up the mess his father had made of Vipers Creed meant sacrifice Cade ‘Spook’ Baker had given up everything to bring the club life back to what it was supposed to beNever trust again Pasts have a way of not staying there Things that were buried deep have a way of finding themselves in the light of a new day Could something that had once crashed and burned for Spook and Trixie find a way out of the wreckage With the odds against them can they find a way to overcome the challenges or will it all blow up in their faces Due to content mature audiences onl. I am a lover of MC books and this one did not fall short of what I love about themSome have pure grit and crime Some offer a glimpse into the club life Some show the raw side of two people in love withChallenged focused on a second chance love within a MC life with only a touch of grit and crime Trixie Smart strong and sexy a true trifecta Her business Sirens is her main focus She is self made and proud of it She had her heart broken once and never again Booty calls are purely ok for her No shame in her game You go girl Cade aka Spook the not so friendly ghost Raw powerful and just pure man He is sex personified women line up to even get a glimpse of him President of his MC and has his brothers at his side making him a dangerous man He gets what he wants when he wants and even how he wants Where can I sign up For reals “No fucking guy touches you Trixie No one but me”Well hot damn let me be Trixie The tone and power of his words just makes you shiverThe two fell in love as teenagers but circumstances pulled them apart Something that neither of them got over What was the force that pulled them apart Was it age Was it Cade protecting her A chance call 15 years later has to two back together Cade is not letting Trixie go she is the goal and he will complete it That force is still in the background but both are on a path to fight it And fight did they ever “Arching my back I let loose a scream that echoed throughout the room My entire body uivered as shards of pleasure overtook me”Ladies we all know that we want this to happen Shew fans selfThe words just flowed so easily with the composition that made this story I just found myself consumed by what was going on I was Cade’s and Trixie’s cheerleader Cade you better get your girl Trixie let that man have you The determination and drive that Cade had to make Trixie’s his again was so so so swoon worthy Any woman would want their lover to care and tend to them this way The words and power behind them made you shiver from head to toe let me have a pieceEach page delivered a punch that made you want to continue and see what was going to happen Whether it be them fighting forces fighting each other or making their bodies as one This was a perfect mix of the MC life personal story lines and the unknown that is around each corner You felt the love even though it wasn’t mentioned every five seconds thank you for that It did not need to be said it was there and it was just simply known that these two were to be together and thrive Passion Suspense Grit Sex DrivePower Challenges “She had no clue yet but I wasn’t letting this shit go Still I knew my Trixie would be a challenge though a challenge I would win”For reviews visit


Chances rarely came to Spook so when his Trixie walked boldly into his clubhouse the decision was made Trixie would once again be his this time for good Trix Lamasters was raised by a master a master con All grown up she made her life solid by making it about her club Sirens But one bad business decision brought her to her knees forcing her to call on the one person she had sworn she would. 5 StarsI am a HUGE fan of Ryan Michele I fell in love with the Ravage MC and haven't looked back since While I am not a huge MC fan Ryan has a way of intriguing me and teasing my sense making me fall harder than I ever have before Well step over Ravage because there is a new club in town and they have taken top honors Wait until to meet the Vipers Creed MCI loved this book like every single fucking piece of it It was a brilliant masterpiece that captivated me from the first page and didn't let go until long after it was over I devoured this book and it devoured me right back Ryan Michele takes her readers on a journey of love forgiveness healing and second chances Are you ready to let Spook and Trix light up your kindle This is Trix and Spook's story Trix and Spook have history and not all of it is good but not all is bad either Trix was left with a broken heart Now years later she is a strong confident woman who runs her own business She has risen above and made something out of herself So when she goes looking for one of her girls it throws her right into the arms of sexy Spook Spook did what he had to do back then He didn't have a choice He has stayed away from Trix but when she needs his help he sees it as his second chance As the President of Vipers Creed MC he knows he needs a strong woman on his side and Trix fits that bill Secrets Lies Deception When Trix's world comes crashing down will she lean on Spook for supportI loved these two together Shit the sexual tension was at an all time high when they were near each other I was rooting for them no matter how hard Trix refused to follow her heart And Spook so sexy dominant alpha and completely in charge And between the sheets ueue the incinerating of panties Get ready for one hell of a ride that will leave you breathlessI highly recommend this bookBlog Tour

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Challenged Vipers Creed MC #1Lust love and second chances Growing up in the fast paced and rough life of a motorcycle club wasn’t easy Cleaning up the mess his father had made of Vipers Creed meant sacrifice Cade ‘Spook’ Baker had given up everything to bring the club life back to what it was supposed to be a family The choices he made were not what he wanted but they were necessary for the club as a whole Second. Cade 'Spook' Baker and Trixie Lamasters met each other in high school but their relationship didn't last past that when Cade had to leave her in order to take over Vipers Creed his dads Motorcycle Club From there both of their lives went in different directions Him now the president of the Club and Trixie the owner of Sirens the local strip club Sirens is what brings her into Cade's excuse me I mean Spook's life again One of her employee's borrows a substantial amount of money from her and never pays it back Hunting down her employee for the money takes her to Cade's Club asking for help since that's where the girl was last seen Once Cade see's her again though all his old feelings come rushing forward and he vows to never let her go again even if he has to take her kicking and screamingI liked the overall story about Cade and Trixie and the secondary characters have me interested in what's to come with this series But the book felt like there was something missing and it affected how much I enjoyed it There was a lot going on with the MC and also with Trixie and it ended up making some of the actual story between the main couple feel lost and not like it was the first priority which made me lose interest There were parts that I was just skimming through because I got bored and even put the book down once or twice I didn't hate Trixie or Cade but I didn't actually like them much because I never felt like I understood them Cade had this weird thing with his name where he had to keep pointing out that he went by 'Spook' and didn't want to be called Cade and yet for the majority of the story he was called Cade I didn't really get why so every time he would yell at someone for not calling him Spook it made me a little confused As for Trixie she didn't make much sense to me either It was almost like the author was trying to make her this tough kick ass character but that wasn't very clear for me Instead it seemed like she was trying too hard to be badass and failed miserably at itOverall this is a good story I just wish it kept my attention a little I am interested in whats to come for this club though so I will definitely be checking out the next book when it's out I would still recommend this book for anyone that liked a hot possessive biker