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DOC ô READER One Night of Sin ´ 9780345480095 FREE í GAELEN FOLEY ´ Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec Knight who never looked for love until it was right in front of him Lord Alec Knight the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London is Nothing will stop him from hunting her down In the midst of danger Alec and Becky find themselves deeply drawn to each other After the two spend an all consuming night of sin Becky's knight in shining armor vows on his honor to protect her until the end But before long Alec is protecting her with than honor and it seems the once untamed rake of London just may have found what he has been searching for all along true lov No one had ever been so abundantly kind to him So patient with him Accepted him so completely No one had ever believed so much in his essential worth least of all himselfSo this book kind of proved why it was important that Alec and Lizzie weren't paired up together Lizzie idolized Alec and could never confront his faults or really know him This story was about Alec saving Becky from her evil Russian cousin Becky from taking away her home and her life and freedom and it was also Becky saving Alec from himself and his emptiness and show him that he could be loved for himself So they saved each other which I thought was so lovely Ok honestly I thought Alec was a fun character in all the previous books but I was never really convinced that he would be a convincinggood romantic hero but Foley proved me wrong In this story we tackle Alec's issues 1 As a child he was coddled by his tempestuous mother and when she left even though he knew it was to do good he felt abandoned 2 His sexual awakeningloss of virginity happened against his own will so he has a lack of trust for his lovers which is coupled with 3 his relationship with Lady Campion which we know about from both Jas and Lizzie's books that has kind of stripped away his pride and sense of worth 4 His lack of purpose in life because he was considered the 'spare' after Robert after his brothers went off to war which brings us to 5 his gambling problem where he becomes addicted to risk and winning He had stood his ground to save her from the Cossacks and if Alec's own demons were of the internal sort she would stay by his side and take them on as boldly as he had fought her cousin's warriorsBecky as an outsider was able to see his issues in a very objective sense which was probably the reason why she was his heroine She was an outsider with an unconventional but loving upbringing she herself has a fiercely independent brave spirit and she was tough enough emotionally to see his problems for what they were and help him work past his issues The heart of the matter is that Alec feels unlovable and unworthy for himself and that if anyone ever sees who he really is they would run away as they all always have even without that knowledge There's a plot which is all about how Becky is running away from her evil Russian cousin because she was a witness to his crime and she's also trying to find evidence to bring him to justice as well as the funds to buy back the deed to her village Alec intends to help her accomplish both because he sees himself as being responsible for her and wants to do something good for someone The funds bit leads him back into gambling and I liked how the gambling was a metaphor for riskreward in love and that Becky saw the allure but was determined to pull Alec back when he got in too deep I liked how because it was the summer they were in Brighton for most of the book which lent to this really lovely charming seaside setting in the Knight family villa Also Becky spent her first years at sea so this was full circle and provided a great backdrop for them to fall in love Also obviously got to mention THE SEX SCENES True to form Alec got the steamiestmost sex scenes out of all the Knight Miscellany books And all kinds too angry sex jealous sex kitchen sex 69 cowgirl etc And I also really liked how every one of his sex scenes were deeply emotionally and represented a new milestone for both BeckyAlec and their relationship I mean that's how you use sex scenes in romance

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Renowned storyteller Gaelen Foley unfurls the seductive tale of the rakish Lord Alec Knight who never looked for love until it was right in front of him Lord Alec Knight the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London is a smooth talking aristocrat with an abundance of high society lady admirers With his irresistible wit lucky hand at the gaming tables and enticing charisma he can have any woman he wants But when th I like to read HR because it transports me to another time and I prefer the books to stay within the constraints of the time while making it relatable to present day This one was relatable in all the wrong depressing upsetting ways1 An unprotected female alone at night must be a whoreslutasking for it2 This gives a group of 4 inebriated “gentlemen” the right to insinuateassumepress their unwanted suit3 This makes the one “gentleman” of that group to offer her shelter the hero for being kind to said whore4 It’s not his fault that she’s not a whore and that he only finds out once it is too late5 He’s a good guy because he is willing to do the right thing now that he knows she is not a whore WHY DOESN’T SHE UNDERSTAND THIS? He MUST marry for his honor It doesn’t matter what she thinks6 Russians meddling or attempting to meddle in foreign governments7 Gambling addiction is best cured by gambling for a good cause 8 Such a charming hero “Damn it just do as I say for once” he yelled at her so loudly that she jumped her eyes widening in bewilderment9 Violence towards women is OK as long as they are repugnant to the heroI skimmed the last third Foley’ writing probably deserves another star but I am too mad to give it What a disappointing follow up to the fifth in the series which was one of my favorite reads this yearThanks Loriidae for the buddy read

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One Night of SinE only girl he would have considered marrying ties the knot with someone else Alec realizes he doesn't want to be with just any lady he wants to find the love of his lifeThe boldly spirited beautiful Miss Becky Ward takes his life by storm after he rescues her from peril Alec soon learns that she is on the run from her cousin the murderous Prince Mikhail Kurkov Becky has uncovered a menacing secret about the prince now 35 starsI wasn't a fan of Alec from what we learned about him in the past few books He is a compulsive gambler womaniser and had no compunctions getting into an arrangement of a sexual nature with a rich widow who made him a kept man for a year Gradually I did start to understand him better He was deeply damaged by his mother who called him his favourite preyed on by an older woman who gave him his firs sexual experience His outlook towards women isn't that great Heroine is on the run from her horrible cousin who wants to rape her is lost in London Hero comes to her rescue thinking she is a fallen woman and she sleeps with him because she doesn't want her first time to be rape Hero is very kind and gentle to her She leaves him the next day something that confounds the hero He gives chase and learns she is in danger and rescues her He knows he has ruined her and asks her to marry him h says no to him accepts his help Alec really did a lot for the h; gambling to buy her her house back protecting her He uickly falls for but is ashamed of his past with the woman who made him her kept manI ended up enjoying this and thankfully hero didn't have any stupid moment that made me hate him