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read kindle Ü A Gift for Guile Ñ Á reflectionslisburnltd Ê Never Trust a ThiefOnce a famous officer of Scotland Yard and now a renowned private detective Sir Samuel Brass has better things to do than shadow a reckless hellion in her misguided uest for atonement But when the daughter of a notorious criNever Trust a ThiefOnce a famous officer of Scotland Yard and now a renowned private detective Sir Samuel Brass has better things to do than shadow a reckless hellion in her misguided uest for atonement But when the daughter of a notorious criminal and a former thief herself returns to London to right an old wr Haven’t you ever been drawn to someone you shouldn’t want feeling there is to them than meets the eye Private Detective Samuel Brass has fallen under the spell of con artist Esther Walker Bales and even though he knows she could con a conman there is something about her claims that rings true Esther is on a mission to atone for her past no matter what and Brass is along to protect her even if it is from herself Talk about the odd couple these two both want something or someone they shouldn’t; each other but first there is a mission to complete one that will take them through some of the shadiest parts of Victorian EnglandAlissa Johnson’s A Gift for Guile puts two people who have lived on opposite sides of the law together as an unlikely team on a mission of redemption but is there to this than meets the eye Witty dialogue charming characters fighting that magnetic pull social taboos and a trip back in time all make for a delightful read that is well paced a little uirky and holds a wonderful balance between mystery and romanceI received an ARC edition from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Thief takers Book 2Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca July 5 2016Publication Date July 5 2016Genre Historical Romantic SuspensePrint Length 384 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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Ong Samuel is drawn back into the dangerously exciting world of Esther Walker Bales Beautiful and conniving maddening and brilliant Esther is everything he shouldn't want She's a liar She's a con She's a thief And God help him but he'd do anything to keep her safe Esther knows she's put herself in terrible dang This is #2 in Johnson's Thief takers Series The first A TALENT FOR TRICKERY was the story of Owen Rendenwell ex Scotland Yard detective and now private investigator and Charlotte Walker daughter of and erstwhile collaborator with a now deceased rogue thief and conman This second novel features Charlotte's half sister Esther and Owen's partner and also former Scotland Yard detective Sir Samuel BrassEsther learns at the end of book one that although she and Charlotte have the same mother she Esther is the product of an affair her mother had while married to Charlotte's father This is somewhat of an emotional blow to her yet it helps to explain some of the ways she had been treated by the man she had believed to be her father Now as this story begins we find Esther out and about in the shabbier areas of London trying to uncover her biological father's identityAnd that brings Sir Samuel Brass into the picture He has followed Esther to London because since Charlotte and Owen are on their extended honeymoon it's up to him to protect Esther Well Esther doesn't want protecting and Samuel can't keep himself from wanting to protect so there'll be some clashing of their personalities on the way to their discovery of the love they have for each otherThe best aspect of this novel is the romance It's well done Both H and h have scars that need healing The H's are both physical and emotional because of an abusive father and a mother who never allowed Samuel to protect her the way he needed to His need to guard and protect stemmed from his experiences as a child It was like a pain he couldn't fully soothe a nagging itch he couldn't reach It would always give him troubleAnd Esther's scars are not physical but are perhaps even troubling and were caused by the work she'd done with her father and the years she'd spent twisting her personality to fit the ideals of the people around her She had acted out roles to please others because she didn't know who she really was but if people liked her surely who she was couldn't be all bad Poor Esther's feelings of unworthiness have to be addressed hereThis isn't a very angsty book but it had enough emotional depth to satisfy me I'm not interested so much in what the H and h do in the bedroom as in what they say and do before getting there This romance was well done IMO What kept this from being a 5 star book for me was the plot about finding Esther's father It was a bit holey and illogical at times For example Esther wandering around Spitalfields in fine clothes or waiting outside on the streets in a carriage as if it were a taxi Things like this struck me as curious And there was a break in at Samuel's house while his huge dog was totally oblivious to it all No barking growling or strange behavior on his part to make the human occupants suspiciousSo I did not enjoy this book for the adventure and mystery so much as for the romance and character development Johnson is good at creating interesting characters and their personal interactions And I'm assuming there will be at least one book in this series There is still one partner named Gabriel in the private detective agency with Will and Samuel who I suppose will be looking for love next

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A Gift for Guile The Thief takers #2Er but nothing will stop her from making amends that are long past due not her family's enemies not old fears and certainly not the domineering interfering and undeniably handsome Sir Samuel Brass Yet whenever he's near Samuel makes her long for a life that can never be hersand wish she were worthy of being sav I have actually read something Finally I read a book One that I have not read before Since ye olde plague started I’ve had a SHIT time doing anything other than working and playing dumb games And watching Hamilton at least once a week Even my beloved comic books take concentration than I can generally muster Here’s hoping this is a sign I can finally get back in the swing of things As for the book itself it’s ridiculous and slightly sappy and melodramatic and nearly exactly what I needed What I really need is the new Tessa Dare that was delayed until February but this will do for now