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Free download Í Body Horror Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Unspeakable acts are committed on women's bodies under capitalism everyday In Body Horror Anne Elizabeth Moore explores the global toll of capitalism on women with thorough research surprising humor and ease—especially when exaE and Cambodian Grrrl co editor and publisher of the now defunct Punk Planet a founding editor of Best American Comics a Fulbright scholar former UN Press Fellow and USC AnnenbergGetty Arts Journalism Fellow. Passionate writing not is necessarily good writing and passionate thoughts are not always being clever ones Like many essay collections it jumps about wildly both in subject and in uality In some moments Moore writes poetically about her existential experiences as a chronically ill person at others she dips into the livid prose of a first year discourse student It was no surprise to find that most of these works were originally published online or not published at all When Moore is at her best her rage is palpable; when she unpacks the many many ways the American medical industry has systematically failed the millions of patients like herself mostly female for unknown reasons who suffer from autoimmune disease; or how the garment industry exploits the labor of female workers from sweatshop seamstresses to runway models On the other hand some of her ideas are nonsensical like the intellectual contortion with which she attempts to sew a connection between our culture's infuriating expectation that it is a woman's social debt to bear children and drum roll wait for it the history of US patent law Just because two things are both rooted in patriarchal beliefs as most things are doesn't mean they're in any way correlated Even sometimes Moore falls with unintended hilarity into the trope of the outrage hungry feminist screaming Sexist at inanimate objects like when she explains how the lowly sanitary napkin disposal bag is a horrifying manifestation of masculinist society's revulsion towards female bodies Interesting thesis but never does it occur to her that a blood soaked tampon is in all actuality a biohazard and ought to be disposed of as such It's not 'internalized misogyny' to not want to encounter another woman's menstrual waste and sexism is not the reason women are encouraged to bag up their biowaste any than it's sexist to train hotel maids not to handle soiled linens with their bare hands

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Unspeakable acts are committed on women's bodies under capitalism everyday In Body Horror Anne Elizabeth Moore explores the global toll of capitalism on women with thorough research surprising humor and ease. A series of essays that pays an homage to a genre of horror films and novels body horror by using them as a springboard to discuss the horrors women face under a patriarchal capitalism particularly in work entertainment and medicine The author outlines some of these horrors as a close observer Massacre on Veng Street or as a uasi survivor Fucking Cancer Her writing style does take some getting used to but the patient reader is rewarded with trenchant observations Metaphysics of Compost is one of the most delightful essays in this collection Moore leverages her experience with farming an experience that she uses to highlight the complementary relationship between life and decay to shatter some of the most harmful myths purity in relation to consumption perpetuated by the mainstream food movement She also demonstrates that the movement's current focus on sustainability and consumption are distractions arguing that 'the relationships forged by what we eat and how it is acuired are as eually important to the nutritional properties of what is ingested' I'd recommend this book to everyone so much so that I've bought 9 additional copies and gifted them to my friends

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Body HorrorEspecially when examining her own experiences with disease and health care to create a portrait of contemporary American culture that is gory and fascinatingAnne Elizabeth Moore is the author of Unmarketabl. Read my review of this here