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City of Saints Thieves Read & download é 106 ñ Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here The you see the less you knowIn the shadows of Sangui City there lives a girl who does not existTina and her mother first arrived in Kenya as refugees from Congo desperately searching for a better life TLibrarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here The you see the less you knowIn the shadows of Sangui City there lives a girl who does not existTina and her mother first arrived in Kenya as refugees from Congo desperately searching for a better life Trading the peril of their besieged village for the busy metropolis of Sangui they can barely believe their luck when Tina’s mother finds work as a mai. 45 starsupdate accidentally deleted this review so here it is again If this is a sign of what is forthcoming in young adult fiction this year consider me an extremely happy lady I'm inA young adult contemporary standalone set in modern day Africa It is a revenge story that is also part murder mystery The main reason to pick this up is for the rich and beautiful setting It also doesn’t hurt that the writing is very strong There’s a great deal of diversity and the story is enthralling We pass a break in the houses and trees and I catch a glimpse of the dark Indian Ocean Sangui City state on a hill port to the world and a fine bloody place to do business You do the dirty work down there in town and the Ring is where you retreat Tina and her mother are refugees from the Congo They escape to Kenya where her mom became a maid for the wealthy Greyhill family Eventually her mother is murdered leaving Tina and her sister orphans She takes her sister to live at a convent school while Tina lives out on the streets with nothing on her mind but revenge She takes care of herself by joining the city’s gang the Goondas and becoming a master thief She’s finally ready to start her plan for vengeance against the man who killed her mom Dirt Money BloodThe plan brings her back to the very place she left five years earlier the Greyhill estate With the Goondas in on her plan there is little wiggle room Everyone expects a payout Tina cannot mess this up But being back in the house her mother died in has emotions swirling Her past will collide with her present as she gets set on a path to find the truth and get revengeThere is so much to this story There is Tina’s life as an orphaned refugee in Sangui City and the way she manages to survive The bits from the past we’re slowly given that display the life Tina and her mother had as refugees in Kenya The journey into the dangerous jungles of the Congo The exploration of modern day Africa with gangs militia warlords slave labor used to mine gold and the war caused over the fights for these mines It was powerful and unlike anything I’ve ever read The beauty of Africa was so clear even among the darkest places Eventually we even learn why Tina and her mother fled the Congo in the first placeTina is everything I want out of a protagonist determined strong and smart I appreciated the relationships she has with her sister Michael and Boyboy It was interesting the way Tina’s rules to live by were at the beginning of a lot of chapters and throughout the story They helped to maintain structure I could have done without the romance I know there was very little but it still felt out of place The ending was also tied up a little too neatly for a story like this I think there’s crossover appeal for adults City of Saints Thieves remained engaging throughout I’m surprised this is only a debut novel This is one not to be missed

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D for the Greyhills one of the city’s most illustrious families But there’s a dark secret lurking behind the family’s immense fortune and when Tina discovers her mother shot dead in Mr Greyhill’s private study she knows he pulled the triggerWith revenge on her mind Tina spends the next four years surviving the streets on her own working as a master thief with the Goondas Sangui City’s local gang It’s a job with the Goondas that. “People are complicated creatures my dear The ways they find of explaining the bad things that happen in the world are not always the right ones Sometimes they are simply the easy ones They are the ones that give them enough comfort to sleep at night the ones that let them take the blame off themselves” I had two days off of work for the inauguration and I intended to spend them both reading my way into distraction but I ended up mostly just lying on the couch unable to focus on much of anything except Esuire’s Parks and Rec marathon After spending Saturday marching on the National Mall I was grateful to spend Sunday reading a book about a kickass young woman who gets to be the hero of her own story What’s I was grateful to spend Sunday reading a book that highlights atrocities in a part of the world that’s often forgotten about Loosely based on real stories this book is about Tina who was brought to Kenya from the DRC as a refugee when she was very young Her mother procured a job with the prominent American businessman Roland Greyhill Greyhill fathered Tina’s half sister and Tina knows that he was involved in some illegal business in Congo so she naturally suspects him when her mother is murdered when Tina is just 12After her mother’s death Tina runs away from the Greyhill estate She sets her sister up at a convent school and spends four years becoming a master thief with a street gang known as the Goondas essentially training for the day that she can exact revenge on the Greyhills But when that day finally arrives Tina is jolted by the realization that the circumstances of her mother’s death aren’t as black and white as she’d long believed Though she gets some help along the way Tina will stop at nothing in her uest to unearth her family's history and avenge her mother's death This book has a similar flavor as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a young woman bent on revenge using the knowledge of hackers to advance her cause but the violence is less intense easier to stomach And it manages to shine a light on the blood gold industry of central Africa We are probably all familiar with the concept of “blood diamonds” thanks to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio but Anderson shows us the horrifying human rights violations committed by the militias seeking control of the gold trade in places like Congo and the Central African Republic Ostensibly meant for an older YA audience this book ought to appeal to adult readers as well It’s a thriller with believable unpredictable twists and compelling fully realized characters Natalie Anderson has done an excellent job building a story that kept me at the edge of my seat Seriously this book comes in at around 400 pages and I managed to devour it in just under 30 hours I highly highly recommend it

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City of Saints ThievesFinally brings Tina back to the Greyhill estate giving a long awaited chance for vengeance But once Tina returns to the lavish home she’s overcome by memories of her painful past and the girl who does not exist is caught red handed setting into motion a breathless and dangerous cascade of events that will expose not only the truth behind who killed Tina’s mother but even harrowing secrets from Tina’s past that will change everything. I enjoyed the Kenyan setting and the fact that the author seemed to have done a lot of research into what they were writing about but for me the thrillermystery aspect was a bit lacking I was hoping for an intense page turning read and unfortunately that's not what I got I think a lot of people would really enjoy this but as someone who loves a thriller with a lot of tension and keeps me guessing I was a bit disappointed That being said it was an enjoyable read just not the read I was hoping for It's also worth mentioning that I'm very much in a 'reading slump' right now so that may well have affected my overall enjoyment of this book