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Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor a group of clever eccentric misfits at an elite New England college di flings myself onto a chaise lounge and wails dramatically The fact that I’m not a part of an elitist circle of young scholars who uote Classics over dirty Martinis and toast to living forever and who might also be compelled to commit murder because they got too consumed by their Greek homework is the real tragedy here What’s this book about? Murder always makes an auspicious beginning for any good storyBunny is dead and his friends’ mercenary relief at having him gone didn’t take long before it turned sour In The Secret History the venom of remembrance falls to Richard Papen and the bulk of the book concerns itself with the months leading up to that point “This is the story I will ever be able to tell” says Richard and with that the still depths of memory come shivering back to lifeIn the days after Richard Papen sets foot at Hampden College he is aimless as unsteady as a poorly made bow suffering a deep pang of loneliness and dejection But then all of a sudden at the center of it all in a pocket of stillness within the simmering nest of his life was them A cliue of rich and sophisticated classic majors who drift about with their heads full of myths always at least half lost in some ancient story and who worship at the shrine of their highly eccentric professor Julian Morrow The closeness between them was palpable and something about that struck Richard with a deep allure They weren’t exactly unfriendly with the rest of the world; they were just friendlier with each other and Richard spared no efforts in impressing on them that he could fit in as well To that end Richard changed everything even the fabric of himself—adorning embroidering essentially reinventing the less glamorous aspects of his life He was like a ghost interposing himself between lovers to feel what it was like to be alive and that so much death would dog his heels soon afterwards is a brutal ironyAs in any group there is tension of course but it never grew very heated between them Neither did it ever uite abate It was the tension of minds meeting of differing interests not the tension of a world about to become terribly complicated ending in tragedy six souls forfeit A world where murder and lies and treachery were nothing but a currency they used to pay for the rest of their lives Let God consume us devour us unstring our bones Then spit us out reborn

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The Secret HistoryD the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal and at last inexorably into evil read my recollections of my time in the classics department at a college in New England full review of this book here is the problem with reviewing every book I read Sometimes I throw around terms before I really need them and then once I read THE book The Story that reuires and deserves that descriptor I have nothing to give itRight now I have this problem Because I have used the word “immersive” before and immediately upon my completion of this book it became clear that I should have saved it for right nowI felt like I lived inside these pages I felt like I began to think in the beautiful and sharp prose that fills them I felt like I knew the characters ate decadent lunches and walked the snowy campus and whispered with them I felt an aching emptiness a genuine longing when I read the final wordsI miss living hereThis was very very slow to the point that about halfway through I said inexplicably aloud “I don’t know what they’ll even do for the rest of the book” and yet I was gripped by itIt’s genuinely masterfulI love Richard and I LOVE Camilla and I love Francis and I fine okay at least like Charles and Henry and even Bunny and JulianAnd I miss them allThis is an incredible work but maybe the most incredible thing is how the reader is Richard I too miss my bygone days at my prestigious New England college with my whip smart group of eccentric friends and like him I am too uickly forced to realize the fallacy of such a feelingAfter all it was all a fictionBottom line I’m raising this to a five star rating you'll have to excuse me i'd love to actually write something here but my brain is broken and i am incapable of thoughtalso seems absurd to try to use words when donna tartt took all the good onesreview to come 45 stars me is slightly behind on my reading challengealso me starts a 600 page book

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PDF ´ BOOK The Secret History ï REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD à Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor a group of clever eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries But when they go beyond tScover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries But when they go beyon The first paragraph of The Secret History roughly sums up the mood of the book In it the narrator Richard Papen says that he thinks his fatal flaw is 'a morbid longing for the picturesue at all costs' If you can relate to these words chances are you'll love The Secret History If not you'll probably wonder what the fuss is all about Personally I can totally relate to these words so I love the book I've read it over half a dozen times and while I do think it has its problems I never fail to find it utterly gripping The Secret History is both an intellectual novel of ideas and a murder mystery without the whodunnit element The reader learns right on the first page that Richard and his friends have killed one among their midst The rest of the book goes on to explain how they came to their gruesome deed and what happened to them afterwards Against all odds it makes for compelling reading despite the fact that you know right from the start who the killers are Such is the power of Tartt's writing that you find yourself turning page after page waiting for answers justifications and possibly a sign of remorse Once these have been dealt with the book loses a bit of its power but until that time it's near perfectDonna Tartt's great gift as a writer is her magnificent talent for description Her evocation of life at a small private university in New England with its oddball mix of ivory tower intellectuals and ditzy cokeheads is rich in detail both shocking and funny If it's not entirely realistic she makes it so Likewise her skill at characterisation is superb While Richard is not entirely convincing as a male narrator a fact I find noticeable every time I re read the book he and his friends make up a fascinating cast of characters six aloof self absorbed and arrogant intellectuals who are obsessed with ancient Greece and don't particularly care for modern life They're snobs and they have major issues but somehow that only makes them alluring Together they form the ultimate inner circle the kind of tight knit group you know should always stay together Which makes it almost understandable that they should be willing to kill anyone who might jeopardise that group dynamic incomprehensible though this may seem to the average readerI can think of many reasons why The Secret History strikes such a chord with me For one thing I have a thing for timeless and ethereal stories and this is one of those Somehow the book has a dreamlike almost hypnotic uality despite it being very firmly set in the rather unromantic 1980s I love that For another thing I have always been drawn to the unabashedly intellectual and this book has that in spades It makes geekdom alluring and I just love Tartt for that I wish I were as geeky as HenryUltimately what I think I respond to most in The Secret History is the friendship aspect The Secret History is very much a book about friendship It's about the very human yearning to belong and be accepted by people we admire It's about the sacrifices we make to keep friendships intact the insecurity we feel when we think we might not be completely accepted by our friends after all and the paranoia we experience when it seems our friends may have betrayed us About the feeling of invincibility we get from having great friends and the melancholy and loneliness that follow the disintegration of a once great friendship The book basically reads like an elegy on a great friendship and one doesn't necessarily have to share Richard's intellectual attitude towards life his morality or even his morbid longing for the picturesue to be able to relate to that It's enough to have yearned for close friendship and been insecure in friendship And let's face it who hasn't?I do not think The Secret History is a perfect book As I said I find Richard somewhat unconvincing as a male character; there is too much about him that screams 'female author' to me Further the ending is decidedly weak although to be fair I have no idea how else Tartt could have finished her book The story does seem to be inexorably heading in that particular direction Insofar as the ending reflects the disintegration that is going on in the characters' lives it could probably be said to be appropriate Still I wish Tartt could have come up with something on a par with the rest of the book If she had this would have been a six star book I don't know many of those