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read Hiatus author L.A. Witt doc ¾ Kindle Edition ✓ l.a. witt Ó Three’s a disaster when things come unraveledRock star Nate Keller is on top of the world but his headlining tour has one drawback It keeps him away from his boyfriends Theo and Cameron for weeks at a time Yet after four and a half years aThree’s a disaster when things come unraveledRock star Nate Keller is on top of the world but his headlining tour has one drawback It keeps him away from his boyfriends Theo and Cameron for weeks at a time Yet after four and a half years and a lot of hard work the trio is still going strong But then Cam comes to visit with devasta Release day review originally posted at Sinfully35 stars With Nate spending a lot of time on the road with his band he is blindsided when the expected visit from his boyfriends turns into just Cam showing up and telling him that he and Theo have separated after 17 years and Theo has moved in with his brother That they don’t want to put him in the middle or lose him That it’s only a trial and they still love him While all of this is true there is so much that is going on that they don’t even see happening As Nate struggles with being on the road and having alternating visits from them he grows ever concerned that they aren’t even trying to fix things Risking the wrath of his fans and management Nate takes a week off to fly home and try to help Theo and Cam but by the time he gets there it appears that they have already given up Nate now has to decide if he wants to continue to be in the middle or if for his own health he should just give up as wellThere are a few flashbacks to happier times and while none of them have fallen out of love Cam and Theo realize that for the past few years they have been doing a lot of pretending Cam has been hiding the panic attacks that generally occur when he is alone away from the calming buffer of Nate or Theo For an even longer period of time Theo has been keeping uiet about how difficult he finds it just getting out of bed most days This results in fighting Theo is always making them late and Cam explodes when things aren’t done right around the house These incidents snowballed and now the two can barely have a conversation to save their marriage Their default is to get physical since the sex is still amazing but that doesn’t help them discuss how to fix things so while the drama is unrelenting there is still plenty of sex as that seems to be the only thing that makes any of them feel momentarily betterIn the middle of all of this is Nate When the story starts off Nate has been with the men for almost five years but spends significant amounts of time on the road with his band Coming home he attempts to steer the men in the right direction He has broached the subject of Theo’s depression and has witnessed one of Cam’s panic attacks He pushes them to seek counseling but as the two men continue to refuse to help themselves Nate has to finally do what’s best for him and has him wondering whether or not he will be able to stay with them even if they do get their acts together Whether the only reason they brought him into their marriage was to keep it from falling apartThis book is a hard read While I can’t use the word “enjoy” I did appreciate this story There’s not a lot of happy in seeing Theo and Cam’s marriage falling apart and the resulting breakdown of their relationship with Nate While it was clear to me early on that both men are suffering from undiagnosed disorders neither Cam nor Theo see or will admit to it They just see their partner turning into someone they can’t stand to be around As interesting as that is it is painful to readThis story is completely focused on the struggles of Nate Cam and Theo without much outside interference Nate’s bandmate and best friend Jill is a comfort to him and is able to give him solid advice Theo’s brother is a horrible person that is somehow married to a lovely woman who is finally able to get through to Theo and push him to seek the help he desperately needs I always enjoy LA Witt’s writing and again here she managed to really get across the despair heartache and pain If you’re grabbing this story just because you see “rock star” or “ménage” I would think twice The issues raised with respect to the conditions Cam and Theo are suffering with are serious and they’re not just pushed under the rug The story is a long road to rock bottom and while there is a happy ending there is not a lot of happiness along the way If angst and drama are your thing though you might just eat this one up

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Ting news After seventeen years together he and Theo have agreed to a trial separation Nate tries desperately to fix his lovers' broken relationship but there's only so much he can do from the road At home Cam tries to carry on but feels like his whole life is spiraling out of control Theo struggles to cope with the split as his dep The vast majority of this book frustrated me and made me angry I do not enjoy those emotions and therefore did not enjoy most of the book I persevered and I liked the end So ultimately three starsBut still There were two main problems with this book 1 The writingediting lack thereofIf this book was edited AT ALL by anyone I will eat my hatThis was not self pubbed it was put out by a admittedly troubled professional publishing company and therefore must at some point have been assigned to an editor But either the editor it was assigned to has no right to that title or this snuck through while Samhain wasn't paying for editing servicesSo much of this book was repetitive boring internal monologue Like entire chapters of Nate on a bus just thinking about stuff The same stuff over and over again Using mostly the same words You just said that a paragraph ago asshole Which was the fifth time you said it because you waxed on about it in chapter 3 for exampleThis bothers me a lot now than it would have a year ago because I'm currently working on a novel of my own And I know how hard I work on making it as good as it can possibly be I write and re write re write again and I edit and then I get feedback from my critiue partners and then I edit some I was almost halfway through my book when I realized that it just wasn't working as it was and I went back and scrapped entire sections wrote several brand new chapters and basically transformed the entire thing It was exhausting and it took a lot of extra time but I am so much happier with the result That is what someone who cares about the uality of their work does I guarantee you that LA Witt does not do that And while I respect her like crazy I have to disagree with that approach Knowing how hard I work to make my writing as good as it can be and then reading books especially ones put out by professional publishing companies that are obviously at best a second draft frustrates meOh and it wasn't just the rambly repetitious internal monologue There were also dozens of little typos which also drives me crazy because I was actually turned down for a job as a line editor at Samhain because I didn't catch enough mistakes in the sample file So reading a book published by Samhain and finding tons of little things like that makes my blood boil on a totally different level Maybe they weren'taren't paying for line editing any either2 As another reviewer put it this is the kind of book that could have been over in 10 pages if the characters had just freaking talked to each other SMH It is obvious from the very beginning of the book that Cam and Theo's problems stem from some easily treatable mentalemotional health issues that both of them are experiencing But they won't tell each other Cam refuses to tell Theo view spoilerabout his panic attacks and anxiety hide spoiler

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Hiatus author L.A. WiRession worsens They're both spinning their wheels uickly losing hope they can keep it together and keep the man they both still love Desperate Nate drops everything in a last ditch attempt to pull their trio back together before they hit rock bottom Except their love could already be shattered beyond repair Length 8 hrs and 51 mins 45 StarsI've always been fascinated by stories where one of the main characters has a mental condition be it depression anxiety OCD or any other condition that invisible to us but a struggle for them on a daily basis I was wary of reuesting this book despite the fact that I really like LAWitt I don't like threesomes Sure I've read some threesome books that worked for me really well but generally they're hard to connect with and not very believable as a real life situation But this this was really good I loved many things about it and I have very little that didn't work for me It was surely a successI'm not going to bother to re tell the blurb so I'll just start by talking about what I really liked I loved how Cam and Nate's mental conditions were approached because it was easy for me to believe how easily they missed seeing important things about each other; Cam has been suffering from anxiety for many years but he never really acknowledged his condition I know how easy it is to dismiss your symptoms and reactions as daily stress and I also know how much easier it is to keep them to yourself and not bother your partner with something like that Over the years Cam's anxiety got a lot worse and financial troubles and lack of control over said problems resulted in a pretty severe form of OCD What started off as mild anxiety turned into severe panic attacks over the top OCD which caused many intense fights and arguments with his husband Theo and constant anxiety The fights between Cam and Theo turned and aggressive and escalated to the point where they could no longer live with each other Despite their efforts to present a united front to Nate in order to save him from stress and help him focus on his tour Cam and Theo are falling apart Theo has been battling depression for years but he's not aware of it and therefore he's not getting the much needed medication I realize that it's probably hard for the person battling depression to figure out they need help especially when the depression isn't obvious and the symptoms are easily blamed on other life problems I wanted Cam and Theo to SEE that something is wrong and help each other out but I know that's easier said than done especially since they were both too distracted by their own personal battles to be able to focus on the other That's where Nate comes in; Nate has been on tour for months and has only gotten to see Theo and Cam once a month if lucky When he finds out that Cam and Theo are not as strong as they seem and that the relationship Nate thought as indestructible is falling apart Nate is heartbroken Now Nate finds himself in the middle of the storm so to say much like a child in the middle of a bitter divorce; he doesn't want to choose between Theo and Cam because he loves them both than anything and he's trusting them to talk about their issues and try to get back together After realizing that Cam and Theo are not putting any effort into saving their marriage and neither of them is ready to admit that depression and severe anxiety is tearing them apart Nate has to decide what's best for himself he needs to be selfish in order to repair his broken heartThis book is full of emotions both good and bad and I couldn't put it down until I got to the end I needed to know how this was going to play out like I needed my next breath I love when a book draws me in and makes me forget there's a real world apart from the one in the book Despite the feeling at times that the book was lagging a bit if any of these serious issues would've been brushed over like they're not important enough I would've been mad So I welcomed that feeling There was also an insane amount of sex in this book hot intense and filthy at times; as much as I like sex in my books I wanted them to spend less time fucking and time discussing the elephant in the room I loved that Nate felt like an authentic part of the relationship but I couldn't help but feel like Cam and Theo wanted to sexualize every moment they got to spend with him; I know it was for obvious reasons so that they didn't have to discuss the lack of progress they were making towards fixing their marriage but I needed Nate to put his foot down and his dick in his pants until he got the information he neededIn the end after a lot of hard work and some much needed dose of reality they got their happy endingyes all three of them The HEA was beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for So despite minor reproaches I have so much love for this book