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Dodgers by Bill BeverOf man he wants to become   Written in stark and unforgettable prose and featuring an array of surprising and memorable characters rendered with empathy and wit Dodgers heralds the arrival of a major new voice in American fiction From the Hardcover edition. This is a wonderful book about the coming of age of 15 year old East who works as lookout for a Los Angeles drug dealer When his job blows up East his estranged 13 year old brother Ty and two older boys Michael and Walter are sent by the drug dealer on a cross country mission to Wisconsin East is preternaturally calm and mature but it is the sociopathic Ty who drives much of the action in this story which takes place over the course of about one monthThe author respected his characters enough to make them real rather than stereotypes It took only about 20 pages before I was completely rooting for East I so wanted him to turn out ok However in this moving and suspenseful book whether East would have any future at all was constantly in doubt The scene between East and his mother made me cry as did the knowledge that he would rather sleep inside a cardboard box in a basement crawl space rather than stay in her house But there is no self pity in this book All four boys just get on with business The book has a fair amount of violence It also has humor mostly derived from the need of four black boys in a van to appear non threatening to the mostly white people in middle America The title is a reference to the Dodgers shirts that they are all given to wear because white people love baseballThe writing was poetic and honest This is the author's first book and I hope there are many to comeI received a free copy of this book from the publisher

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Hothead younger brother to kill a key witness hiding out in Wisconsin The journey takes East out of a city he's never left and into an America that is entirely alien to him ultimately forcing him to grapple with his place in the world and decide what kind. Dodgers by Bill Beverly is a 2016 Crown publication Good but not what I was expecting An LA Gang member called ‘East’ finds himself in a bind when the house he is supposed to ‘watch’ is popped causing him to lose his position But his uncle Fin offers him another 'opportunity' by sending him off on a road trip with his younger half brother and two other guys to kill a judge before he can testify against him So begins a long road trip style journey for East who is only fifteen something I often seemed to forget But immediately the gang goes off script landing themselves in all sorts of situations and eventually find they are at odds often fighting amongst themselves Along the way East experiences other parts of the world for the first time and begins to ponder on the direction his life is taking and take stock The uestion is if East will survive the trip and if he will find a way out of the life he seems destined to succumb toThis is a crime novel but not in the traditional sense I noticed after reading the book that many folks felt the novel was of a ‘coming of age’ tale than a crime story I would have to agree with that categorization as well The author’s prose has been compared to many other heavy hitting authors which proves this is a special debut and again I can’t complain one iota about the raw honesty in which this book was written However for me there were a few problems one of which was my expectations going in I was not expecting a ‘coming of age’ story and wish I'd known that going in Another main issue I had was with the pacing I nearly put this book aside because it wasn’t doing one thing for me and I despite the gritty context and the lyrical dialogue something I usually just adore in a crime novel I zoned out and lost track had to re read paragraphs and basically muddled through large segments of the book and that probably caused me to miss out on some of the complexities and nuances others enjoyed about the book I also had to take into account the plausibility factor which stretched my limits and I’m usually pretty lenient in that department However I am glad I decided to stick with it and now that I’ve had time to reflect on it a little I believe the story is worth the accolades and see why it’s been so highly recommended East is a very memorable character and meeting him was worth the extra effort it took to finish the book But I am still stuck on how to rate the book From a critical thinking stand point the book deserves the highest rating possible but based on my personal enjoyment of the book I would have to knock off a couple of stars Usually when I find myself facing that dilemma I stick to the middle ground but I feel the writing is worth a better rating than that so – 35 rounded to 4

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Download Dodgers by Bill Beverly í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê Dodgers is a dark unforgettable coming of age journey that recalls the very best of Richard Price Denis Johnson and JD Salinger It is the story of a young LA gang member named East who is sent by his uncle along with some other teenage boys—including East'sDodgers is a dark unforgettable coming of age journey that recalls the very best of Richard Price Denis Johnson and JD Salinger It is the story of a young LA gang member named East who is sent by his uncle along with some other teenage boys including East's. In his mind he was boiling it down Drive the roads Meet up for guns The job He tried to follow it in his mind see where the problems were But there was nothing to see Only these boys Kill a man More like keep them from killing each other these three boys for two thousand miles in this ugly van That was what they'd brought him in for That was what he had to do to get back homethis is crime fiction where crime takes a backseat to character development a coming of age novel whose protagonist had never been a child a road trip novel with a body countsixteen year old east has run the yard of a drug house in the boxes a winding neighborhood in la for two years he's smart humorless and practical and he's not in the game for the glamor or the bravado but because at sixteen it's the most lucrative thing he's ualified to do it's also a job for which he is well suited he's uiet deliberate calculating cautious but his is a caution born of common sense not fear and despite living on his own sleeping in an overturned cardboard box in the basement of an abandoned building avoiding his own mother's addictions despite having a younger brother who has gone full tilt into thug life despite having been exposed to a full spectrum of horrors in his young lifeUnlike the boys who came from homes with mothers or from dens of boys East slept alone somewhere no one knew He had been at the old house before them and he had seen things they had never seen He had seen a reverend shot on the walk a woman jump off a roof He had seen a helicopter crash into trees and a man out of his mind pick up a downed power cable and stand illuminated He had seen the police come down and still the house continued onfor all that east hasn't become completely hardened he's still a thinking feeling uestioning young man with a sensitive nature than many of his peers after the police raid his drug house east is given a redeem yourself assignment by his uncle kingpin fin to join three other boys on a road trip to wisconsin where east's badass thirteen year old brother ty is supposed to shoot a witness set to testify in court against fin's interests and once on the open road together two thousand miles and the oldest of them just twenty years old outside of the narrow confines and lack of options their hometown offers east sees that the world is much bigger than what he's seen of it so far the criminal life is not inevitable and he finds himself at the crossroads where a different adult future is possible but there are also different dangers away from the racially diverse populace of la and four young black men stand out in certain towns across the vast white belly of america East We ain't in the woods any There's a hundred cops right over there And the longer we stay here the blacker we getthe traits that make east perfect for running a yard also make him a good choice to guide us into this story he's a watcher an observer and we experience all through the eyes of a black teenager somewhat apart from the other boys and also very conscious of being scrutinized for otherness by the wary white gaze of strangerseven among other criminals there isn't an automatic camaraderie that transcends race; transactions are tainted by casual racism which east absorbs and deflects not willing to give anyone power over him These ain't the low end Saturday night specials city niggers use said the man licking his lips No offenseThere it was East saw it fly out and watched it sink Just a stone in the waterthe nature of the road trip lends itself to introspection with the hypnotic sameness of the highway's yellow lines stretching into forever the backseat catnaps and rushed meals from fast food joints the high spirits of teenagers away from home for the first time full of the pride of being entrusted with a very adult mission and the giddiness of unsupervised adventure seeing the world from a different vantage point making their own decisions which are freuently very poor ones indeed it's another fantastic debut novel strong writing strong voice wonderful descriptive passages both visual Gym muscles down his belly like puppies in a litter and philosophical They'd done some things right But nobody would tell you how many things were left; it's meditative without dragging much and it's a fresh take on literary crime writingchange the setting from la to balti and this novel would be a perfectly satisfying season of the wire where east would obviously bealthough east's little brother is of a pill than bug and i guess the book would have to be retitled orioles which is definitely a step down title wiseit's a great first novel a little draggy at the end but definitely one to watch in the crime lit genrecome to my blog